A List of Some of the Catalogues and Local Lists of North American Coleoptera.—II (H.-P.)

Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, Sep 2018

John Hamilton, Samuel Henshaw

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A List of Some of the Catalogues and Local Lists of North American Coleoptera.—II (H.-P.)

International Journal of LIST OF SOME OF THE CATALOGUES palpi well developed, club-shaped, yellow with a reddish tinge, black bristly; occiput cinereous, thickly gray hairy, a bare black band extending from vertex to center, and the orbital margins with a fringe of black bristles. Thorax cinerous, with four black vittae, hairy and bristly, pleurae silvery; scutellum blackish at base, the apical portion broadly pale ocherous, sometimes almost wholly ocherous, with a short apical decussate pair of bristles, a sub-apical pair of macrochaetae more or less decussate and reaching the base of third abdominal ,egment, a distal pair, and two lateral pairs. Abdomen rather broad, ovate, covered with short bristles; first segment black, a little abbreviated, the other segments broadly or almost wholly silvery at base with hind borders and median vitta shining black, second segment more or less broadly reddish on sides (an immature specimen has the abdomen almost entirely pale reddish); first two segments without macrochaetae, except a lateral marginal one on second segment, but sometimes a median marginal pair also on second segment; third segment with about ten narginal, four to six of which are on upper side; anal segment armed with marginal macrochaetae and bristles; renter largely silvery, the segments black posteriorly. Legs black, femora and tibiae slightly silvery, femora bristly, middle tibiae with some strong bristles, the hind tibiae ciliate on outer edge with a longer bristle beyond middle and two before tip; claws and pulvilli very long, pulvilli smoky whitish. Wings much longer than abdomen, rather broad, without costal spine, grayish hyaline, hardly brownish on costo-basal portion, third vein slightly spined at base apical cell open, ending distinctly before tip of wing fourth vein bent in a short curve, without stump or wrinkle, apical cross-vein bowed inward; hind cross-vein more or less curved, much nearer the bow of fourth vein; tegulae watery-white, halteres fuscous. Length 8,5 to 9 ram. of wing 7.5 to 8 ram. Described flom four specimens. Kans. This species woud belong in Brauer and v. Bergenstamm's genus Argyrophylax, which is separated from Masicera almost solely on the character of the ciliate hind tibiae. - exo species listed. 34 Harrington, W. H. List of Ottawa Col8e8o4p,terva.. , p(.Tr6a7n-6s8..)Ottava field nat. club, o species and varieties listed; the of about xoo additional species is noted. 35 ttarington, W. H. Additions to Canadian lists of Coleoptera. (Can. ent., 1884, v. 6, p. 44-47:7o-73 96-98: I7-19.) e species listed few not fully identified. 36 ttarring;on, W. H. On the lists of Coleoptera published by the geological survey of Canada, 1842-1888. (Can. ent., 189o v. 2, p. I35-t4o: I53-16o: 84-I9. Separate 2I p. The short lists published in the reports of the Canadian geological survey here collated" 48a species and varieties enumerated. The Coleoptera enumerated p. 566-582 ed. of I833, p. 553"575 ed. of 835 and p. 33"5 of the separate of Edward Hitchcock’s Catalogue of the animals and plants in Massachusetts: 994 species in the list in the separate; many of these however manuscript 38 I-Iaywazd, Roland and Savage, H. A catalogue of the Coleoptera of the Green Mountains. (Cart. journ. Bost. zool. soc., x883, v. 2, p. 2-5; 24-29; 36-38.) H4u3mp and the northern range o.f the mountains. species and varieties listed from Camel’s Platnus brunneomarginatu-- 2 tenufcollis, and ttister punctifer and l-topNa equina erroneous detertninations" R. tlayward in litt. 39" I-Ienshar, Samuel. List of Coleoptera collec,ted in the vicinity of Cliftondale, Mass., June 873. (Psyche, 1874, v. I, p. I7-8; 22-2.3. 35 species listed. 4o I-Ienshaw, Samuel. List of the Coleoptern of America, north of Mexico. Philadelphia, 885, 2+16I p. 9238 species enumerated; includes all species described till Sept. 88. 4 I-Ienshaw, Samuel. First supplement to the list of Coleoptera of America, north of Mexico. (Entom. amer., 1887, v. 2, p. 213-22o. Separate: Brooklyn, I88,8p. spectes added many corrections in synonymy indicated; includes all species described till jan. x, I887. 42. I-Ienshaw, Samuel. Second supplernent to the list of Coleoptera of Arnerica, north of Mexico. (Entom. amer., 889, v. 5, p. 27-38. Separate: Brooklyn, x886, 14 p. 3o3 species are added; bibliographical references to recent monographs, synopses, etc. added. 43" I-Iolland, W.J. Captures made while travelling from Winnipeg to Victoria, ]3. C. (Can. ent., I888, v. 2o, p. 89-92. 6o species and varieties of Coleoptera listed. 44 I-Iorn, George H. Catalogue of Coleoptera from southwestern Virginia. (Trans. Amer. ent. soc., 868, v. z, p. 3-28.) 79 species listed, some not fully determined. 45" I-Iorn, G. H. A list of Coleoptera collected by C. Thomas, in eastern Colorado and northeastern New Mexico, during the survey of t869 (Rep. U. S. geol. surv., [Hayden’s 2d rep.], 1872, p. 469-470. Enmnerates 23 species; are not fully identified. 46 I-Iorn, G. H. Coleoptera. (Rep. U. S. geol. surv., [Hayden’s 5th rep.] 1872, p. 382392.) 88 species enumerated collected in Kansas, Utah, Idaho, Montana, California, Oregou, New Mexico, Nevada and Indian Territory. 47 I-Iorn, G. H. Coleoptera. (Rep. U. S. geol. surv., [Hayden’s 6th rep.], t873, p. 7r7 .) 9 species listed from Yellowstone Lake, 8 from T6ton Basin and 3 from Snake River. I7 species 48 I-Iorn, G, H. Coleoptera. (Rep. sea fisheries New England [Baird’s tst rep.], 873, P. 540-543.) (Rep. invert. Vineyard Sound, 874, P. 246-49.) listed with notes localities. 49 I-Iorn, G.H. Notes on the coleopterous fauna of Guadalupe Island. (Trans. Amer. ent. soc., I876, v. 5, P. 98-2o.) 23 species listed; species peculiar to the fauna of the island; regions of previous occurrence given. 5 I-Iorn, G. H. List of Coleoptera collected in t875 in Colorado and Utah, by A. S. Packard, Jr., M. D. (Rep. U. S. geol. surv., [Hayden’s 9th rep.], 877, P. 46 species listed with localities of capture; several not fully identified. 5 I-Iorn, G. H. Coleoptera [collected in 885, by Dr. Robert Bell, in connection with the Hudson’s Bay expedition.] (Rep. progr. Can. geol. surv., t885, t886, p. 27 DD.) species listed frown Stupart’s Bay, from Cape Chudleigh, from Cape Digges and from Blanc Sablon. 52 I-Ioward, L. O. A list of the invertebrate fauna of Sofith Carolina. Separate: 47P. Chapter of Handbook of the state of South Carolina published in 883 by the state: list of the genera of the important families of Coleoptera found in the state is given p. -i6; estimates that some 4000 species will probably be found by diligent collecting. .53 I-Ioward, L. O. Annotated catalogue of the insects collected in 1887-88 [by the U. S. fish commission steamer Albatross’.] (Proc. U. S. nat. mus., 1889 v. 12, p. 18.5216.) A few species of Coleoptera from Clemente Island and from Lower California listed p. 86-87. 54 Hubbard, It. G. and Schwarz, E. A. The Coleoptera of Michigan. (Proc. Amer. philos, soc., 1878, v. 17, p. 593-666.) From the Lake Superior region 23i species and rieties listed the occurrence of than additional species is indicated; from the lower peninsular of Michigan i786 species and varieties listed and the of .about 15o additional species is noted; many specxes described by Leconte. 55 Jones, J. Matthew. Nova Scotian Coleoptera. Part I. (Trans. Nova Scotia inst. nat. sci., 1869, v. 2, p. II-OOO.) Separate: Halifax, i87o 15 p. oo species are listed" very many of them are not fully identified. Additions to the list (Can. ent., I889, 56 Kihnan, Alva H. of Canadian Coleoptera. v. 21, p. o8-o: I34-37.) 117 species dance. listed with notes of capture and abun57 Kirby, William. The insects. ardson’s Fauna Boreali-Americana. RichNorwich, 837, v. 4. 343 species of Coleoptera enumerated and deNo.va Scotia to the Rocky Mountains and northwest to scribed p. 8.240 contains species collected from 65 For partial reprint of Kirby’s descriptions etc. Can. ent., 2-7; also in separate, London, Ontario, d., 5+I 4 p. The synonwnv of the Coleoptera by G. H. Horn (Can. ent. 8, p’- I’6-I3o; I5O-59; 165-17o; t9o’193) is also in the separate. 58 Knaus, Warren. Additions to the catalogue of Kansas Coleoptera for I883 and 1884 (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1885, v. 9, P" 57-6.) 148 species and varieties listed; this raises the total number of Kansas Coleoptera to 2059 species and varieties. 59 Khans, Warren. Additions for 1885 and 1886 to the list of Kansas Coleoptera. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1887, v. IO, p. 86-88.) 60 species and variety of Coleoptera fl’om Kansas is listed; the total number about 15. 60 laeonte, John L. A descriptive catalogue of the geodephagous Coleoptera inhabiting the United States east of the Rocky Mountains. (Annals lyc. nat. hist. N. Y., 1848, v. 4, P. I72"474.) Separate: 144 p. 233 66 species enumerated numbered ioo too high. 61 laeoonte, J. L. General remarks upon the Coleoptera of Lake Superior. Agassiz’s Lake Superior, Boston, 185o, p. 2oo-2r2.* 816 species enumerated and many of them described for the first time. This collection made from Sault de Ste. Marie, skirting the eastern and northshores of Lake Superior and westxvard to Fort William Thunder Bay. 62 I,eoonte, J. L. Descriptions of new species of Coleoptera fl’om California. (Annals lyc. nat. hist N. Y., I851-52, v. 5, P" the pages succeeding p. 125-216. Descriptions of 33 species from California and Oregon; few species from other parts of the United States are described in the foot notes. 63 l’.econt, J.L. Report upon insects collected on the survey. (Rep. expl. and surv. from Miss. river to the Pacific ocean, 1857, v. 12, pt. 3, P. 1"72.) Separate:72 P. 1173 species of Coleoptera listed from California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska; few undetermined species noted contains remarks distribution and the following tables, 1, g,enera to the eastern a,nd western continents genera peculiar to America; species to the Atlantic and Pacific slopes of the continent; : species found in Russian America and in the eastern continent, not introduced and not found in Atlantic America. PS YCttE. 64 Leoonte, J. L. Catalogue of Coleopteraof the region adjacent to the boundary line between the United States and Mexico. (Journ. acad. nat. sci. Phil., 1858, ser. 2, v. 4, p. 9-42.) 993 determmcd species listed from Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Arizona, Frontera, Mexico, California, and Lake Superior; the occurrence of" additional species is noted; contains the following t,ables, 1, distribution of genera the ,continent; species tending the continent; g,enera to the eastern and western continents; genera peculiar to America. 65 laeoonte, J. L. Descriptions of new species of" Coleoptera, chiefly collected by the United States and Mexican boundary commission, under Major W. H. Emory, U. S. A. (Proc. acad. nat. sci. Phil., I8.58, p. 59-89.) Describes I47 California. species from Texas, Sonora and 66 I,econte, J. L. optera of Fort Tejon, California. acad. nat. sci. Phil., 1859, p. 69-90. Catalogue of the Cole(Proc. 147 species coast added listed; 44 species from the Pacific supplement. 67 lheonte, J. L. Additions to the coleopterous fauta of northern California and Oregon. (Proc. acad. nat. sci. Phil., 1859 p. 281-292.) 116 species listed. 68 l.,oont, J.L. The Coleoptera of Kansas and eastern New Mexico. ($mithsonian con.tr, knowl., 1859, v. II, 6+58 p.) Separate N. Y., 186o, 6+.58 p. ]numerates 939 species from Kansas and Nebraska and 227 from eastern New Mexico; many of these not futly identified; contains map of the entomological provinces of North America. 69 Iaoont, J. L. Notes on Coleoptera found at Fort Simpson, Mackenzie river, with remarks on northern species. (Proc. acad. nat. sci. Phil., 186o, p. 315-321.) 25 pecies listed from Ft. Simpson, followed by notes and descriptions of species from Russian America, Saskatchewan and Oregon. 7 Iaont, J.L. Notes on the coleopterous fauna of Lower California. (Proc. acad. nat. sci. Phil., 1861, p. 335-338.) Notes the occurrence of than 5o0 species in Lower California relations between the fauna of Lower California and that of California Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. 71 I,eonte, J, L. New species of Coleoptera inhabiting the Pacific district of the United States. (Proc. acad. nat. sci. Phil., 186, p. 338-359.) Describes 96 species from California, Oregon, Washington, Utah New Mexico and Kansas. December Sg. PS T’CIZ. 7 2 Leoonte, J.L. List of the Coleoptera of North America. Part I. (Smithsonian misc. coll., i863-t866, v. 6, 78 P.) Separate: Washington, 863-I866, 7 8 p. 75 Leoonte, J.L. List of Coleoptera collected in Vancouver’s Island by Henry and Joseph Matthews, with descriptions of some new species. (Annals and mag. nat. hist., 76 Leeone, J. L. New species of Coleoptera collected by the expeditions for geographical surveys west of one hundredth meridian in charge of Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler, United States engineers. (Annual rep. chief engineers for 876, pt. 3, P. 5 I65o.) (Appendix J J annual rep. chief engineers for 876, I876, p. 296-300. Appended to the descriptions lists of,1, California Coleoptera. 76 species with localities. Coleoptera of southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. 4 species. 77 Leeone, J. L. List of Coleoptera. (Rep. progr. Can. geol. surv., 875-76, r877, p. o7-ro9.) List of i45 determined and collected in British Columbia. undeternined species 7 8 Leoonte, J. L. The Coleoptera of the alpine regions of the Rocky Mountains. (Bull. U. S. geol. and geog. surv., I878, v. 4, p. 447-480.) species and varieties collected in the Rockv Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, tt ele: vation of 6o00 feet and upwards listed with locali. ties of capture; species listed peculiar to the Rocky mountain region and 54 species collected at Atlanta, Idaho (7Soo) enumerated; few of the species not fully identified. 79 Leoonte, J. L. The Coleoptera of the alpine Rocky Mountain regions. Part II. (Bull. U. S. geol. and geog. surv., 879, v. 5, P. 499-5zo.) 659 species and varieties listed of which not fully identified; all were collected in Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho at elevation of 6000 feet and upward. 80 Leoonte, J.L. List of Coleoptera collected by Dr. R. Bell in I879 on the Nelson and Churchill rivers. (.Rep. progr, geol. surv. Can. I878-79, I88o, p. 65c-66c.) 36 determined and 8I Leoonte, J.L. undetermined species listed. List of Coleoptera col lected in I88o in Manitoba and between Lake Winnipeg and Hudson’s Bay. (Rep. progr. geol. surv. Can. x878-8o, 88I, p. 7oc-74c). Contains the following lists 1, from York Factory Hudson,’s Bay, 3 determined and 4 undetermined species; from Norway House to Oxford,tfouse, 39 determined and undetermined species; from Lower Fort Garry, Manitoba, 38 determiaed species; and from Cross Lake, Nelson River, 35 determined and undetermined species. 8z Leoonte, J.L. List of Coleoptera collected in I88I by Dr. Bell and others in the Lake Superior dstrict and in the north-west territories, east of the tilth meridian and south geol. surv. Can., of the 6oth parallel. (Rep. progr. I88o-8-82, 883, p. 9 c39c.) Contains the fbllowing lists I, from Sault Ste. Marie, between Lakes Hu,ron and Superior. Lat. 460 ’, Long. 84 2o’, 96 species from mouth of Michipico’{:en River, L,ake Superior, Lat. 47 56’, Long. 84 x’, 9 species; from head waters of the Michipicoten River, Lake Superior. Lat. 480 o’, Long. 84 oo’ to Lat. 480 o’, Long. 84 o’, 28 species; 4:, fl’om Missinaibi House, northeast of Lake Superior, to Flying Post. Lat. 480 29’, Long. 83 35 to Lat. 4S o2’, Lo,ng. 8 o’, ,8 determined and udetermined species; from Oba and Kabiuakagami lakes and rivers, northeast of Lake Superior, Lat. 480 o’, Long. 84 27’ to Lat. 49 45’, Long. 83 45, 43 species; l], from Thunder Bay to Lake.of.theWoods, west of Lake Superior, Lat. 4 25’, Long. 89 o’, to Lat. 49 25 Long. 95 oo’, 3 species; ’, from Oxford House, between Lake %inn’{peg and Hudson’s Bay, Lat.$4 53’ Long. 95 44’, 67 determined and determinea species; 8, fi-om Nelson River House, Churchill River, Lat. 55 o’, Long. 99 3o’, 5 species; ), from Cross Lake, the Nelson River, to Cumberland House the Saskatchewan, Lat. 54 4o’, Long. 9S oo’, to Lat. 54 oo’, Long. z’, ’9 species; 10, from Cumber, and House to Reindeer Lake, Lat. 54 oo’, Long. to Lat. 5S o’, Long. oo’, 9 species; and 11, from the north end of ii.eindeer Lake to the west end of Athabaska Lake, Lat. 58. 3o’, Long. oo’ to Lat. 580 3o’, Log. ioi oo’, S spectes. 83 Lugger, Otto. List of found in the vicinity of Baltimore. Hopkins Univ. circ., x884, v. 3, no. 3 Coleoptera (Johns p. 7879.) Abstract; number of families (7 ) genera (837) and species (9.259) found in the vicinity of Baltimore, Md. 84 yon Nlannerheim, Carl Gustav, Graf. kaefer-fauna der Beitrag zur Aleutischen Inseln, der Insel Sitkha und Neu-Californiens. (Bull. soc. imp. nat. Mosc., I843, v. I6, p. 75-3r4). Separate: 42p. Enumerates and describes 30o species from California and the Alaskan Islands; many of the species described [December 85 yon Mannerheim, Carl Gustav, Graf. Nachtrag zur kaefer-fauna der Aleutischen Inseln und der Insel Sitkha. (Bull. soc. imp. nat. Mosc., 1846, v. 19 p. 5Ol-516. Separate: 16 p. tnumerates and describes 5 species. 86 yon lYlannerheirn, Carl Gustav, Graf. Zweiter nachtrag zur kaefer-fauna der NordAmerikanischen laender des Russischen Reiches. (Bull. soc. imp. nat. Mosc., 1852, v. 25, p. 283-387 .) Separate: lO7 p. Enumerates and describes 8o species; also lists the Russian American species of this and previous contributions; excluding the species from California the _a.laskan species number 33 87 yon lYIannerheim, Carl Gustav, Graf. Dritter nachtrag zur kaefer-fauna der NordAmerikanischen laender des Russischen Reiches. (Bull. soc. imp. nat. Mosc., 18.53, v. 6, p. 95-273.) Separate: t84 p. :Enumerates and describes z65 species many of these enumerated in preceding contributions; eliminating these the number of Alaskan species is 54 cording to Mannerheim. 88 lYIelsheimer, Friedrch Ernst. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of the United States. Washington, July 1853, xvi -+- 174 p Revised by Drs. S. S. Haldeman and J. L. Leconte; published by the Smithsonian Institution 475o species enumerated; contains all the Coleoptera known till Jan. I, 852 with the bibliography and considerable synonymy. 89 Melaheimer, F.V. A [catalogue[of [insects ]of[Pennsylvania By Fred. Val. Melsheimer Minister ot the gospel. [Part first Hanover, York County:[ Printed for the author, by W. D. Lepper. 18o6. vi-[60 p. 363 species (all Coleoptera) enumerated; many of the names are catalogue names. This is the first list of American Coleoptera and is extremely 9 Osborn, Herbert azd Wiekham, H. F. Fragment of a catalogue of the Coleoptera of Iowa. Abstract. (Proc. Iowa acad. sci., for I887-9, I89o, p. 44.) included in "the frag39 species are mentioned ment." 9 lakard, A. S., Jr. List of Coleoptera collected by A. S. Packard, jun., at Caribou Island, Labrador, Straits of Belle Isle. (Can. ent., 187 v. 2, p. 119. determined and undetermined species listed. 9 laokard, A. S., Jr. List of Coleoptera collected in Labrador. (4th ann. rep. trustees Peab. acad. sci., 1872, p. 92-94.) Separate: 3 P" 46 determined and undetermined species listed with localities; the collection made along" the coast of Labrador from Caribou Island to Hopedale. 93 laokard, A. S. List of the spiders, myriopods and insects of Labrador. (Can. ent., 888, v. 2o, p. 141-149. 54 determined and 9 undetermined species of Coleop. tera listed with localities of capture. 94 lettit, J. List of Coleoptera taken at Grimsby, Ontario. (Can. ent., 1869, v. 1, p. lO6-o7:v. 2, p. 7: 17-I8:I87 ,P. 53-54:6566: 84-86: lO2-1o3: ii7-ii8: 131-133: i51: 1871, v. 3, P. o5-1o7 I872, v. 4, P. I2-I4.) 5 species listed" few of the weevils not fully identified. 95 POttit, J. Coleoptera taken at Gritnsby. (Can. ent.. 187 2, v. 4, P. 98-99 .) 65 species added to the previous list. 96 lopenoe, Edwin A. A list of Kansas Coleoptera. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., I877. v. 5, P. 21-4o.) 179 species and 30 varieties listed; about 75 determined species indicated occurring in the state. 97 Popenoe, E.A. Additions to the catalogue of Kansas Coleoptera. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1878, v. 6, p. 77-86.) 435 species and varieties not fully identified. enumerated;some 98 lrovaneher, L. Liste des coldoptres pris t Portneuf, Qdbec. (Le nat. canad., 1869, v. , p. 232; 255-256 279-280 v. 2, p. 12; I87o, p. 6o-6I: 118:178-179 249; 271272; 34-3; 367-369; v. 3, P. 25-26; 1871, P" 5759.) 699 species listea. 99 Putnam, J. D. List of Coleoptera found in the vicinity of Davenport, Iowa. (Proc. Davenp. acad. nat. sci., 187 6 v. , p. 169-73.) determined and undetermined species listed. IOO Putnam, J. D. Coleoptera collected aDtavMeonntpi.cealclaod,. Inoawt.a,scJiu.,ne18276t,h,v. x,872p.. 173. (Proc. A list of 34 determined and undetermined species. Io Putnam, J. D. Coleoptera collected near Frederic, Monroe Co., Iowa, August, (Proc. Davenp. acad. nat. ci., 1876, v1.86,9. p. x73-) A_ list of 9 speexes. lO2 Putnam, J. D. List of Coleoptera collected in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, in 1872. (Proc. Davenp. acad. nat. sci., 1876, v. i, p. 177-182. 236 determined and 24 undetermined species listed. Io3 Putnam, J.D. Report on the insects collected by Captain Jones’s expedition to northwestern Wyoming in I873. (Proc. Davenp. acad. nat. sci., 1876, v. I, p. I87 x9I.) 44 liidsetnetdiffiredomanGdreen River Basin: Fort Bridget; 38 unidentified species of Coleoptera identified and unidentified from ,Vind River Basin: Stinkingwater River; and species from Yellowstone National Park. Io4 Putnam, J.D. Report on the insects collected in the vicinity of Spring Lake Villa, Utah Co., Utah, during the summer o8f76I,87v5.. , p(.Pr9o3c-.2o5D.a)venp. acad. nat. sci., From the Mount Nebo alpine region 52 determined and undetermined species of Coleoptera listed; from Salt mud flat Utah Lake 38 determined and undetermined and from the Sage brush region determined and undetermined. HETEROPACHA RILEYANA. BY CAROLINE G. SOULE BROOKLINt MASS. anus was very noticeable, as was the flat, leech-like shape. The hairs were long over the feet, shorter along the stigmatal line, and very short on the sides and dorsum. July 19 Second moult. Length I-2 inch. Head dark barred witta white hairs. Body tan-colored on dorsum with two black dashes on each segment. Lateral and stigmataI lines nearly black. A black patch on top of the Ilth segment. Feet and props dark gray. Hairs sparse and short except over feet and props, where they seemed to "fringe" the whole edge of the larva. July 23 Third moult. Length one inch or a trifle less. Head black with two short yellow lines on top, and a yellow spot near the mouth, hairy. Body brown on dorsum, yellow between the segments, with black dashes. Two yellow dashes on I2th segment. No black patch on lth segment. Lateral and stigmatal lines of black and pale brown. Feet and props dark, overhung by long gray hairs in tufts. Very short hairs on the dotsum, and very sparse. July 27th. Fourth moul. 1-2 inches long. Head as before. The body was marked with brown, black, tan, and yellow or white, in a sort of "oil-cloth pattern" very difficult to describe, and varying with individuals. The dorsal hairs were unnoticeable without a lens, but the stigmatal fringe Peptides Advance s in Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Submit your manuscr ipts BioMed Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Research International Stem Cells International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Zoology International Journal of Journal of Signal Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Transduction Genetics Research International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Anatomy Research International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Biochemistry Research International Advances in Bioinformatics Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Enzyme Research International Journal of International Journal of Genomics Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Journal of Nucleic Acids The Scientiifc World Journal

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John Hamilton, Samuel Henshaw. A List of Some of the Catalogues and Local Lists of North American Coleoptera.—II (H.-P.), Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, DOI: 10.1155/1891/64798