Active and Passive Electronic Components

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Research and Development in the Field of Passive Components

This paper firstly examines the market situation in passive components in relation to the total position of the electronics industry. Expenditure on research and development is then discussed and examples given of recent and present research and development activities in the field of passive components. The situation with regard to the publication position on research and...

Resistivity Recovery of Thin Sputtered Aluminium Films

Aluminium films were r.f. sputtered onto vycor slides. Annealing induces a decrease of resistivity at temperatures between 300 K and 414 K. Isothermal resistance recovery occurs with a constant rate depending on the annealing temperature; the activation energy increases from 0.3 eV to 0.4 eV for increasing thickness. The resistivity recovery is attributed to a surface reordering...

An Inexpensive Thick Film Furnace

The centre of any thick film teaching or research establishment is the furnace for firing the thick film pastes. These are usually large and expensive belt furnaces. This article discusses the design and manufacture of an inexpensive three zone belt furnace of moderate size, which any reasonably well equipped college, university or small manufacturer could assemble.

Conduction Processes in Thick Film Resistors. Part I

The structures of three families of thick film resistors have been investigated by scanning electron microscopy and electron probe micro-analysis. The two principal components of the resistive glazes, that is the conducting pigment and the glassy binder, have been identified in each case. The pigments were found to be simple or ternary oxides of the Pt transition metal group and...

Low Frequency Characteristics of TiO2(Rutile)–Glass Thick Films

An analysis is made of the low-frequency characteristics of the permittivity ε′ and of tan δ of a thick-film insulator containing rutile grains bonded with an amorphous glass. The appearance of dielectric relaxation associated with a maximum of tan δ, as well as characteristic Debye dispersions of the electric permittivity is observed. The relaxation time does not depend on the...

Some Aspects of Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors for Hybrid Circuits

It is shown that both European and American standardization committees specify the dimensions in the same grid and that there is no standardization of the thickness in relation to the capacitance.

Principe d'un Analyseur de Spectre Optique Utilisant les Couches Minces Pulverisees

Cette étude décrit le principe d'un analyseur de spectre optique entre 2000 Å et 7000 Å, utilisant les propriétés spécifiques de l'effet photovoltaïque apparaissant dans les structures sandwich de faible épaisseur. La mesure des longueurs d'onde est liée à la détermination du point de renversement de la tension photovoltaïque en circuit ouvert; le courant de court-circuit étant...

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Evaporation Characteristics of Electron Beam Gun Heated Sources

Exact expressions for the thickness profile of thin films deposited using electron beam gun heated sources are obtained in terms of the source-substrate geometry. Calculations based on conical and cylindrical indentations show the latter to be more realistic. Self-masking effects at the source are taken into account.

The Relationship Between the Electrical Properties of Thick Film Resistors and the Thermal Expansion Coefficient of the Substrates

The temperature characteristics of RuO2-based thick film resistors on various substratcs having different thermal expansion coefficient have been investigated.

The Effect of Various Factors on the Resistance and TCR of RuO2 Thick Film Resistors—Relation Between the Electrical Properties and Particle Size of Constituents, the Physical Properties of Glass and Firing Temperature

Thick film resistors were prepared with different variables, they included various conductive particle sizes, glass particle sizes, glass softening temperatures, thermal expansion coefficients of the glass, mixing ratios of the conductive element and glass, firing temperatures, firing cycles, etc. The relation between these factors and electrical properties of the thick film...

AG-Based Thick-Film Front Metallization of Silicon Solar Cells

The evolution of microstructure and electrical properties of silver-based thick-film metallizations of silicon solar cells prepared by infrared firing processes has been investigated. The performance of the cells are shown to be dependent on several dynamical and diffusive phenomena. In particular, the sintering of silver grains, silver diffusion into the glass, and the flow of...

Influence of Thermal Treatment Under Various Oxygen Pressures on The Electronic Properties of Ceramics and Single Crystals of Pure and Tin-Doped Indium Oxide

The different electronic behaviors of pure and tin-doped indium oxides with various thermal treatments under high and low oxygen pressure are discussed on the basis of the evolution of the band energy diagram. A critical concentration of “active oxygen vacancies” associated with donor centers is necessary to achieve high electronic mobility in ITO (Indium Tin Oxide).

Highly Reversible Electrochemical Insertion of Lithium, Accompanied With a Marked Color Change, Occuring in Microcrystalline Lithium Nickel Oxide Films

Thin films of lithium-nickel oxide, whose texture consists of microcrystallites with an average grain size of 50 Å, permit highly reversible electrochemical insertion of lithium ions in Li

Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Fe2N and FeN: Trends of the Magnetism of the Fe-N System

The electronic and magnetic properties of the nitrides Fe2N and hypothetical FeN were investigated by use of the ASW method. For both nitrides, the calculations were done in the orthorhombic structure of Fe2N for the two nitrides. The magnetization is low (0.95 μB/at.) for Fe2N and vanishes for FeN. The decrease of the magnetization with increasing amount of N is assessed within...

A New Method for the Preparation of Fine-Grained SnO2 and WO3 Powders: Influence of the Crystallite Size on the Electrochemical Insertion of Li+ in SnO2 and WO3 Electrodes

We propose an unconventional method to obtain fine-grained SnO2 and WO3 powders. It uses as precursors, polymer complexes between polyethylene oxide (POE) and SnCl4 or WCl6 respectively. By pyrolysis of these complexes in the 350-550℃ temperature range, metal-oxide powders possessing small crystallite sizes are obtained. They are free from water and hydroxyl group contaminations...

Programmable CF-OTA-Based Lowpass and Bandpass Filters

A new circuit is proposed for realizing lowpass and bandpass filter responses. The circuit uses one current-follower and one operational transconductance amplifier. The circuit enjoys low temperature sensitivities, high input impedance and its important parameters are electronically programmable. The use of grounded capacitors is an additional attractive feature for integration...

Universal Current-Conveyor-Based Current-Mode Filters with Single Input and Three Outputs

Universal active current-mode filters with single input and three outputs are presented. The proposed filters avoid the use of external feedback in any part of the circuit and use grounded resistors and grounded capacitors. The proposed circuits can simultaneously realize lowpass, highpass, and bandpass filter functions.

Harmonic and Intermodulation Performance of Nonlinear Electronic Circuits

A unified technique for mathematical modelling of the input output characteristics of nonlinear electronic circuits is presented. This technique can be easily implemented using simple hand computations without recourse to standard curve-fitting techniques, which invariably requires extensive computing facilities and well-developed software. The mathematical model, basically a...

A Method for the Statistical Evaluation of Crosstalk Effect Between Three Parallel Conductors

There are several cases at which, in order to evaluate the crosstalk effect among transmission lines carrying useful signals, there is a need for probabilistic approach. This paper considers the problem of crosstalk estimation between transmission lines consisting of three conductors in a homogeneous surrounding medium, where the distance between the conductors is a random...