Hydrogeology Journal in 2002

Hydrogeology Journal, Jan 2003

Perry Olcott, Robert Schneider, Clifford Voss

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Hydrogeology Journal in 2002

Hydrogeology Journal Editors' Message Hydrogeology Journal in 2002 Perry Olcott 0 1 Managing Editor Robert Schneider 0 1 Managing Editor Clifford Voss 0 1 Executive Editor 0 1 Content 0 1 0 C. Voss US Geological Survey, 431 National Center , Reston, Virginia, 20192 , USA 1 R. Schneider 6212 N. 31 Street, Arlington, Virginia, 22207 , USA translators sought HJ procedures During 2002, HJ underwent some organizational changes. Perry Olcott began his term as Managing Editor (ME), sharing the increasing duties with continuing ME, Robert Schneider. The new HJ Editorial Office began operations in a UK location and is being ably managed by Christine Watson. The office is HJ’s central point, organizing and tracking the flow of all articles in process. HJ’s article submittal and review process became electronic in Au Thanks! The success and international reputation of the journal are due in large part to the many who contributed to its production. Most important are the authors from all parts of the world. The efforts of the publisher, Springer-Verlag, especially Wolfgang Engel and Susanne Schemann, are much appreciated. Susanne Schemann is giving up her role as Production Editor in order to take care of her new family. We offer her congratulations and good wishes, and look forward to working with her successor Petra Möws. Assistance in the production of publishable manuscripts from articles that were technically acceptable, but that required major language editing, was provided by William D. Johnson, Jr. We are most grateful to the volunteer HJ Associate Editors, listed on page A2 in this issue, for their involvement in conducting and arranging for reviews, and for giving advice on the quality of submitted articles. In addition to the Associate Editors, many others volunteered their time and talents to review manuscripts. We are also grateful to Michel Bakalowicz and Alfredo Perez-Paricio, who have been translating abstracts into French and Spanish for several years and who continue to do so. At the end of this message is a list of 147 technical reviewers of manuscripts processed in 2002 (not including the Associate Editors). Many thanks to all for your valuable support! At this time, due to the increasing numbers of articles being published, HJ is seeking additional volunteer abstract translators to French and Spanish. Interested persons should kindly contact the Executive Editor. Technical reviewers Nadhir A. Al-Ansari Charles A. Appel M. Altaf Arain Werner Balderer Jim Ball O. Batelaan David Benson Andrew Binley J.F. Botha J. Bottcher Rick Brassington Jonathan S. Caine Darcy Campbell David L. Campbell Patrice de Caritat Matt Charette Jianyao Chen John Chilton N. Christofi Clay A. Cooper Paulin Coulibaly Louise Criscenti Emilio Custodio John Czarnecki Ofer Dahan Alex Danchiv Matt Davis Richard Davis K. James De Cook William Dershowitz Sarah Dickson Florian Einsiedl J.F.P. Engelbrecht Lars O. Ericsson G.H.P. Oude Essink Jean Pierre Faillat G. Favreau Ty Ferre Adam G. Festger Vincent Fitzsimmons Shaun K. Frape Ron Fuge Cheikh Gaye Laurence Gourcy Jakob Granit Earl Greene Jasper Griffioen A.C. Gringarten J. Groen Haim Gvirtzman Aviva Hadas F. Peter Haeni Keith J. Halford Marc Hinton Kevin Hiscock Eduard Hoehn Ekkehard Holzbecher Ken Howard Wolfgang Hummel Mariusz Orion Jedrysek K.H. Johannesson Ian Jolly Mark A. Jones Charles Jones Nurkan Karahanoglu Hani N. Khoury Antanas Klimas E. Klingele Gert Knutsson Himanshu Kulkarni Marcus Laaksoharju Benrard Ladouche Lurdes Martinez Landa John W. Lane, Jr. Pat Lapcevic Darrell Leap Luc Lebbe Patrick Lebon Anna Ledin Christian Leduc Bernhard E. Lehmann Cijun Li Wan Li Piotr Maloszewski Luis E. Marin Allen F. Moench Fred J. Molz Jacek Motyka Rich Muza Kirk Nordstrom Adrian Ortega John Patterson Johan Patyn Paul Pavelic Allen O. Perry Mark Person Fred M. Phillips Michael Pinto V. Post Malcolm Reeves Leticia B. Rodriguez Erik Rohr-Torp Stuart Rojstaczer Daniel Ronen Joe Rosenshein Carolyn Ruppel Maria-Theresia Schafmeister Manuel Schiffler Gert A. Schultz Bernhard D.A. Schweitzer Jan Silar Pauline L. Smedley John Smellie Leslie Smith D. Kip Soloman Torben Sonnenborg Ben Sternberg George Stournaras Joe Szkagyi J. Alberto Tejada-Guibert Daniel Tetzlaff Rene Therrien James Thomas Roger Thunvik Claire R. Tiedeman Thomas Torgersen G. Tredoux Jeffrey Turner Eduardo Usunoff Ingrid van der Voort Enric Vazquez-Sune Leonardi Veronique J.M. Verweij H.J. Voigt Bill Wallin Gary R. Walter N.R.G. Walton Gavriel Weinberger Carol Wicks Andreas Winkler Geoff Wright Paul Younger George Haichao Yu Xiaoyong Zhan M. Zilberbrand Hans Zojer

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Perry Olcott, Robert Schneider, Clifford Voss. Hydrogeology Journal in 2002, Hydrogeology Journal, 2003, 1-2, DOI: 10.1007/s10040-003-0248-6