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A More Inclusive Democracy: Challenging Felon Jury Exclusion in New York

New York excludes all individuals who have ever been convicted of a felony from its jury pool except in the most extraordinary circumstances.This practice undermines the representativeness of juries, their inclusiveness, as well as public confidence in the courts. It leaves whole communities underrepresented in one of the foundations of democracy. It also compromises an...

Translating Equality: Language, Law and Poetry

By Kimiko Hahn, Jenny Rivera, and Ruthann Robson, Published on 07/01/10

Promoting Self-Sufficiency? How HRA's Exclusion of Incarceration from the Definition of "Temporary Absence" Contradicts Statutory Mandates and Hurts New York Families

The New York City Human Resources Administration has implemented a policy that has a punitive and disproportionate impact on poor families of color. The policy departs from the legislative mandate to support New York’s neediest and most at risk by arbitrarily excluding incarceration from the definition of “temporary absence,” as it applies to the Cash Assistance program. Aside...

Suspect Fits Description: Responses to Racial Profiling in New York City

A panel discussion with Darius Charney, Jesus Gonzalez, David Kennedy, Noel Leader, and Robert Perry. September 29, 2010

Afterword to Symposium

By Kathryn Grant Madigan, Published on 07/01/09