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The neural basis of egocentric and allocentric coding of space in humans: a functional magnetic resonance study

The spatial location of an object can be represented in the brain with respect to different classes of reference frames, either relative to or independent of the subject's position. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify regions of the healthy human brain subserving mainly egocentric or allocentric (object-based) coordinates by asking subjects to judge the ...

Classically conditioned withdrawal reflex in cerebellar patients. 1. Impaired conditioned responses

The role of the cerebellum in the classically conditioned, human lower-limb-withdrawal reflex was studied in ten patients with pure cerebellar diseases (CBL), ten patients showing additional extracerebellar symptoms (CBL+), and in 11 sex- and age-matched normal controls (CTRL). Where conditioning was successful, the electrically evoked, unconditioned response was preceded by a ...


Time constants of facilitation and depression in Renshaw cell responses to random stimulation of motor axons

In 9 adult anaesthetized cats, 22 lumbosacral Renshaw cells recorded with NaCl-filled micropipettes were activated by random stimulation of ventral roots or peripheral nerves. The stimulus patterns had mean rates of 9.5~13 or 20–23 or 45 pulses per second and were pseudo-Poisson; short intervals below ca. 5 ms (except in two cases) were excluded. The Renshaw cell responses were ...