Editor’s message

Hydrogeology Journal, Nov 2012

Clifford I. Voss

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Editor’s message

and increased emphasis on thorough hydrogeologic characterization of critical regions. We hope that the articles appearing in this journal will play a positive role in diminishing the severity of these difficult situations Clifford I. Voss Editor Clifford I. Voss S: Beginning with this issue, each technical article in Applied Hydrogeology will include abstracts in English, French, and Spanish. We gratefully acknowledge M. Bakalowicz for translating abstracts into French and X. Sanchez-Vila for translating abstracts into Spanish. ARTICLES FROM NON-NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKERS: Applied Hydrogeology welcomes submission of articles in any language, but the preferred and publication language is English. An author who is not fluent in English should still make every effort to write the manuscript in English, obtaining the services of a technical editor if necessary. The Editors will arrange to improve the English of such articles if they are well-written in a technical sense and if they are accepted for publication. As noted in the "Instructions to Authors" at the end of this issue, under exceptional circwnstances, we will attempt to have non-English articles reviewed, and if they are accepted for publication, we will have them translated. - TYPES OF ARTICLES: Applied Hydrogeology will henceforth organize articles into the following categories: • • • • • • Papen: Full articles that report new scientific results of general interest; Reports: Reviews of specific topics, or descriptions of the hydrogeology of specific areas; Technical notes: Short articles that describe new or innovative techniques of data collection or analysis; Prof"des: Biographical sketches of eminent hydrogeologists, emphasizing their contributions to the science; Publication notes: Short descriptions or reviews of new or little-known significant publications; and Comments and replies: Discussions related to articles published in the journal.

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Clifford I. Voss. Editor’s message, Hydrogeology Journal, 2012, 5-6, DOI: 10.1007/s10040-994-0001-9