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Factors affecting compliances with physiotherapy among stroke patients: physiotherapist's perspective: a study from Peshawar Pakistan.

Non-compliances to physiotherapy are common. Outside the Western nations, little is known to the factors responsible for non-compliances with physiotherapy. This study aimed to evaluate the factors affecting non-compliances with physiotherapy among stroke patients, in Peshawar, Pakistan. METHOD: Seven in practice physiotherapists from Peshawar, Pakistan, were invited to focus group ...

Chronic tension-type headache as a risk factor of myofascial trigger points in upper trapezius muscle fibers in neck pain patients

Chronic tension type headache (CTTH) is one of the very common neurological conditions which have striking impact on daily functional activities. In tension type headaches the myofascial TrP's are frequently examined .It is observed that myofascial pain syndrome is frequent determinant of chronic nonspecific neck pain.

Lack of sleep and its association with academic progress of undergraduate students of foundation university medical college, islamabad, Pakistan

The objective of the study,isto compare the relationship between lack of sleep and the academic performance of the undergraduate students of a medical college of Pakistan. METHODS AND MATERIALS: A cross-sectional study was conducted in a medical college of Pakistanin April 2016. Subjects were recruited by non-probability convenient sampling. A total of 140 subjectswereasked ...

Neurological disorder burden in Faisalabad, Punjab-Pakistan:data from the major tertiary carecenters of the city

The burden of neurological disorders (NDs) in developing countries is 4-5%, compared to 10-11% in developed countries. This burden is rising in developing countries due to prolonged life expectancy, improved health facilities, easy access to diagnostic facilities, and a trend in urbanization. There is inadequate data about the epidemiology of major NDs in Pakistan and most ...

Neuroimmunology: An expanding frontier in 21st century neurology

The recent discovery of functional lymphatic vessels lining the dural sinuses shattered the long held view of the absence of CNS lymphatic vas culature and provided solid neuroanatomical ground for Neuroimmunology1. Moreover, it has been shown that there is the presence of what is known as the inflammatory reflex.