Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry

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The relationship between properties of fluorinated graphite intercalates and matrix composition

Inclusion compounds: intercalates of fluorinated graphite matrix with acetonitrile (C2FxBrz·yCH3CN, x=0.92, 0.87, 0.69 and 0.49, z≈0.01) were synthesized. The kinetics of the thermal decomposition (the 1st stage of filling→the 2nd stage of filling) was studied under isothermal conditions. The relationship between intercalates properties and composition and structure of the matrix ...

Transitionmetal complexes with pyrazole-based ligands

The thermal decomposition of Cu2L2Cl4, Cu2L2Cl2, Cu2L2Br2 and Co2L2Cl4 complexes (L=3,5-dimethyl-1-thiocarboxamidepyrazole) is described. The influence of the central ion to ligand mole ratio on the course of complex formation is examined in reaction of L with copper(II) chloride. In Cu(II):L mole ratio of 1:1, in methanolic solution the reaction yields to yellow-green Cu2L2Cl4 ...

Thermal studies on polythiophene containing mesogenic side chains

Series of thiophenes containing mesogenic side chains at the 3rd position are synthesized. The thermal transitions and thermal stability of the synthesized monomers and polymers are studied. The polarizing microscopic studies of synthesized monomers showed nematic liquid crystalline phase and these mesophases further confirmed by differential scanning calorimetric study. The ...

Influence of aluminium precursor on physico-chemical properties of aluminium hydroxides and oxides

An attempt to obtain aluminium hydroxide that could give aluminium oxides of increased thermal stability was made. Aluminium hydroxide was precipitated during a hydrolysis of aluminium chloride in ammonia medium. The influence of preparative conditions, such as a dosing rate of aluminium precursor, pH, duration of the precipitate refluxing and temperature of calcination, on the ...

Combustion and pyrolysis characteristics of tunçblek lignite

In this study, thermal characteristics and kinetic parameters of cleaned Tunçbilek lignite were determined by using a Setaram Labsys DTA/TG/DSC thermal analysis system both for combustion and pyrolysis reactions. Experiments were performed at a heating rate of 10°C min–1 under reactive (air) and inert (nitrogen) gases up to 1000°C. Non-isothermal heating conditions were applied and ...

DSC examinations on cataractous lens materials obtained by phacoemulsification

Modifications of lens proteins play a crucial role in the formation of cataract, which is among the leading causes of world blindness in the ageing population. Although modern cataract surgery by phacoemulsification is a very successful and safe procedure, the prevention of cataract formation would be a real breakthrough in this field of ophthalmology. The aim of our study was to ...

Preparation, thermoanalytical and IR study of mixed-ligand complexes formed in water-1,2-ethanediol-cobalt(II)sulfate systems

Parent and mixed-ligand cobalt(II) complexes of different compositions were prepared with water, sulfate ion and 1,2-ethanediol as ligands. The magnetic susceptibility data, the IR spectra and the thermoanalytical curves of the complexes were recorded. Oxygen atoms bound by one or two coordinate bonds to the metal ion, or by hydrogen-bonds were observed in the crystals pace.

Thermocatalytic removal of carbonaceous materials

Decomposition and removal of carbonizate was performed over platinum catalysts supported on two types of alumina differing in the surface area: low surface area one (LSA) and high surface one (HSA). For the sake of comparison, the performance of platinum catalyst supported on silica and bimetallic platinum-rhenium catalysts was analyzed. It has been shown that all platinum ...