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Stochastic fluctuations of permittivity coupling regulate seizure dynamics in partial epilepsy

Partial epilepsy is characterized by recurrent seizures that arise from a localized pathological brain region. During the onset of partial epilepsy, the seizure evolution commonly exhibits typical timescale separation phenomenon. This timescale separation behavior can be mimicked by a paradigmatic model termed as Epileptor, which consists of coupled fast-slow neural populations via ...

An overview of the mission and technical characteristics of Change’4 Lunar Probe

Change’4 Lunar Probe will softly land on the farside of the Moon for the first time of all mankind and carry out in-situ and rovering exploration. In this paper, the scientific significance and engineering difficulties of Change’4 are introduced and the probe’s general design, including the aspects of landing site selection, relay communication, trajectory design of relay satellite ...




Influences and drivers of woody debris movement in urban watercourses

It is recognised that the blockage of culverts by woody debris can result in an increased risk of infrastructure damage and flooding. To date, debris transport analysis has focused on regional fluvial systems and large woody debris, both in flume and field experiments. Given the social and economic risk associated with urban flooding, and as urban drainage design shifts away from ...