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Characterization of reservoir sediment under water with differential pressure-sensored flat dilatometer and piezo-penetrometer

The unusually strong typhoons and heavy rainfalls occurred recently in Taiwan have caused major landslides in many reservoir catch basins. The debris from these landslides eventually settled in the reservoir and turned into mud. From soil mechanics point of view, the mud immediately in front of the dam where the reservoir is usually the deepest is a very young, normally ...


Micromechanical assessment of an internal stability criterion

The internal stability of a soil is a measure of its susceptibility to suffusion and suffosion, two forms of internal erosion. The internal stability of granular filters must be carefully considered when designing new embankment dams and assessing the risk associated with existing embankment dams. Current guidelines for assessing the internal stability of such filters were ...

Geodynamic modeling

Idealized experiments and field observations have been the main pillars in geosciences and geoengineering for decades, while the rapid development of supercomputers leads to a paradigm shift towards numerical simulation and modeling of problems in these areas. Simulations based on high performance computing offer outstanding opportunities to get insights into increasingly complex ...