Journal of High Energy Physics

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ADHM and the 4d quantum Hall effect

AbstractYang-Mills instantons are solitonic particles in d = 4 + 1 dimensional gauge theories. We construct and analyse the quantum Hall states that arise when these particles are restricted to the lowest Landau level. We describe the ground state wavefunctions for both Abelian and non-Abelian quantum Hall states. Although our model is purely bosonic, we show that the excitations...

\( \mathcal{N}=2 \) SYK model in the superspace formalism

Abstract We use superspace methods to study an SYK-like model with \( \mathcal{N}=2 \) supersymmetry in one dimension, and an analog of this model in two dimensions. We find the four-point function as an expansion in the basis of eigenfunctions of the Casimir of su(1, 1|1). We also find retarded kernels and Lyapunov exponents for both cases.

Conformal structure of massless scalar amplitudes beyond tree level

AbstractWe show that the one-loop on-shell four-point scattering amplitude of massless ϕ4 scalar field theory in 4D Minkowski space time, when Mellin transformed to the Celestial sphere at infinity, transforms covariantly under the global conformal group (SL(2, ℂ)) on the sphere. The unitarity of the four-point scalar amplitudes is recast into this Mellin basis. We show that the...

A note on \( \mathfrak{g}{\mathfrak{l}}_2 \) -invariant Bethe vectors

Abstract We consider \( \mathfrak{g}{\mathfrak{l}}_2 \)-invariant quantum integrable models solvable by the algebraic Bethe ansatz. We show that the form of on-shell Bethe vectors is preserved under certain twist transformations of the monodromy matrix. We also derive the actions of the twisted monodromy matrix entries on the twisted off-shell Bethe vectors.

Constraining slepton and chargino through compressed top squark search

Abstract We examine the compressed mass spectrum with sub-TeV top squark \( \left(\tilde{t}\right) \) as lightest colored (s)particle in natural supersymmetry (SUSY). Such spectra are searched along with an additional hard jet, not only to boost the soft decay particles, also to yield enough missing transverse momentum. Several interesting kinematic variables are proposed to...

Flavor-safe light squarks in Higgs-anomaly mediation

Abstract We consider a simple setup with light squarks which is free from the gravitino and SUSY flavor problems. In our setup, a SUSY breaking sector is sequestered from the matter and gauge sectors, and it only couples to the Higgs sector directly with \( \mathcal{O}(100) \) TeV gravitino. Resulting mass spectra of sfermions are split: the first and second generation sfermions...