Children's Literature in Education

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Hunting Reynard: How Reynard the Fox Tricked his Way into English and Dutch Children’s Literature

This article examines adaptations in their capacity of preserving literary heritage. It describes how the Middle Dutch beast epic Reynard the Fox lost its position in literature for adults and became part of a literary heritage that was no longer read but only studied for its historical value. Versions for children kept the story alive. A comparison of English and Dutch adaptations ...

Tale of an Innocent

The British novelist Nicky Singer talks about becoming a writer, the role of editors and about who decides what can—and what can’t—be published either side of the Atlantic. Her three novels explore territory which can make publishers nervous: Feather Boy (initiation rites and domestic violence), Doll (self-harm) and The Innocent’s Story (terrorist suicide bombing). The sharply ...

Two is the Beginning of the End: Peter Pan and the Doctrine of Reminiscence

This article considers J.M. Barrie’s satirical treatment of the Platonic doctrine of reminiscence in Peter Pan, and how Barrie’s work both honors and undercuts it. It will first analyze the Platonic notion of the doctrine of reminiscence in Wordsworth’s “Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood” (1807). It will then show its influence on Victorian ...