List of Papers (Total 118)

Three Poems from The Fabric of the Universe by Andrée Chedid

Translated from French by Kathryn Kimball: Still Here Passing Through Growing Old VI Dying IV

Four Poems by Yoshiko Hanabusa

Translated from Japanese by Rina Kikuchi: The State of My Day Fallen Blossom Over the Winter Mountains The Battle of Sparrows

Six Poems from Cargo of Stars — Coolitude by Khal Torabully

Translated from French by Nancy Naomi Carlson: I refuse I have faith in the rhythm of waves I know the echo No grammar can express My cargo mother-of-pearl Night will shower the hidden flowers

Untitled Nonsense, She, and Contradictions by Yoshihara Sachiko

Translated by Carol Hayes and Rina Kikuchi from Japanese