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Influences and drivers of woody debris movement in urban watercourses

It is recognised that the blockage of culverts by woody debris can result in an increased risk of infrastructure damage and flooding. To date, debris transport analysis has focused on regional fluvial systems and large woody debris, both in flume and field experiments. Given the social and economic risk associated with urban flooding, and as urban drainage design shifts away from ...


Measures against the adverse impact of natural wind on air-cooled condensers in power plant

The natural wind plays disadvantageous roles in the operation of air-cooled steam condensers in power plant. It is of use to take various measures against the adverse effect of wind for the performance improvement of air-cooled condensers. Based on representative 2×600 MW direct air-cooled power plant, three ways that can arrange and optimize the flow field of cooling air thus ...

Leachability of heavy metals from solidified sludge

Solidified sludge undergoes progressive depletion of the alkalinity materials under natural weathering condition and releases out of heavy metals. The leaching of heavy metals from solidified sewage sludge was studied by acid neutralization capacity (ANC) test and flow-through leaching test. The results of ANC test showed that heavy metals release at high concentration when the pH ...

Modeling the crop transpiration using an optimality-based approach

Evapotranspiration constitutes more than 80% of the long-term water balance in Northern China. In this area, crop transpiration due to large areas of agriculture and irrigation is responsible for the majority of evapotranspiration. A model for crop transpiration is therefore essential for estimating the agricultural water consumption and understanding its feedback to the ...