TMS Foundation: growth through giving

JOM, Nov 2014

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TMS Foundation: growth through giving

Robert H. Wagoner TMS Foundation Board of Trustees Chair 0 1 2 By Robert H. Wagoner 0 1 2 0 Garry W. Warren Foundation Trustee Professor Emeritus, University of Alabama 1 Diran Apelian Foundation Trustee Alcoa-Howmet Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 2 Patrice Turchi TMS Vice President Foundation Trustee Advanced Metallurgical Science and Engineering Group Leader, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory I have heard many stories since the TMS Foundation revitalization began two years ago. Although my principal focus has been on raising funds, few of these stories have been about money. Here is what these stories are about: They are about students who gained - their degree programs and embark on their careers. (An award like this tells you, Yes, you can do this, you can do it well, and you deserve to be here,: Nicholas De Leon, 2008 J. Keith Brimacombe Presidential Scholarship Recipient.) They are about our young colleagues in the earliest, most vulnerable stages of their professional careers who were given opportunities to connect with mentors. (As a new faculty member, this award makes it possible for me to continue attending the TMS annual meeting even though I dont yet have funded research to pay for conference travel. I am very grateful to the TMS Foundation for making it possible for me to remain connected to the society and my research community during this period of my career.: Amber Genau, 2014 Young Leader Professional Development Award Winner.) They are about how emerging leaders are developing fruitful working relationships across the globe. (This was a tremendously rewarding experience that resulted in my making critical connections and developing new friendships that will last my entire career.: Michele V. Manuel, 2014 TMS/Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Young Leader International Scholar.) Each and every story is about ensuring the relevance and impact of our profession in the future. The TMS Foundation does not simply hand out checks. We provide a calling card that helps our award and scholarship recipients open doors and a stepping stone from which they can launch and grow their careers. The Foundation has been working quietly, behind the scenes, since 1993, and supporting deserving programs such as those cited abovealbeit at a rate much greater than our endowment can sustain over the past several years. Without your help, these programs could be scaled back or eliminated. Even worse to contemplate is the possibility of the Foundations slowly going out of existence. This unpleasant reality dictates the Foundation Board of Trustees (and my!) principal goal: 100% participation of the from every volunteer and every member who can afford it. Our aspirations as a Foundation are great, so our need for your support is equally great. The Board of Trustees understands that the TMS Foundation has not done enough to convey such stories as I related above in the past, nor has it made clear its precarious to make up for those failings. Starting in TMS Foundation Annual Appeal. Last year at this time, the Board of The TMS Foundation 2014 Annual Appeal will run through December 31, 2014. TMS members will be receiving information in early December, with the option to mail a check as a contribution or to conveniently and securely make a donation online at the TMS Foundation website at www Donations can also be processed over the phone by contacting Mary Samsa, TMS Foundation & Public Affairs Manager, at (724) 814-3130 or . Last Chance to Be a Founding Member Michele Manuel (center, in red), 2014 TMS/Japan Institute of Metals and Materials (JIM) International Scholar, experienced a productive week at the JIM 2014 Annual Spring Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, through the support of the TMS Foundation. things that the Foundation is doing, as well as to develop new initiatives. Our goal is to increase the TMS Foundation endowment from its present level of $2 million to $4.5 high bar, but cannot achieve that without a groundswell of support from TMS members. So, when you receive your TMS Foundation 2014 Annual Appeal information, please open your hearts and checkbooks. Make a difference to our profession and its young members. This is your opportunity to pay it forward in a professional context. I look forward to adding your story as a contributor to the TMS Foundation 2014 Annual Appeal. Trustees was able to raise more than $120,000 in donations and new pledges simply by asking past donors to help revitalize the Foundation. (This represented a more than 700% increase from overall giving levels of past years! This amount meant that the Foundation did not need to spend the endowment principal, but the structural open the conversation on what the Foundation has been able to accomplish and what is needed to sustain it. It will also allow each of you to participate meaningfully in success stories such as those presented at the beginning of this article. Here are examples of recent initiatives that you can help support in the long-term: Tripling the number of Young Leader Professional Development Awards Adding an Early Career Faculty Fellow Award Increasing the number of seats in the Emerging Leaders Alliance Creating the inaugural Ellen Swallow Richards Diversity Award Big or small, pledge or donation, we need your generosity to continue the great TMS Foundation Board of Trustees Robert H. Wagoner Board of Trustees Chair Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University Hani Henein 2014 TMS President Foundation Trustee Professor, University of Alberta Elizabeth A. Holm TMS Past President Foundation Trustee Professor, Carnegie Mellon University Robert W. Hyers TMS Financial Planning Officer Foundation Trustee Chief Technology Officer, Boston Electrometallurgical Corporation Alexander Scott Foundation Trustee Emeritus TMS Executive Director

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TMS Foundation: growth through giving, JOM, 2014, 2192-2193, DOI: 10.1007/s11837-014-1167-9