Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering


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Three-dimensional simulations of strong ground motion in the Sichuan basin during the Wenchuan earthquake

A three-dimensional model of the Sichuan basin was established by incorporating the Quaternary Chengdu plain, the near surface sediment, the crystalline basement, the 1D crustal velocity structure, and the realistic surface topography of the basin. Based on this model, and by using the spectral-element method and a parallel computing technique, the low frequency (0.05–0.5 Hz) wave ...

Structural behavior of buried pipe bends and their effect on pipeline response in fault crossing areas

Pipe bends, often referred to as “elbows”, are special pipeline components, widely used in onshore buried steel pipelines. They are sensitive to imposed deformations and their structural behavior is quite flexible and associated with the development of significant stress and strain, which may lead to failure. In the present paper, the mechanical performance of buried steel pipeline ...