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The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily

Lily is a senior in high school with ADHD. One day in class, she takes notice of Abelard, a boy in her grade who is on the autism spectrum. Later in the principal's office, she kisses him impulsively, sparking a unique and undefinable relationship between the two. Using an old medieval book, The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise, as a template, they text every night and meet...

Today I'm a Veterinarian

Today I'm a Veterinarian is one of a series of books that details interesting careers. Young readers can learn about different occupations as they are entertained and entranced by the colorful illustrations and bright, cheerful pictures. In this particular book, Dr. Emma is a veterinarian who is sharing a little bit about what she does at work every day. One unique thing about...

Jigsaw Jones: The Case of the Bicycle Bandit

Jigsaw Jones has a new mystery to solve. Ralphie cannot find Old Rusty, his beat-up, hand-me-down bike. While looking at books in the library, it was taken from the bike rack. It’s up to Jigsaw to piece together the clues and find the bike. All Jigsaw knows is that his own bike, a nice new one, was not stolen, even though their bikes were locked up with the same lock. There were...

Me Being Me Is Exactly as Insane as You Being You

Darren Jacobs is a fifteen-year-old stuck in the middle: the middle of high school, the middle of his parent’s divorce, and the middle of his brother’s first year of absence at college. But when he gets some earth-shattering news, Darren takes his life into his own hands and goes on a solo trip to visit his brother at college, where he encounters a strange but captivating girl...

Fun Experiments with Electricity

Fun Experiments with Electricity is filled with amazing science experiments that are perfect for kids to explore as they’re learning about the basics of electricity. Toothbrush robots, potato power, and man-made lightning are just a few of the twelve exciting projects included. Each project includes the materials needs, step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and a kid...

Far From the Tree

Grace, Maya, and Joaquin are three teenagers living independent lives. But when events in Grace’s life prompt her to start looking for her birth mother and possible birth siblings, she finds Maya and then Joaquin and breaks the news that the three of them have the same biological mother. Though the three siblings came this far in their life without knowing one another, they soon...

The Mighty Dynamo

By Katelyn Osborn, Published on 08/21/18


By Tessa McMillan, Published on 08/21/18

I Love Cats

By Samantha Bullock, Published on 08/21/18

Bruce #2: Hotel Bruce

By Karen Abbott, Published on 08/21/18

A Season of Daring Greatly

By Sydnee Burr, Published on 08/21/18