Mine Water and the Environment


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Water Hazard Assessment in Active Shafts in Upper Silesian Coal Basin Mines

Since 1976, there have been six inrushes of water into shaft mine workings in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin in Poland, with two of the more serious events occurring during the last 3 years. A safety assessment was conducted, considering inflow intensity, the amount of suspended material contained in the water flowing into the shaft, the proportion of water-bearing formations in the ...

Tracer Test in a Settling Pond: The Passive Mine Water Treatment Plant of the 1 B Mine Pool, Nova Scotia, Canada

In order to verify why the design criteria of the Neville Street well field of the 1 B mine pool passive treatment plant were not being met, four mine water tracer tests with uranine (Na-fluorescein) and rhodamine B were conducted in the system’s settling pond. Both tracers were injected at the pond’s aeration cascade during three separate tracer tests with varying flow conditions ...