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El problema morisco y la retórica de la infección corporal en “La historia del cautivo”

The object of this study, from the perspective of a Cervantist, is to put two forms of medicalizing discourse in dialog with one another: the first is the discourse of sickness and health in texts advocating the expulsion of the moriscos; the second is the medical images of the captive’s tale (“la retórica de la infección corporal en ‘La historia del cautivo’”).

Arriving (Way Beyond) Where We Started: Forty-Eight Years of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies

This study categorizes the 3,136 papers presented at the annual meetings of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical studies from 1970 through 2017 according to the following criteria: temporal focus, geographic focus, themes, and sub-themes. In terms of geographic and temporal focus, the vast majority of the papers have dealt with Spain from the 14th century onward, ...

Building Heaven on Earth: Bishop Maurice and the novam fabricam of Burgos cathedral

The cathedral of Burgos, founded in 1221, was one of the first Gothic cathedrals to be constructed in the kingdom of Castile. Built by French masons and craftsmen, it stands as a monument to the introduction of the opus francigenum into Spain, and the convergence of French architectural models with Spanish ecclesiastical culture. As the thirteenth century progressed, this foreign ...

In eo tempore: The Circulation of News and Reputation in the Charters of Fernando III

In the Middle Ages, Castilian monarchs traveled throughout their realm in order to assert power and perform justice. However, the expansionary activities of the thirteenth century increasingly made rarer the ability for a king to be physically present in all parts of his kingdom. As a result, the king and his court sought other ways to make the power of the king ubiquitous. This ...