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Ornamental colors reveal age in the king penguin

We investigated whether delayed plumage maturation occurred in king penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus). Therefore we examined the relationships between age and sex on spectral properties and size of two colored plumage patches and a UV-reflective beak spot, using known-age cohorts. Unlike the colored patch on the breast, we found age differences in ear and beak coloration. These ...

External nutrient inputs into terrestrial ecosystems of the Falkland Islands and the Maritime Antarctic region

Antarctic terrestrial ecosystems are nutrient-poor and depend for their functioning in part on external nutrients. However, little is known about the relative importance of various sources. We measured external mineral nutrient sources (wind blown material, precipitation and guano) at three locations, the cold temperate oceanic Falkland Islands (51°76′S), and the Maritime Antarctic ...

Food choice of Antarctic soil arthropods clarified by stable isotope signatures

Antarctic soil ecosystems are amongst the most simplified on Earth and include only few soil arthropod species, generally believed to be opportunistic omnivorous feeders. Using stable isotopic analyses, we investigated the food choice of two common and widely distributed Antarctic soil arthropod species using natural abundances of 13C and 15N and an isotope labelling study. In the ...

Distribution and abundance of the Southern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialoides

We reviewed published and unpublished literature to establish the status of the breeding distribution and abundance of Southern Fulmars Fulmarus glacialoides. The species breeds widely throughout the Antarctic and on peri-Antarctic islands. From breeding population data collated from 73 of these localities, we estimated the minimum global population to be about 400,000 breeding ...

The sea anemone genus Actinostola Verrill 1883: variability and utility of traditional taxonomic features, and a re-description of Actinostola chilensis McMurrich 1904

Species of the genus Actinostola are known for high variability of features. Anatomy, histology and cnidae of type specimens of five species from South America and Antarctica originally described as members of Actinostola and one species of Stomphia were compared to specimens of Actinostola chilensis collected during this study. None of these traditionally used features clearly ...