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Differences in Neuroticism Between Patients with Glaucoma Who Have Discontinued Visits to Ophthalmologists and Those Who Make Regular Visits: Implications for Adherence to Topical Glaucoma Medications

Ophthalmology and Therapy, Aug 29, Tadashi Nakano, Fumitoshi Kodaka, Hiroshi Tsuneoka

Introduction Neuroticism is a personality trait often described in individuals with glaucoma (GLC), but is not necessarily representative of the total population of patients. There is a population of patients with GLC who are invisible to clinical ophthalmologists; in other words, those who once have been diagnosed with GLC, but spontaneously stop visiting an ophthalmologist. ...

Development of bimetal oxide doped multifunctional polymer nanocomposite for water treatment

International Nano Letters, Aug 29, Swati Saxena, Umesh Saxena

Bimetal oxide doped polymer nanocomposite was developed using Alumina and Iron (III) Oxide as nanoparticles with Nylon 6, 6 and Poly (sodium-4-styrenesulphonate) as polymer matrix for removal of pollutants from water. The blend sample of polymers was prepared by well established solution blending technique and their nanocomposite samples were prepared through dispersion technique ...

Einflussfaktoren auf die Geschmacksentwicklung von Säuglingen

Pädiatrie & Pädologie, Aug 29, Mag. Marie Peterseil, Wolfgang Gunzer BSc, Bianca Fuchs-Neuhold BSc MSc

Die steigende Prävalenz von Adipositas ist eine der größten Public-Health-Herausforderungen, die Gesundheitssysteme weltweit zu bewältigen haben. Obwohl die Entstehung von Adipositas ein multifaktorieller Prozess ist, gibt es Hinweise darauf, dass bei Übergewichtigen eine Veränderung von Geschmackswahrnehmung und Geschmackspräferenzen stattfindet. Dadurch kann es zu einer ...

Autonomous vehicles: challenges, opportunities, and future implications for transportation policies

Journal of Modern Transportation, Aug 29, Saeed Asadi Bagloee, Madjid Tavana, Mohsen Asadi, et al.

This study investigates the challenges and opportunities pertaining to transportation policies that may arise as a result of emerging autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies. AV technologies can decrease the transportation cost and increase accessibility to low-income households and persons with mobility issues. This emerging technology also has far-reaching applications and ...

Adieu Cas!

PodoPost, Aug 29, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum

Wow, weer een pensionado erbij! Eind deze maand trekt ProVoet-directeur Cas van Groes de pedicurebranchedeur voorgoed achter zich dicht. Aanleiding voor een afscheidswoordje!


PodoPost, Aug 29, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum

De bestelling van uw groothandel niet meer zelf ophalen, maar door een drone laten afleveren voor de praktijk. Zou dit werkelijkheid worden in de pedicurebranche?

Exploring the Neuropsychological Antecedents of Transformational Leadership: the Role of Executive Function

Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology, Aug 29, Kanchna Ramchandran, Amy E Colbert, Kenneth G. Brown, et al.

This research explores brain-behavior relationships in prosocial, effective leadership by introducing executive function (higher-order brain function) as an individual difference. One hundred and five mid-level and senior managers were assessed on scientifically-valid neuropsychological tests that capture important dimensions of executive function. Two dimensions of executive ...

Krappe schoenen en blauwe nagel

PodoPost, Aug 29, Toos Mennen

Jo Wijzen, een nieuwe cliënt, heeft een afspraak gemaakt vanwege een probleem aan haar nagels. Ze omschrijft ze als hobbelig en moeilijk te knippen. Tijdens het intakegesprek met Jo bekijk ik haar voeten en ik zie een blauwe nagel aan haar rechtervoet. De nagels vertonen duidelijk een schimmelinfectie en de ingroeiende halluxnagel is erg convex.

Wel of geen dwangnagel?

PodoPost, Aug 29, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum

Vraag: “Een cliënt van 19 jaar heeft sinds ongeveer een jaar een soort dwangnageltje op de nagel van de hallux rechts. Het nageltje ligt plat op de bestaande nagel. Het roze gedeelte is zacht en de uitloop iets verhoornd, net als bij de vorming van een nieuwe nagel. Ook loopt er een diepe groef in de lengterichting van de nagel. Het nageltje is in de loop van de tijd gegroeid. Het ...

Convergent Evolution of Fern-Specific Mitochondrial Group II Intron atp1i361g2 and Its Ancient Source Paralogue rps3i249g2 and Independent Losses of Intron and RNA Editing among Pteridaceae

Genome Biology and Evolution, Aug 01, Simon Maria Zumkeller, Volker Knoop, Nils Knie

Mitochondrial intron patterns are highly divergent between the major land plant clades. An intron in the atp1 gene, atp1i361g2, is an example for a group II intron specific to monilophytes (ferns). Here, we report that atp1i361g2 is lost independently at least 4 times in the fern family Pteridaceae. Such plant organelle intron losses have previously been found to be accompanied by ...

Keep Calm and Cuddle on: Social Touch as a Stress Buffer

Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology, Aug 29, India Morrison

Recent evidence from neurophysiology and human functional neuroimaging has given rise to the hypothesis that social, affective touch belongs to a distinct category of tactile experience. Such hedonic and rewarding touch is proposed to operate mainly in the domain of social interactions and relationships. Social touch may play a functional role in the physiological regulation of the ...


PodoPost, Aug 29, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum

Deze zomer van 2016 staat in het teken van sport; het EK-Voetbal, tennis op Wimbledon, het EKatletiek in Amsterdam, de Tour de France, de 100e Vierdaagse van Nijmegen en uiteraard ook de Olympische spelen in Brazilië. Wat een drukke sportzomer en eigenlijk jammer dat alles binnen een paar maanden plaats vindt. Er is geen tijd om alles te volgen, zeker niet als je ook nog gewoon ...

De handen ineen

PodoPost, Aug 29, Maureen Limpens

In deze Podopost staat een mooi voorbeeld van hoe een aantal pedicures bewust de samenwerking met elkaar heeft opgezocht om gezamenlijk een aantal praktijk te draaien. Ze vragen zich af waarom ze dit niet veel eerder hebben gedaan, want samen blijken ze tot zo veel meer in staat dan ieder voor zich. Ook op het gebied van investeringen.

To Remove or not to Remove: the Impact of Outlier Handling on Significance Testing in Testosterone Data

Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology, Aug 29, Thomas V. Pollet, Leander van der Meij

Outlier removal is common in hormonal research. Here we investigated to what extent removing outliers in hormonal data leads to divergent statistical conclusions. We first show that the most common outlier detection rule is based on a number of standard deviations (SD) from the mean. Next, we used simulations to examine the degree to which statistical conclusions diverge when a ...

How paradata can illuminate technical, social and professional role changes between the Poverty in the UK (1967/1968) and Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK (2012) surveys

Quality & Quantity, Aug 29, Rosalind Edwards, Ann Phoenix, David Gordon, et al.

This article brings together analyses of the micro paradata ‘by-products’ from the 1967/1968 Poverty in the United Kingdom (PinUK) and 2012 Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK (PSE) surveys to explore changes in the conditions of production over this 45 year period. We highlight technical, social and professional role continuities and changes, shaped by the institutionalisation ...

Stability of derivations under weak-2-local continuous perturbations

Aequationes mathematicae, Aug 29, Enrique Jordá, Antonio M. Peralta

Let \({\Omega}\) be a compact Hausdorff space and let A be a C*-algebra. We prove that if every weak-2-local derivation on A is a linear derivation and every derivation on \({C(\Omega,A)}\) is inner, then every weak-2-local derivation \({\Delta:C(\Omega,A)\to C(\Omega,A)}\) is a (linear) derivation. As a consequence we derive that, for every complex Hilbert space H, every ...

Temporal analysis of optical beams in biased photorefractive materials in the context of solitonic solutions: microscopic and macroscopic approach

Applied Physics B, Aug 29, Marek Wichtowski, Andrzej Ziółkowski

The validity of the commonly used time-dependent wave equation describing the propagation of screening one-dimensional solitons in photorefractive materials is discussed. Concentrating attention on temporal development of the space-charge field, we show that the widely used standard solution follows from a phenomenological description, which is consistent with the band transport ...

Copper sulfide nanoneedles on CNT backbone composite electrodes for high-performance supercapacitors and Li-S batteries

Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, Aug 29, Xiaoyi Hou, Xianming Liu, Yang Lu, et al.

Hierarchical-structured copper sulfide nanoneedles were grown on multi-walled carbon nanotube backbone (denoted as CuS@CNT) as electrodes for supercapacitors via a facile template-based hydrothermal conversion approach and further by simply impregnating sulfur into CuS@CNT (S@CuS@CNT) as electrodes for Li-S batteries. The electrochemical measurements showed that the resultant ...

Metric measure space as a framework for gravitation

General Relativity and Gravitation, Aug 29, Nafiseh Rahmanpour, Hossein Shojaie

In this manuscript, we show how conformal invariance can be incorporated in a classical theory of gravitation, in the context of metric measure space. Metric measure space involves a geometrical scalar f, dubbed as density function, which here appears as a conformal degree of freedom. In this framework, we present conformally invariant field equations, the relevant identities and ...

Application of amide hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry for epitope mapping in human cystatin C

Amino Acids, Aug 29, Martyna Prądzińska, Izabela Behrendt, Juan Astorga-Wells, et al.

Human cystatin C (hCC) is a small cysteine protease inhibitor whose oligomerization by propagated domain swapping is linked to certain neurological disorders. One of the ways to prevent hCC dimerization and fibrillogenesis is to enable its interaction with a proper antibody. Herein, the sites of interaction of hCC with dimer-preventing mouse monoclonal anti-hCC antibodies Cyst28 ...

Changes in the ankle-brachial blood pressure index among hemodialysis patients

Renal Replacement Therapy, Aug 29, Takayuki Abe, Shigeru Otsubo, Naoki Kimata, et al.

Background The ankle-brachial blood pressure index (ABI) is an independent predictor of mortality in hemodialysis patients. In the present study, we investigated the factors that predict changes in the ABI in hemodialysis patients. Methods A total of 61 consecutive patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis who successfully underwent ABI examinations in 2005 and 2011 were enrolled ...

Study on the anisotropic response of condensed-phase RDX under repeated stress wave loading via ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulation

Journal of Molecular Modeling, Aug 29, Ning Wang, Jinhua Peng, Aimin Pang, et al.

Anisotropic mechanical response and chemical reaction process of cyclotrimethylene trinitramine (RDX) along crystal orientations were studied with molecular dynamics simulations using ReaxFF potential under repeated stress wave loading. In the simulations, shocks were propagated along the [010], [001], [210], [100], [111], and [102] orientations of crystal RDX at initial particle ...

6. Activities of the GISI | Les activités du GISI (2016)

Journal of Interdisciplinary History of Ideas, Aug 28, Enrico Pasini

5. Book Reviews and Notices

Journal of Interdisciplinary History of Ideas, Aug 28, Enrico Pasini

Reviews and Notices of Wolfe, Materialism: A Historico-Philosophical Introduction, Springer 2016; Floris Cohen, The Rise of Modern Science Explained, 2015; Hanlon, Early Modern Italy: A Comprehensive Bibliography, 2016. 

Advantages of an Ellipse when Modeling Leisure Utility

Computational Economics, Aug 29, Richard W. Evans, Kerk L. Phillips

This paper characterizes a specification for the utility of leisure that is based on the general equation for an ellipse. We show that this functional form has multiple benefits. The elliptical utility function provides Inada conditions at both the upper-bound and lower-bound constraints on labor supply, which is not the case for the two most common alternative functions. The ...

4. Pour une approche historico-linguistique des documents historiques. Croisements inter/transdisciplinaires en France et en Italie

Journal of Interdisciplinary History of Ideas, Aug 28, Marta Margotti, Rachele Raus

Depuis quelques années désormais, nous nous sommes penchées sur la possibilité de croiser les méthodes linguistiques avec celles de l’histoire dans l’effort d’interroger les documents historiques de deux observatoires complémentaires (interdisciplinarité) mais aussi de mieux faire ressortir le lien entre la parole et l’action du point de vue du réel historique et des événements ...

Synthesis and dynamic mechanical study of core–shell structure epoxy/polyacrylate composite particle

Journal of Polymer Research, Aug 28, Erjun Tang, Mengmeng Yao, Pengya Du, et al.

A material with high damping property and based on epoxy/polyacrylate (EP/PA) composite particles was synthesized by two-stage emulsion polymerization. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) showed that the composite particles have a spherical morphology, a core–shell structure and a diameter of 100 nm–130 nm. Fourier transform infrared spectra (FTIR) indicated the cross-linking ...

Evidence for exclusive γγ → W + W − production and constraints on anomalous quartic gauge couplings in pp collisions at \( \sqrt{s}=7 \) and 8 TeV

Journal of High Energy Physics, Aug 01, V. Khachatryan, A. M. Sirunyan, A. Tumasyan, et al.

A search for exclusive or quasi-exclusive γγ → W + W − production, via pp → p (*) W + W − p (*) → p (*) μ ±e∓ p (*) at \( \sqrt{s}=8 \) TeV, is reported using data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 19.7 fb−1. Events are selected by requiring the presence of an electron-muon pair with large transverse momentum p T(μ ±e∓) > 30 GeV, and no associated charged particles ...

Thermodynamic geometry of black holes in f(R) gravity

The European Physical Journal C, Aug 28, Saheb Soroushfar, Reza Saffari, Negin Kamvar

In this paper, we consider three types (static, static charged, and rotating charged) of black holes in f(R) gravity. We study the thermodynamical behavior, stability conditions, and phase transition of these black holes. It is shown that the number and type of phase transition points are related to different parameters, which shows the dependency of the stability conditions to ...

Impact of a randomized possible selves experiment on new retirees’ physical activity and identity

European Review of Aging and Physical Activity, Aug 28, Mélanie G. M. Perras, Shaelyn M. Strachan, Michelle S. Fortier, et al.

Background Retirement is not always associated with greater engagement in physical activity. Previous interventions informed by possible selves, a type of future-oriented self-representation, proved useful to increase physical activity in young adults. We thus wanted to explore if a similar intervention would yield favorable outcomes in new retirees. We also examined whether ...

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