JOM 2014 Editorial Calendar

JOM, Dec 2013

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JOM 2014 Editorial Calendar

Aluminum: Bauxite-Alumina- Carbon Reduction Aluminum: Cast Shop Alloys Polymer Metal-Matrix Composites Multi-Scale Modeling: Concurrent Hierarchical Methods Aluminum: Shaping Forming Algorithm Development in Computational Materials Materials in Nuclear Waste Disposal THEME: METALS AND ALLOYS THEME: PHYSICAL METALLURGY Optimization of Metallurgical Reactors using Mathematical and Physical Modeling Critical Metals Hydrometallurgy Modeling and Simulation of Metallurgical Processes Low-Density Steels - Microstructural Patterning during Phase Transformations THEME: MATERIALS AND PROCESSING Advances in Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage Technologies Powder Materials in Defense, Energy and Security Systems THEME: MODELING Multiscale Perspective of Interface-Related Mechanics of Nanocomposites Progress with Lead-Free Solders THEME: ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT THEME: EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING Energy Saving Technologies in the Mining & Metallurgical Industry Multi-Objective Optimization for Materials Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications Advances in Surface Engineering Materials ICME and Modeling of Titanium Alloys Multiscale Approaches to Hydrogen-Assisted Degradation of Metals Manuscripts Deadline: March 1, 2014 Manuscripts Deadline: April 1, 2014 Manuscripts Deadline: May 1, 2014 Multiscale Mechanical Behavior THEME: MATERIALS FOR EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS Radiation Effects Long Term in Oxide Ceramics Stability of Highand Novel Temperature LWR Fuels Materials Long-Term Durability of High-Temperature Alloys Manuscripts Deadline: September 1, 2014 JOM 2014 Advisors and Committees Michael Gao Sinn-wen Chen Alloy Phases Committee Alton Tabereaux Aluminum Committee John Nychka Biomaterials Committee Mark Asta Chemistry and Physics of Materials Committee Tomoko Sano; Nikhil Gupta Composite Materials Committee Balasubramaniam Radhakrishnan; Jonathan Zimmerman, Adrian Sabau, Mohsen Asle Zaeem, Mark Tschopp, and Douglas Spearot Computational Materials Science and Engineering Committee Vilupanur A. Ravi Corrosion & Environmental Effects Committee Srini Chada Electronic Packaging & Interconnection Materials Committee Cong Wang Energy Committee Xiaochuan Lu Energy Conversion and Storage Committee Tim Gabb and Chantal Sudbrack High Temperature Alloys Committee Harald Oosterhof Hydrometallurgy & Electrometallurgy Committee Nitin Chopra ICME Committee Alok Singh and James Saal Magnesium Committee Thomas Woodcock Magnetic Materials Committee Shadia Jamil Ikhmayies Materials Characterization Committee Brad Boyce, advisor; Saryu Fensin, guest editor Mechanical Behavior of Materials Committee Terry Xu and Jung-Kun Lee Nanomaterials Committee Jian Wang Nanomechanical Materials Behavior Committee Raul Rebak Nuclear Materials Committee Yunzhi Wang, advisor; Paul Gibbs, guest editor; Seth Imhoff, guest editor Phase Transformations Committee Fernand Marquis Powder Materials Committee Lifeng Zhang Process Technology & Modeling Committee Phil Mackey and Zhiwei Peng Pyrometallurgy Committee Gabrielle Gaustad Recycling & Environmental Technologies Committee Ridwan Sakidja Refractory Metals Committee John Carsley Shaping & Forming Committee Andr Phillion Solidification Committee Sandip Harimkar Surface Engineering Committee Roger Narayan Thin Films & Interfaces Committee William Joost Titanium Committee HOW TO SUBMIT A PAPER TO JOM Research Summary: Applied Technology: Testing and Analysis: Nontechnical Feature: Conference Reviews: Industrial Insight: Archaeotechnology:

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JOM 2014 Editorial Calendar, JOM, 2013, 1656-1657, DOI: 10.1007/s11837-013-0817-7