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New Trends in Parties

By Andreas Schwartze, Published on 04/04/16

On the Petition System in China

With distinct Chinese characteristics, the petition system in China has played several important roles in the reflection of public opinion, social supervision of state organizations and personnel, dispute settlement between citizens and the government, and the unification of Chinese people. Since this system faces many challenges going forward, its reform is an important task for...

The Emergence and Doctrinal Development of Tort Law, 1870–1930

By G. Edward White, Published on 03/30/16

Regulating Lethal Autonomous Robots In Unconventional Warfare

By Peter B. Postma, Published on 09/03/15

Complicity and Collection: Religious Freedom and Tax

By Jennifer Carr, Published on 09/03/15

Radical Shareholder Primacy

By David Millon, Published on 06/02/14

The Antimonopoly Tradition

By Kenneth Lipartito, Published on 06/02/14

Corporate Citizenship: Goal or Fear?

By Kent Greenfield, Published on 06/02/14

Duty, Consequences, & Intellectual Property

By Shubha Ghosh, Published on 05/09/14