Behavior Genetics

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The Association between Conduct Problems and the Initiation and Progression of Marijuana Use during Adolescence: A Genetic Analysis across Time

The present study used a prospective, longitudinal design to investigate genetic and environmental influences on the association between earlier conduct problems and the initiation and progression of marijuana use during adolescence. Parent- and teacher-reported conduct problems assessed at Time 1 (1996) and self-reported marijuana use assessed at Time 2 (2004) were available for ...



Behavioral and Neurochemical Differences Between Fischer 344 and Harlan–Wistar Rats Raised Identically

Inbred Fisher 344 and outbred Harlan–Wistar rats were compared in the elevated plus maze, the black-and-white box, the social interaction test, and a modified open-field test, to assess the contribution of genetic factors to aversion-motivated behavior. All animals used were born and raised under identical conditions. Compared to the Wistar rats, the Fischer rats displayed a more ...