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A Glance Into History For The Emergency Arbitrator

By Marc J. Goldstein, Published on 01/01/17

The Culture War: A Look at the Cultural Exception Principle in International Trade Law

In studying the concepts of trade and culture in the context of international law, it appears at first that the two are at odds: the cultural exception approach vouches for protectionism and national sovereignty while trade defends liberalization and globalization. However, within this distinction lies a misconception. Culture doesn’t necessarily reject trade. The word “exception...

The Legitimacy of Informal Constitutional Amendment and the "Reinterpretation" of Japan's War Powers

The government of Japan has purported to reinterpret the famous war-renouncing provision of the Constitution in a controversial process that deliberately circumvented the formal amendment procedure. This article argues that these developments should be of great interest to constitutional law scholars in America because they bring into sharp focus issues that remain underdeveloped...