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Psyche: A Journal of Entomology, Sep 2018

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International Journal of For this form, the varietal name amelaina would seem not inappropriate. They closely resemble S. lath #ennis in general coloration. Genus Z@is Dyar. I have to correct a statement in my description of this genus (Ent. news, iv, 36). The median spurs of the hind tibiae are not absent as the wording implies, but are situated close to the posterior pair (pl. I9, fig 4 c). The genus differs from Neoarctia in the shape of the fi'ont of the head, which is narrowed above and below, while in Neoarctia it is broad and square. Fig. 4 3 shows vein 7 of secondaries furcate, as it was in one specimen. I am now of the opinion that Antarctia vagans Boisd. would be better placed in Elpis than in Spilosoma, since it has the ocelli distant fi'om the eyes and the front narrowed above and below, though the vestiture and coloration are more like Spilosoma. I am greatly indebted to Mr. Thomas E. Bean of Laggan, Alberta for several specimens - LOCAL NOTES.--The Peabody academy of science of Salem has recently transferred to the entomological department of the Museum of comparative zoology of Cambridge a number of types of insects of various orders described by Dr. Packard; the types were in the exhibition cases at Salem and were overlooked when the greater part of the entomological collections of the Academy were deposited in Cambridge. In Psyche v. 6, p. 316 it is noted that the volume on the animals and plants of Maine prepared by the late Dr. John W. Randall was unpublished. Recently we learned that of Neoarctia 3eanii, from which the drawings on the plate were made (fig" 5 a-e). EXPLANATION OF PLATE 19 Fig. Ia. S3ilosoma virglnica; venation of primary. Ib. Same; venation of secondary. Ic. Same; hind tibia, showing spurs. 2. Phragmalobia rubricosa; venation. 3a. PyrrharcNa isabella; venation of primary. 3b. Same; abnormal venation. 3c. Same; abnormal venation (partial). 3d. Same venation of secondary. 3e. Same; venation of secondary (partial) 3f. Same; origin of subcostal venules (abnormal). 3g. Same; origin of subcostal venules (normal). 3k. Same; three joints of antetana. 4a @is rubra; venation of primary. 4b. Same; venation of secondary, showing variation. 4c. Same; hind tibia, showing spurs. 5a. 2Veoarclla beanil; venation of primary. $b. Same; venation of secondary. $c. Same; hind tibia, showing spurs. sd. Same; base of antenna. 5e. Same; three joints of antenna. the manuscript was placed in the hands of the Maine geological survey for publication and was subsequently lost. Dr. Randall’s collection of insects was entirely destroyed many years ago. It may not be uninteresting to state that the Boston society of natural history received from Dr. Randall’s estate the sum of $5ooo, the income of which, in accordance with the wishes of Miss Randall, will be devoted to the library. The gypsy moth has been found in Franklin Park, West Roxbury, outside the limits of the hitherto infected district as mapped two years ago. Peptides Advance s in ht p:/ w w.hindawi.com Virol og y Hindawi Publishing Corporation Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Submit your manuscr ipts http://www.hindawi.com Research International Stem Cells International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Zoology International Journal of Journal of Signal Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Transduction Research International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Anatomy Research International Research International Advances in Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ www.hindawi.com Enzyme Research Journal of Genomics Journal of Nucleic Acids The Scientiifc World Journal

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