Mobile Networks and Applications

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Providing Reliable Communications over Static-node-assisted Vehicular Networks Using Distance-vector Routing

To support various practical applications that are expected to work over vehicular networks, it is important to develop a network infrastructure that provides quality communications on which applications can rely. However, since a vehicular network is essentially a delay tolerant network (DTN) in which connected paths to the destinations do not always exist, providing reliable...

Correction to: Similar Feed-forward Loop Crosstalk Patterns may Impact Robust Information Transport Across E. coli and S. Cerevisiae Transcriptional Networks

The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in the author group section. Author Preetam Ghosh’s given name was incorrectly spelled as “Preeetam”.

Cooperative Game-based Cheating in Full-duplex Relaying-based D2D Communication Underlaying Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Device-to-device (D2D) communications allow direct transmissions between two adjacent user devices, which can improve system performance in cellular networks. Considering full-duplex (FD) relaying outperforms half-duplex (HD) relaying in spectrum and energy efficiency, we apply the FD relaying-based D2D communication scheme in heterogeneous cellular network, which allows D2D...

Modeling and Reasoning about Preference-Based Context-Aware Agents over Heterogeneous Knowledge Sources

This paper presents a conceptual framework and multi-agent model for context-aware decision support in dynamic smart environments based on heterogeneous knowledge sources. A Protégé plug-in for rules extraction from distributed ontologies has been developed, which allows us to model context-aware agents using the notion of multi-context systems. Extracted rules can be annotated...