Faces of the Future

JOM, Feb 2013

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Faces of the Future

While many other awards solely recognize past accomplishments 0 1 2 3 the TMS Early Career Faculty Fellow (ECFF) program has a decided focus on the future. With its stated goal of broadening the society's technical 0 1 2 3 The Early Career 0 1 2 3 Faculty Fellowship 0 1 2 3 closely into TMS- 0 1 2 3 0 at an academic institution , the award 1 Nominations are being accepted through April 1 for the 2014 Early Career Faculty Fellow. This year will mark an expansion of the program to support two Fellows. uals employed in 2 -Michael J. Demkowicz, Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (ECFF 2012) 3 -Alejandro Strachan, Associate Professor of Materials Engineering, Purdue University (ECFF 2009) NOMINATE THE NEXT EARLY CAREER FACULTY FELLOW - doors that promising young faculty for emerging within TMS and materials science and engineering (MSE) as a whole. Starting a career as a young faculty member these days is not an easy task, ees of the TMS Foundation, which funds the ECFF program. The Early Career Faculty Fellow Award is aimed sition. The award requirements, such rial Luncheon Lecture and organizing working that will assist young faculty interest, biomaterials. Roeder chaired posium in 2008 as a requirement of the award, and then chaired it again professional accomplishment while also 2007, said able through the award enabled ings, making a brief presentation at the For information and access to the nomination form, go to http://www.tms .org/Society/TMSawards.aspx. in 2009. TMS has been historically rooted in traditional engineering ma the ECFF,) I was able to work with others to promote the growth of bio materials programming within the society. I feel that my most important contribution to organizing the sympo sium was initiating a student poster contest to increase student enthusiasm Long after his obligations as an state of biomaterials programming within TMS was able to grow sub stantially during these years due to support from the society and many Roeder, an associate professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the Uni recognition of being an ECFF has also helped contribute to his own growth as a professional. One cannot know for Winning this award has greatly expanded my network in the professional community. It is an excellent opportunity for young professionals. Xingbo Liu, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, West Virginia University (ECFF 2010) can say that this recognition was fol boards, and other programming ini certainly preceded my own promo K a t s u y o Thornton, as sociate profes sor of Materials Science and En gineering at the Michigan, fol lowed a similar being named the ECFF in 2008. The Early Career Faculty Fellow Award It enabled me to network with top materials scientists and engineers with whom I could share my passion in computational materials science and engineering. The discussions to my participation in the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering TMS ICME technical committeeI SPOTLIGHT ON YOUNG PROFESSIONAL OPPORUTNITIIES: AIME Robert Lansing Hardy Award Another TMS award opportunity careers of young professionals is the Winners are selected based on their ex ceptional promise of a successful career, their 35th birthdays by December 31 of the year in which the initial nomination is made, and unlike the ECFF, they must be members of TMS. The award also highlights young professionals making ments in metallurgy and materials sci ence, including minerals processing, lurgy, and metal processing. Established within its roster of winners. Nomina cepted until April 1. For information and access to the nomination form, go to http://www.tms .org/Society/TMSawards.aspx. the ICME Committee, Thornton was pleased to see it grow to more than 60 on education, programming, and cy berinfrastructure. The committee is A few ICME Committee members thank Katsuyo Thornton (ECFF 2008) for her service as inaugural chair at the TMS 2012 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (left to right): David Howe, George Schmitz, George Spanos, Paul Mason, Carrie Campbell, Thornton, Peter Collins, Laura Bartolo, Mark Tschopp, Greg Olson, and Neeraj S. Thirumalai. Like Roeder, Thornton found the award requirement to organize a sym posium in her area of interest particu synergies of experimental and com putational materials science. It was a great experience, and we are running she said. These and other experiences originating from the ECFF program, she noted, helped me establish my ECFF program has brought to both the MEET THE 2013 EARLY CAREER FACULTY FELLOW Julia Greer, the 2013 TMS Early Career Faculty Fellow and assistant professor, Materials Science and Me chanics, California Institute of Technol ogy, will present Luncheon Lecture on March 5 at The TMS 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibi working in a world where career, fami ly, and personal pursuits simultaneously require 100 percent of ones attention. light the consequences of neglecting to two little girls, trying to set up a work/ life balance has been more challenging that spending quality time with my chil dren makes me a better scientist, and in award winners and the TMS organiza lows a year instead of one, starting in 2014. (See sidebar: Nominate the health of the society. We look to this Diana Lados, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering, Worces ECFF, also applauds the program as a conduit for presenting fresh and community. Lados explained that the sustainable materials design and man ufacturing by merging fundamental materials processing knowledge with materials performance and reliabil The contacts I developed through receiving this award enhanced the impact of my teams work of making simulation tools available to the MSE community via the National Science Foundations nanoHUB.org. Being named the ECFF in 2011 provided Diana Lados with opportunities to share her work and passion for materials design integration with a wide audience. she said. This enabled me to intro duce and discuss these concepts in a broader context and disseminate the said that her initial symposium was tee has endorsed it as a regular TMS will facilitate enhanced communica within the MSE community in the

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