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Färbung der Hartsubstanzen von Zähnen durch vitale Reduktion von Tetrazoliumchlorid

The metabolism of the hard tissue of teeth has been examined with the redox-indicator tetrazolium-chloride. The coloruless solution was topically applied to living teeth of dogs and was reduced there—in the dentin more than in the enamel—to red formazan. The results make it probable, that there are some substances of a metabolism present, which cause the reduction.

On the hemagglutinins of beans and of influenza virus

On a obtenu l'hémagglutinine des semences de papilionacées et celle du virus de l'influenza en solution dans les solvents organiques, par essentiellement la même méthode d'extraction. Ces deux substances semblent être apparentées.


SummaryBy thermal decomposition of ThJ4 with Th we got ThJ3 in form of metallic looking needles that react with water to ThO2 and Th. This behaviour seems to contradict to the hypothesis of the beginning of an actinide group with thorium.

Gibt es eine Gewöhnung an p-Aminosalicylsäure (PAS)?

SummaryTestsin vitro with a number of strains of human typeMycobacterium tuberculosis have shown that they habituate much more to streptomycin than to PAS. Up-to-date no true PAS resistance could be obtained.

The presence of riboflavin in the luminous material of the earthworm

In den Lymphozyten derEisenia submontana ist ein Leuchtmaterial vorhanden, das Riboflavin enthält. Mit Hilfe der Papierchromatographie konnte nachgewiesen werden, daß Riboflavin hier als solches, nicht aber als Flavinphosphat oder als Flavin-adenin-dinukleotid vorliegt.

Über antibakterielle Substanzen derCruciferae

The aqueous extracts of the seeds of 30 different plants belonging to the family of theCruciferce were investigated as to their antibacterial effect and their content of myrosinase. An antibacterial effect was found only in the extracts of such seeds as contain myrosinase. The aqueous extract of the seeds of several varieties ofCruciferce showed no antibacterial effect in spite...

Dispersion longitudinaler Erdbebenwellen

The absorption of longitudinal spatial waves caused by friction, heat conduction, and inner-molecular oscillations leads to the assumption of an abnormal dispersion of these waves. This is confirmed by own informative measurements of waves corresponding to a focal distance of up to 8,500 km and over 10,000 km. Waves corresponding to a focal distance of 8,500 to 1,000 km, which...