Urban Ecosystems


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Effects of urban trees on local outdoor microclimate: synthesizing field measurements by numerical modelling

In this study, we investigated the effects of trees on the local urban microclimate and human thermal comfort under different local weather conditions, in a small urban area in Assen, the Netherlands. In both summer and winter, continuous air temperature and relative humidity measurements were conducted at five selected sites having obviously different environmental characteristics ...

Visitation rate and behavior of urban mesocarnivores differs in the presence of two common anthropogenic food sources

Cat food left out for feral and domestic cats and bird seed spilled from backyard bird feeders are two common anthropogenic food sources that may attract non-target animals like urban mesocarnivores but no studies have quantified mesocarnivore visitation at these food sources. We used motion-activated video cameras to monitor mesocarnivore use of spilled bird seed below 25 bird ...