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Time constants of facilitation and depression in Renshaw cell responses to random stimulation of motor axons

In 9 adult anaesthetized cats, 22 lumbosacral Renshaw cells recorded with NaCl-filled micropipettes were activated by random stimulation of ventral roots or peripheral nerves. The stimulus patterns had mean rates of 9.5~13 or 20–23 or 45 pulses per second and were pseudo-Poisson; short intervals below ca. 5 ms (except in two cases) were excluded. The Renshaw cell responses were ...

Unilateral behavioural thermosensitivity after transection of one lateral funiculus in the cervical spinal cord of the cat

Cats were trained to discriminate temperature increases or decreases with the paws of one body half in a T-maze. The discriminatory proficiency was found to be inferior compared to cats who may use all four paws. The accomplishments of cats discriminating temperature decreases were superior to those of cats discriminating temperature increases. After transection of one lateral ...



Die projektion der optischen umwelt auf das raster der rhabdomere im komplexauge von Musca

The dioptrics of the Musca ommatidium acts as an inverting lens system. The distal endings of the rhabdomeres at the basis of the dioptric apparatus are separated and arranged in a typical asymmetric pattern. The optical axes of the individual rhabdomeres of one ommatidium are the geometric projections of the distal rhabdomere endings into the environment, inverted by 180° by the ...