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Ytravel, A Travel Blog

By Lara Campbell and Lawson Hull, Published on 11/01/15

Pilgrims and Progress

By James Standish, Published on 11/01/15

Imagine, Interrupt, Innovate: Internationalising Teaching and Learning Practice

By Sherry J. Hattingh, Steven W. Thompson, Peter Williams, et al., Published on 11/01/15

Trash, Treasure and Trivia

By Wilf Rieger, Published on 07/01/15

An Analysis of Values Literacy and Internalisation in Students Commencing High School: A Pilot Study

This mixed methods pilot study investigated the impact of values education on Year Seven students in three Christian K-12 schools in Australia. Participants were surveyed to determine their knowledge, understanding, and internalisation of the Nine Core Values for Australian Schooling. Further, random selections of students from two schools participated in three focus groups that...

Museums of the Mind: My Friendship with Australian Poet, Gwen Harwood

In late winter, 1986, I wrote a letter of appreciation to Australian poet, Gwen Harwood, for her Selected Poems (1975). I mentioned that I was planning to visit Hobart in 1987 and cautiously wondered if we might meet. I enclosed a stamped addressed envelope, hoping, perhaps presumptuously, to receive a reply. After all, it was rumoured she did not like academia and was arguably...

The Tough Gig: Being Salt and Light

Almost exactly two years ago, I was invited to speak at the Avondale Graduation for that year and had accepted. But unexpectedly, my wife was taken ill in late November and was dead by the 22nd of December. It was a very difficult time, but it was also a time in which life had a certain clarity. All sorts of things that had seemed important – the state of the house, the state of...

Teaching Well: Insights for Educators in Christian Schools

By Graeme Perry, Published on 01/01/14