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Challenges in the Search for an HIV Vaccine

Considerable progress has been made over the past several years in the development of an HIV vaccine. As a result, a growing number of vaccine modalities are being investigated in pre-clinical and phase I/II clinical trials. However, a number of major scientific challenges still remain. It is widely believed that the ideal vaccine should elicit both neutralizing antibodies and...




The incidence of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and tuberculosis (TB) in the hospital “La Fe” of Valencia, Spain (1985–1989)

We studied the incidence of TB and TB-AIDS in the area served by “La Fe” hospital in Valencia. We also studied the different evolution of the incidence of TB and TB-AIDS during the 1985–1989 period. We noticed the progressive increase of the incidence of TB in AIDS patients, while the incidence of TB without AIDS remained the same.

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