Russian Journal of General Chemistry

List of Papers (Total 71)

Synthesis and Structure (Z)-N-Aryl-2-hydroxy-4-oxo-4-phenylbut-2-enamides

Reactions of 5-phenyl-2,3-dihydrofuran-2,3-dione with aromatic amines in anhydrous dioxane or methyl benzoylpyruvate with aromatic amines in the presence of sodium acetate in glacial acetic acid afforded (Z)-N-aryl-2-hydroxy-4-oxo-4-phenylbut-2-enamides.

Synthesis and Some Transformations of Cyclic Acetals of Propargyl Aldehyde

Dehydrobromination of 2-(1,2-dibromoethyl)-1,3-dioxocyclanes with sodium amide in liquid ammonia provided cyclic acetals of propargyl aldehyde. Reactions of the resulting compounds with nitrile oxides and diazomethane afforded the corresponding isoxazole and pyrazole derivatives.

A Simple Synthesis of 1,3-Diphenylpropene

A simple approach to the synthesis of 1,3-diphenylpropene isomers was developed based on Fe(acac)3-catalyzed cross-coupling of (E)- and (Z)-1,3-dichloropropenes with phenylmagnesium bromide.

Sol-Gel Synthesis of TiO2 Mesoporous Thin Films on Silicon

Conditions were determined for the synthesis of TiO2 mesoporous thin films on silicon by the solgel method in the version of coating by dipping silicon plates in a TiO2 sol (dip-coating).