A List of Some of the Catalogues and Local Lists of North American Coleoptera.—III (R.-Z.)

Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, Sep 2018

John Hamilton, Samuel Henshaw

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A List of Some of the Catalogues and Local Lists of North American Coleoptera.—III (R.-Z.)

International Journal of A LIST 0 1 OF SOME OF THE CATALOGUES 0 1 BY JOHN HAMILTON 0 1 SAMUEL I-IENSHAW. 0 1 0 Reineeke , Ottomar. See: Zscr, Frank 1 Habitat probably the Sierra Nevada of California. Recorded fl'om Havilah , Kern Co., (Hy. Edw.) and Yosemite, Mariposa Co , USA paler. black. a black patch from which proceeds the whitish subterminal line, almost parallel to the t. p. line and most strongly marked just before its junction with internal margin, almost forming a white crescent. - line. On the costa beyond t. p. line o6 1Reed, E.B. nx8e6i9g,hvb.or,hopo.d69o-f7oL.)ondon, Ont. Coleoptera taken in the (Can. ent., 44 species :N.Y. Number of families (3 t) genera (t9) and specxes (8o) found in the vicinity df London, Ont.; 3 undetermined species additional to the above have been collected. IO7 leinecke, Ottomar. Additional list of Coleoptera. (Bull. Buff. soc. nat. sci., 88, v. 4, P. 55.) listed from the vicinity of Buffalo, to9 filahlberg, John. Coleoptera och medlemmar a Berings Sunds Amerikanska Hemiptera insamlade af Vega-expeditionens kust. (Vega-exped. vetens, iaktt., 885, bd. 4, P. 59-7.) 6 species of Coleoptera listed from Port Clarence, Grantley Harbor and Bay of Iman-Ruk. rxo aunders, W. Entomological notes during a, trip to Saguenay. (Can. ent., 868, v. p. -3.) 8 species listed with localities. fiavage, H. See: HVWARD, R. fay, Thomas. Descriptions of coleopterous insects collected in the late expedition to the Rocky Mountains, performed by order of Mr. Calhoun, Secretary of War, under the command of Major Long. (Journ. acad. nat. sol. Phil., x823, v. 3, P. x39-2x6; I824, P. 38-28 298-33 4o3-462; x824, v. 4, P. 83-99.) Ed. Leconte, v. 2, p. 89-z36. Describes 3.54 species. 2 8ohaupp, F.G. The Cicindelidae of the neighborhood of New York. (Bull. Brooklyn ent. soc., x878 v. x, p. 28.) A list of 5 species With localities and times of appearance. x3 ehaupp, F. G. tera.] (Bull. Brooklyn ent.[Fslootr.i,da87C8olve.op,P. 34.) Adds 3 species to those listed by Schwarz. 4 IBohaupp, F’. O. List of" Carabidae found in the neighborhood of New York city. (Bull. Brooklyn ent. soc., 883, v. 6, p. 29-32; 7r-72.) species pearance. listed with localities and times of ap15 Nchmelter, H. Coleoptera of the neighborhood of New York. Chrysomelidae. (Bull. Brooklyn ent. soc., 1878 v. I, p. 96 species listed. 116 8chwarz, E. A. List of Coleoptera collected in Michigan in 1874. (Psyche, 1876, v. 1, p. 45-i48.) species enumerated with notes and localities. 117 chwar, E. A. The Coleoptera of Florida. (Proc. Amer. philos, soc. 1878 v. 17, p. 353-471.) 1386 species and varieties listed p. 434-469; the of than additional species noted species described by the author and by many Leconte. 118 fiiehwarz, E. A. On a collection of Coleoptera from St. Augustine, Florida. (Proc. ent. soc. Washington, 1889, v. I, p. 169-171. Separate: 2 p. Genera. remarks collection of 6oo species of Coleoptela collected in the vicinity of St. Augustine, Fla. 24oo species known to in Florida. ,ehwarz, E.A. See: HUBBARD, H. Cl. 119 $mith, John B. List of Coleoptera collected byJ. R. Spencer at Fort Churchill. (Rep. progr. Can. geol. surv.. 882-83-8.4 1885, p. 62 DD.) detemnined and undetermined species listed. I20 mit:h, J. B. Catalogue of insects found in New Jersey. (Final rep. state geologist, I89O, v. 2,486 p.) ei67 species and vameties of Coleoptera listed p. 69-27 localities and collectors given when known. 121 lnow, F. It. List of Coleoptera collected in Colorado in June, July and August, 1876 by the Kansas University scientific expedition. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1877 v. 5, P’ 15-2") 304 species and varieties enumerated; chiefly identified by Dr. J. L. Leconte. This list also appeared in the Kansas collegiate 877, 122 f3now, F.H. The insects of Wallace county, Kansas. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1878, v. 6, p. 6I-7O. Includes captures in Gore county; 316 species and varieties of Coleoptera listed p. 6-7o xvith county localities of capture. I23 l!!inow, F.H. List of Coleoptera collected near Dome Rock, Platte Canon. Colorado, by the Kansas University scientific expedition for 1878. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1878, v. 6, p. 75-77.) 99 species and varieties listed; few not fully identified. 12 4 Snow, F. }-1. List of Coleoptera collected in Santa Fd Canon, N. M., by the Kansas University scientific expedition for 188o. (Trans. Kdns. acad. sci., 188t, v. 7, p. 70-77 .) 37 species listed. =25 now, F. II. Douglas county additions to the list of Kansas Coleoptera in 1879 and 188o. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1881, v. 7, P. 78-79-) 44 species listed. I6 now, F. H. Lists of Lepidoptera and Coleoptera, collected in New Mexico by the Kansas University scientific expedition of I88r and 188. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., t883, v. S, p. 35-45.) 55 species and varieties of Coleoptera listed P. 39-45; not fully determined. 1; 7 8now, ’. H. Additions to the list of Kansas Coleopterain 188I and 1882. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1883, .v. 8, p. 58.) few 49 species listed; not fully determined. 18 Snow, F. H. Lists of Lepidoptera and Coleoptera collected in New Mexico by the Kansas University scientific expeditions of t883 and I8S4. (Trans. Kans. acad. sci., 1885, v. 9, P. 65-69.) 49 species and varieties of Coleoptera listed p. 66-69; not fully identified. 29 Nprague, P. S. Insect fauna of Camel’sl-ltrmp, Vt. (Arch. sci., 871.) 55 species of Coleoptera listed. 13o Streoker, Herman. Coleoptera. (Annual rep. chief engineers for 1878 878 p. 1864-t866 A list of 33 species collected in the San Juan region of Colorado. 31 8nmmera, S. V. List of Coleoptera of St. Louis county, Missouri. (Can. ent., I873, v. 5, P- 13-34: t45-t47: I68-17o: 9ot9: I874, v. 6, p. 5a-55.) 59 species and varietie. listed; the list not cmnpleted beyond the Colydiidae. I3. Summers, S.V. Catalogue of the Coleoptera from the region of Lake Pontchartrain, La. (Bull. Buffalo soc. nat. sci., I874, v. 2, p. 78-99.) Separate: 21 p. 9o6 species and varieties listed; tew not fully identified. 133 Taylor, George W. Tle entomology of Vancouver Island. Notes on seventy-six species of Cicindelidae and Carabidae collected near Victoria, Vancouver Island. (Can. ent., 1886, v. 18, p. 34-37.) Notes of capture and frequency given. 34 Townsend, C. H.T. A list of Coleoptera collected in Louisiana, on or south of parallel 3 o. (Can. ent., 1885, v. 17, p. 6673.) I3 species and varietms listed, with localities and notes of capture. 135 Townsend, Tyler. Contribution toa list of the Coleoptera of the lower peninsula of Michigan. (Psyche, I889, v..5, P. 23I-35.) t66 species and varieties listed; few not fully identified. 3o9-311. 94 species listed. White, J. E. See: BROmE, W. 141 Wiokham, H.F. A list o[ the Coleoptera of Iowa City and vicinity. (.Bull. lab. nat. hist. state Univ. Iowa, 1888, v. I, no. t, p. 81-92. 861 species and xo varieties listed" few species are not fully identified. Wiokham, H.F. bert. 142 Zesch, Frank H. andleinecke, Ottomar. List of the Coleoptera observed and collected in the vicinity of Buffalo. (Bull. Buffalo soc. nat. sci., 1881, v. 4, P. 2"15.) Separate 14 p. i424 species are listed. See OSBOR, Her Cape Digges, H. B. T., 51. Caribou Island, Labrador, 91 92 Churchill River, H. B. T., 80, 82. Cincinnati, Ohio, 27, 28, 29 Clemente Island, Cal., 53. Cliftondale, Mass., 39. Colorado, 13, I4, 15, 45, 50, 64, 76, 78, 79 102, 121, 123, 130, 136 138 139. Columbus, Ohio, 3 Cross Lake,-Nelson River, H. B. T., 81, 82.. Cumberland House, Sask., 82. Custer Co., Col., 15 Davenport, Iowa, 99. Dome Rock, Col., 123 Douglas County, Kansas, 125 Florida, II3, I17, 118. Flying Post, Ont., 82. Fort Bridget, Wy., Io3. Churchill, H. B. T., 119 Simpson, N. W. T., 69 Tejon, Cal., 66. Whipple, Ariz., 74. William, L. Sup., 61. Wool, Va., 137. Frederic, Iowa, IOI. Frontera, 64. Gasp, Quebec, 8, 23. Gove County, Kansas, Grantley Harbor, Alaska, lO9. Green Mountains, Vt., 38. Green River Basin, Wy., io3. Grenville, Ca., 2.5. Grimsby, Ont., 94, 95. Guadalupe Island, 49. Hopedale, Labrador, 92. Hudson’s Bay Region, 26, 5I, 80, 8I, 82, II 9. Idaho, 46, 47, 78 79. Indian Territory, 46. Iowa, 9o, 99, IOO, IOI, I4I. Iowa City, I4 I. James Bay, 3 t. Kabiuakagami, Lake Superior, 82. Kansas, 46, 58, 59, 64, 68, 7 t, 96 97, Straits of Belle Isle, Labrador, 91 Stupart’s Bay, H. B. ’r., 51. Tennessee, 22. Tdton Basin, Id., 47. Texas, 5, 64, 65, 7 Thunder Bay, Lake Superior, 61, 82. Utah, 46, 5o, 71, 78, lO4, 139 Vancouver Island, 43, 75, 133, 14TM Vermont, 38, 129. Victoria, Vanc., 43, 133’ Virginia, 44, 37. MISCELLANEOUS NOTES.-- A portion of volume of Psyche which has long been out of print is now being reprinted and the volume can shortly be furnished for five dollars. Complete sets of Psyche or any one or more of the volumes can therefore be obtained at five dollars per volume. The number of copies on hand, however, is extreme,ly limited and persons desiring to secure full sets or complete their series are advised to tnal’e early application to the treasurer, Samuel Henshaw, Cambridge, Mass. A list of Labrador insects will be found in Dr. A. S. Packard’s recent book The Labrador Coast (N. Y., Hodges) on pp. 385-396 and 446-447 He catalogues 233 species divided as follows: Arachnida II, Myriopoda I, Orthoptera I, Odonata 2, Hemiptera 4, Platyptera I, Plectoptera 3, Trichoptera 2, Coleoptera63 Diptera II. Lepidoptera lO8, and Hymenoptera 26. Notes of distribution and a few dates are added. Entomologists should not overlook a holiday book of unusual interest for them, noting the out-door and in-door observations of a rambler who knows how to use both eyes and pencil, not to say pen. It is a volume by the artist William Hamilton Gibson, called "Sharp eyes, a rambler’s calendar of fifty-two weeks among insects, birds, and flowers" (Harper’s, $5.0o). Both text and illustrations, the latter on nearly every page, are by the same hand; better, more living pictures of our insects have never been given, especially where they are represented in flight, when they rival the pictures by Giacomelli; and yet all are "process cuts." The volume is excellent reading as well, and tells the stories of the lives of our common insects in a charming way. It isan admirable book to stimulate the young observer. In a superb monograph of the trees which furnished the Baltic amber, vith eighteen finely colored quarto plates, Conwentz of Danzig publishes some notices of amber insects, especially of such as were injurious to the species of Pinus which yielded amber; among other things he figures the borings of a beetle referred by Kolbe to Anthaxia and the larval burrows in the dead wood which Brischke looks upon as the work of a Sciara. Dr. Juan Gundlach has just finished the printing of the second volume of his Entomologia Cubana which contains the Itymenoptera, Neuroptera, and Orthoptera. Prof. John B. Smith’s promised List of Lepidoptera of Boreal America has been issued by the American entomological society; it extends to 124 pages and includes 6o2o nominal species, of which 64o are butterflies, 229 Sphingidae and Sesiidae, 59 the families allied to Lithosiidae and Bombycidae, 1861 Noctuina, 6.I Geometrina, 634 Pyralidina, 429 Tortricina, and 986 Tineina. It follows the style of Grote’s Check list of American moths. Peptides Advance s in Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Submit your manuscr ipts BioMed Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Research International Stem Cells International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Zoology International Journal of Journal of Signal Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Transduction Genetics Research International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Anatomy Research International Research International Advances in Bioinformatics Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Enzyme International Journal of International Journal of Genomics Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Journal of Nucleic Acids The Scientiifc World Journal 14o Walker, Francis. List of Coleoptera. Lord's Naturalist in Vancouver Island and British Columbia . London, 1866 , v. 2 , p.

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John Hamilton, Samuel Henshaw. A List of Some of the Catalogues and Local Lists of North American Coleoptera.—III (R.-Z.), Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, DOI: 10.1155/1892/89518