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Against the Grain (Purdue University)

Artl@s Bulletin (Purdue University)

Claritas: Journal of Dialogue and Culture (Purdue University)

CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture (Purdue University)

Closing the Gender Gap: Advancing Leadership and Organizations (Purdue University)

Data Curation Profiles Directory (Purdue University)

Data Information Literacy Case Study Directory (Purdue University)

Education and Culture (Purdue University)

First Opinions, Second Reactions (Purdue University)

Gifted Children (Purdue University)

Global Business Languages (Purdue University)

IMPACT Profile Directory (Purdue University)

Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning (Purdue University)

Journal of the Advanced Undergraduate Physics Laboratory Investigation (Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne)

Journal of Applied Farm Economics (Purdue University)

Journal of Aviation Technology and Engineering (Purdue University)

Journal of Contemporary Anthropology (Purdue University)

Journal of Human Performance in Extreme Environments (Purdue University)

Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (J-PEER) (Purdue University)

Journal of Problem Solving, The (Purdue University)

Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research, The (Purdue University)

Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement (Purdue University)

Journal of Terrestrial Observation (Purdue University)

People and Animals: The International Journal of Research and Practice (Purdue University)

Purdue Historian, The (Purdue University)