TMS2013 142nd Annual Meeting & Exihibition

JOM, Dec 2012

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TMS2013 142nd Annual Meeting & Exihibition

0 Robert D. Shull, NIST Fellow & Group Leader, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): For extraordi- nary technical accomplishments in the 1 George Rusty Gray, Laboratory Fel- low, Los Alamos National Laboratory: For innovative science and engineering 2 Smith, Charles E., Petroleum Research, Canada Sorensen, Dan, United States Stan, Marius, Argonne National Laboratory, United States Statum, Jobe N., United States Tan, Ming Jen, Nanyang Technological University , Singapore Tayebianpour, Afshin , United States Thacker, Emma L., EnerSys , United States Uhlenwinkel, Volker , University of Bremen , Germany Wu, Erdong , Chinese Academy of Sciences , China Wu, Xin , Wayne State University, United States Yunus , Lucya , Australia An exceptionally strong technical program, featuring 330 sessions built from more than 3,000 abstract submissions, forms the foundation of the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting & - Exhibition (TMS2013.) However, ence, TMS2013 has been designed by TMS members to enable exploration of ideas across disciplines and professional experiences, as well inareas. New details are being released continually on special events, activities, and programs intended to expand TMS2013 attendee opportunities for knowledge exchange and professional development. A few of these, available at press time, are summarized in the following pages. For current updates and registration information, go to the TMS2013 website at http :// CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2013 TMS HONORS AND AWARD RECIPIENTS Please join TMS and its divisions in congratulating the following members who will be honored for their achievements and professional contributions at the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (TMS2013). Many of these individuals will be recognized at the 2013 TMS-AIME Honors and Awards Banquet, highlighted by a special awards presentation in the elegant Lila Cockrell Theatre, followed by a red carpet escort to the banquet setting in the Grand Hyatt San Antonio. Pre-registration is required for this event, scheduled for Tuesday, March 5, and starting with a reception at 6 p.m. To learn more about the awards presented in this article or to nominate a colleague for an award, please visit the TMS Professional Recognition home page at /TMSawards.aspx. Nominations for the 2014 awardsmost of them supported by the TMS Foundationare due April 1. SOCIETY AWARDS FellowClass of 2013: The class of Fellow is the highest honor bestowed by TMS. To be inducted, a candidate must be recognized as an eminent authority and contributor within the consideration for outstanding service to the Society. The maximum number of living Fellows cannot exceed 100. dynamic behavior of materials. I am honored to receive this high honor from TMS, said Gray. I am grateful to all my research colleagues, post-docs, and students without whom my research would not have prospered and grown over the past three decades. I am proud to be a member of and volunteer for TMS. TMS has been of tremendous value to my professional career and a source of countless inspiring professional and private interactions. and support of the community through professional and educational leadership. Said Shull, I cannot think of any other award (other than a Nobel Prize, of Robert D. Shull course) that means more to me! TMS has been my principal professional society throughout my career. To be recognized by my colleagues this way is very special, espeTMSs constituency. I am humbled when I look at the wonderful people who already constitute the group of TMS Fellows that I will be joining. David J. Srolovitz, Joseph Bordogna Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania: For global leadership in theoretical and computational materials science and groundbreaking and seminal contributions to fundamental understanding of surface and grain boundary phenomena. TMS David J. Srolovitz joined as a graduate student, and I have continued to be an active member ever since, said Srolovitz. TMS is the society that best describes how I think about my in TMS and to be considered a part of this outstanding class of TMS Fellows. REWAS 2013 Plenary Provides Context for Realizing Sustainability The goal of achieving global susgroup of countries, industries, or sectors of society. Every potential stakeholder in this future must address their own unique set of challenges to contribute solutions, while also of their actions on the environment, economy, and social well-being. Materials resource sustainability is the common thread weaving together many of these ideas and initiatives. Examining important intersections in key sustainability-relevant areas is the focus of the REWAS 2013 plenary session, Realizing Sustainability, set for March 4 at 2 p.m. in the Lila Cockrell Theater of the San Antonio Convention Center during the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting and Exhibition. Headlining the plenary is Daniel Sperling, professor of Civil Engineering and E n v i r o n m e n t a l Science and Policy, and founding director of the Institute of Daniel Sperling Tr a n s p o r t a t i o n Peter W. Voorhees, Professor, Northwestern University: For seminal studies on the thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformations. I have been a member of TMS since graduate school and have attended TMS meetings regularly since then. TMS has played a critical role in the development of my career through the highquality meetings that it sponsors and the Peter W. Voorhees many committees on which I have served. I am grateful for the many contributions of my students, postdocs and colleagues to my work and the support of my family. I am honored and very grateful to be named Fellow of TMS, said Voorhees. Alexander Scott Distinguished Service Award: Recognizing a members outstanding contributions to TMS, this award is typically presented for 10 or more years of TMS service in membership development, student chapters, education and professional affairs, and/or other society-level activities. Ray Peterson, Technology Director, Aleris International Incorporated: For outstanding service in expanding TMSs reach by working with other organizations and leadership in organizing multiple materials conferences. Based on the personal and professional knowledge I have gained through my association with TMS, along with the amount of enjoyment I have received working with the many in Ray Peterson teresting TMS members over the years, I almost feel I should be giving an award to TMS, said Peterson. It is a great honor to receive the Alexander Scott Distinguished Service Award. Application to Practice Award: Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in transferring research Studies at the University of California, Davis. With numerous accolades for his work in alternative transportation fuels and clean transportation policy, Sperling has served as the author or editor of 200+ papers and reports and 12 books, has served on 13 National Academies committees, recently chaired the Future of Mobility committee of the (Davos) World Economic Forum, and was a lead author on the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. He has also widely shared his insights in sustainable transporpublic, and has been featured on Jon Stewarts The Daily Show and NaTimothy P. Weihs, Professor, Johns Hopkins University: For commercializing reactive multilayer foils with requisite sustainable economics, and for inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. I am thrilled to receive the 2013 TMS Application to Practice Award, Weihs said. As a materials scientist and engineer, I strive Timothy P. Weihs control the behavior of materials and the more practical issue that control their use and implementation. I feel particularly honored to receive this award and also feel lucky to be part of the TMS community. TMS offers an ability to explore both ends of the materials development processthe science and the application offering a valuable service to its members. I look forward to celebrating with the other award recipients at the annual meeting. Brimacombe Medalist: The intent of this award is to recognize professionals in the middle portions of their careers. It is presented to individuals with sustained excellence and achievement in business, technology, education, public policy, or science related to materials science and engineering. Ellen K. Cerreta, Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory: For elucidating microstructures and substractural evolution mechanisms for mechanical properties and damage processes in dynamically loaded metals, while providing sustained service to TMS. Said Cerreta, I joined TMS as a graduate student in 1997. For me, TMS has been Ellen K. Cerreta a home, not only for learning and sharing technical work, but also for networking and mentoring. I have received technical direction through presenting work at TMS meetings, as well as established collaborations that I value highly. These aspects of my experience with TMS, along with the many tional Public Radio, while also publishing opinion editorials in the New York Times, Washington Post, and LA Times. Joining Sperling as REWAS 2013 plenary speakers are: Bill Bader of the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI), who will share how iNEMI has successfully used a holistic assessment of roadmap challenges and gaps in electronics sustainability. He will also provide an in-depth examination of pre-competitive collaboration opportunities in the areas of materials, eco-design, and recycling and reuse. His talk will inthe 2013 iNEMI technology roadmap. Todd DiNoia, technical director, Habitat R&D, Saint-Gobain Northboro Research & Development Center, who will discuss sustainable approaches to advanced materials development for the built environment, presenting examples of new construction products and their impact on sustainability in the context of energy, environment, health and comfort in buildings. S. Julio Friedmann, program leader, Carbon Management, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) who will speak on Realizing Sustainable Production and Storage. At LLNL, Friedmann leads initiatives and research into carbon capture, carbon storage, and fossil fuel recovery and utilization. He is principal coauthor on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Future of Coal Energy report, the National Petroleum Council report, Facing Hard Truths, and the World Resources Institute CCS Guidelines report. Jung-Kuei Brian Chang friendships that I have made as a result of my involvement, have had a huge impact on my research and my career. Nikhilesh Chawla, Professor, Arizona State University: For distinguished contributions in the area of mechanical behavior and long-standing service to TMS and the materials community. It is a tremendous honor to accept the Brimacombe Medal of TMS, said Chawla. Keith Brimacombe was a visionary metallurgist and teacher. To receive this award named after him is Nikhilesh Chawla indeed humbling. TMS has been a part of my professional career since my undergraduate years. Im truly thankful to the society and my colleagues for this award. Joy H. Forsmark, Technical Expert, Light Cast Metals, Ford Motor Company: For energetic and effective leadership within TMS and for development and implementation of advanced technologies for automotive castings. TMS has had a reer. I consider it to be my home society Joy H. Forsmark research because TMS is at the forefront of many of the materials technologies that interest me, said Forsmark. TMS has helped further my professional growth through all the leadership opportunities I have been afforded throughout my association with this society. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a wonderful society through interactions with its great staff and my fellow volunteers and I very much appreciate this recognition. Alan A. Luo, Technical Fellow, General Motors Corporation: For his outstanding contributions to the research of lightweight magnesium and aluminum alloys from computational alloy design to automotive applications, and for leadership in TMS, including technical committees, the Light Metals Division, and TMS programming and publication committees. Its a great honor to receive the prestigious Brimacombe Medalist Award from TMS. I am very grateful to TMS and many of my colleagues for recognizing my professional accomplishments and continuing service to TMS and the materials community, said Luo. I have been attending TMS conferences my involvement with TMS. Its truly rewarding! Bruce Chalmers Award: This award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the science and/or technology of materials processing. Sindo Kou, Professor, University of Wisconsin: For outstanding contributions to materials processing in advancing the understanding and control of cracking, segregation, and transport phenomena during welding, casting, and crystal growth. Said Kou, I am grateful to the Bruce Chalmers Award nomination committee and TMS for recognizing my contributions to the science and technology of materials processing in the areas of welding, casting, and semiconductor bulk crystal growth, Sindo Kou which have focused on transport pheprinciples and their applications have always been pursued with much more enthusiasm and in much greater detail than any other professional societies of which I am aware. I am proud to be a TMS member. AIME Champion H. Mathewson Award: Awarded to an author(s) of a paper or series of closely related papers which represents the most notable contribution to metallurgical science during the period under review. er at press time is Helga Vanthournout from McKinsey & Company and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. She will discuss the circular economy concept, based on recycling and reuse of materials to provide valuable inputs to other processes. A recent report by the MacArthur Foundation examined the economic and business rationale for an accelerated transition toward this economic model. The plenary will set the stage for the weeks remaining REWAS 2013 sessions focused on enabling susSystems Modeling and Design; Recycling and End-of-Pipe Solutions; Metal Production; Process Design, Modeling, and Simulation; Life Cycle Management, Life Cycle Analysis, and Industrial Ecology; Physics of Metals and Materials Processing; and Education and Consumer Awareness. For updates on the REWAS 2013 plenary and programming, visit the TMS2013 website at http://www /techprog.aspx. Support the Future of MSE at the TMS Foundation Booth Find out how the TMS Foundation is building the materials science and engineering (MSE) profession while also making a difference in the world. Jung-Kuei Brian Chang, Deputy Director, Chung Hsin Electric & Machinery Manufacturing Corporation; Eric M. Taleff, Professor, University of Texas; Paul E. Krajewski, Engineering Group Manager, General Motors Corporation: Effect of Microstructure on Cavitation during Hot Deformation of a Fine-Grained Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy as Revealed through Three-Dimensional Characterization. Said Taleff, We are extremely honored to accept this award as a team of investigators from industry and academia. The collaborative research and close-knit teamwork that produced this paper brought us both joy and rewarding professional growth. By applying advanced experimental tools for three-dimensional microstructure characterization, this paper TMS in supporting unique industry-academia interactions that are critical to answering many of todays most important questions. Cyril Stanley Smith Award: Recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the science and/or technology of materials structure. Leonid Bendersky, Metallurgist, NIST: For his use of transmission electron microscopy which unraveled complex and interwoven microstructural patterns of multiphase and multicomponent materials formed by Metallurgy Division at NIST, I have had the Leonid Bendersky opportunity to study a large variety of materials and problems with a focus on understanding microstructures and how they form. TMS has provided a most important forum for the presentation of my research and the exchange of ideas, said Bendersky The Cyril Smith award has a special meaning to me: My appreciation of the importance of knowing even minute details tion (and friendship) with John Cahn, who was directly mentored by Cyril SmithI always considered Cyril Smith as my own distant mentor. Also, I deeply share Cyril Smiths aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment that the microworld provides to attentive observers. It is enormously gratifying to receive the Cyril Smith award for outstanding contributions to the science and/or technology of materials structure. Early Career Faculty Fellow Award: Honors an assistant professor for accomplishments that have advanced the academic institution where employed, and recognizes his or her abilities to Julia R. Greer, Assistant Professor, California Institute of Technology: To me, this award embodies the values of genumuch like those of TMS itselfwhich so perfectly resonate with my own. I have been an active member of the TMS since my graduate student days, and I still very much look forward to the conferences and Julia R. Greer to the meaningful interactions with colleagues and collaborators at those conferences. TMS is the one special society where being active and being genuinely involved gets rewarded by awards such as this one. Educator Award: Recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to education in metallurgical engineering and/or materials science and engineering. Marc A. Meyers, Professor, University of California: For his teaching of materials science and engineering to many thousands of students, U.S. and worldwide, mechanical behavior of materials. Institute of Metals Lecturer & Robert Franklin Mehl Award: lected to present a lecture at the TMS Annual Meeting. Horst Hahn, Executive Director, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: For stateof-the-art development of the science and technology of nanostructured metals and non-metals and successful transfer to industrial use both in North America and Europe. I see this award as a recognition of materials, which I started when working in Stop by the TMS Foundation booth, located as part of the Member Welcome Center at the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting and Exhibition for information on scholarships and awards, initiatives supporting the development and support of young professionals, and programs that are making an impact on global sustainability and social well-being. To give members a chance to be part of these and other worthy Foundation causes, the TMS Foundation is once again offering a Premium Item Donation Program that runs through April 15. Premium items, with their correlating donation amounts, include: $10: TMS Foundation pin $25: Element coffee mug, available for Ti, Mg, Al, and Cu $350: Kindle Fire HD 32 GB & WiFi $550: iPad Mini 32GB & WiFi $650: iPad2 32GB & WiFi Charitable donation vouchers will ible amount of the premiums. For additional information on the TMS Foundation, go to /Foundation/tfhome.aspx. Maurits Van Camp Delivers EPD/MPMD Luncheon Lecture Maurits Van Camp, director of the Recycling & Extraction Technologies Platform at Umicore Group Research and Development, has been selected to give the TMS Extraction & Pro Maurits Van Camp cessing Division (EPD)/Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division (MPMD) joint the U.S. for eight years, said Hahn. I was always glad to see that our original research at Argonne National Laboratory, University of Illinois, and Rutgers University spread throughout many research institutions in the U.S. and other countries. This prestigious award recognizes these efforts which have led to many basic research projects and also to commercialization. As a recipient of the Robert Franklin Mehl Award from a foreign country, I feel honored Leadership Award: Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the national and international Julie A. Christodoulou, Director, Naval search: For an exceptionally talented and accomplished national and international leader. Morris Cohen Award: Recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the science and/or technology of materials properties. Gregory B. Olson, Walter P. Murphy Professor, Northwestern University: For a long and highly successful collaboration with Morris Cohen and for carrying the torch to new heights of computer-aided design of materials. It is a very special and personal privilege to accept this award honoring the giant on whose shoulders I stand, said Olson. AIME Robert Lansing Hardy Award: Recognizes outstanding promise for a allurgy and materials science by a professional under the age of 35. Markus J. Buehler, Associate Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology:For innovative work in computational materials science of biological, bio-inspired, and synthetic materials, focused on mechanical properties and in particular, deformation and failure. I feel humbled and very honored to be selected for this extremely prestigious award, said Buehler. It is particularly meaningful since it is given by TMS, a society that I highly respect and value. As a proud member, I am looking forward to actively contributing to TMS and its goals in many ways in the future. I deeply appreciate the support from my nominators, and am immensely thankful to them for the mentoring they have provided over the years. Also, I am deeply grateful to my students and postdocs, whose dedication to materials science and hard work made this achievement possible. Shri Ram Arora Award for Materials Science and Engineering Education: Presented to a graduate or post-graduate student under the age of 30 who is actively engaged in materials research. Sumit Goenka, Graduate Student, Carnegie Mellon University: Shri Ram Arora recognizes young researchers in the Receiving this prestigious award and attending TMS2013 provides me a platform to interact with researchers and people working in similar areas, said Goenka. Sumit Goenka This is a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and collaborate with faculties having similar interests. Vittorio de Nora Prize for Environmental Improvements in Metallurgical Industries: Recognizes outstanding materials science research and development contributions to the reduction of environmental impacts as applied in global metallurgical industries, with a particular focus on extractive processing. Leon Prentice, cess Science and Engineering: The Vitrepresenting acknowledgement of impact in environmental improvements, as well as being an encouragement and impetus to continue the work. The main reason I work in process engineering research is to see new processes make a differenceminimizing environmental impacts, improving sustainability and safety, and also achieving commercial success. My TMS membership keeps me connected with leading continue to connect and make a difference, wherever we are in William Hume-Rothery Award: This award recognizes a contributions to the science of alloys by inviting him/her to be an honored presenter at the William Hume-Rothery Memorial Symposium. Alex Zunger, search, University of Colorado: For his foundational contributions to establishing AIME Honorary Membership: This is awarded in appreciation of outstandembracing the activities of AIME and its member societies. Bhakta B. Rath, Associate Director of ratory: For outstanding contributions in materials science and engineering and for leadership in advancing research and technology in physical sciences and engineering to support national security. Acta Materialia Inc. Materials & Society Award (formerly the J. Herbert Hollomon Award): Recognizes outstanding contributions to understanding the relationship between materials technology and society, and/or contributions luncheon lecture on Tuesday, March 5 at noon at the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting and Exhibition (TMS2013). Van Camp will speak on the topic, Sustainability: A Paradigm Shift for Metals, drawing on his considerable experience in pursuing breakthrough developments for closing the loop for non-ferrous metals. Strategies that Umicore has employed to overcome metallurgical challenges inherent in the pursuit of sustainable solutions will be presented as part of his talk. Please note that tickets are required for this event. For information, visit the Special Lectures section of the TMS2013 website at http://www.tms .org/tms2013. Dont Miss These TMS2013 Highlights Implications for Material Sciences Jeffrey Wadsworth, chief execuMemorial Institute, previews his keynote address for the Acta Materialia Materials and Society Award Special Symposium: Global R&D Trends Implications for Material Sciences in a video posted at http://www.tms. org/meetings/annual-13/AM13spotlightSessionsGlobal.aspx#JWVideo. Wadsworth, the 2013 winner of the prestigious award, will present The Evolving R&D Model: International Trends and U.S. Competitiveness. The symposium will take place on Tuesday, March 5 at 2 p.m. in the Lila Cockrell Theater, San Antonio Convention Center. Light Metals Division Luncheon John Mitchell, president, North America, Rockwood Lithium, has to materials technology that have had a major impact on society. Jeffrey Wadsworth, Battelle Memorial Institute: It is a great honor to receive this award, said Wadsworth. Equally important, it reminds me of how fortunate I have been in my career to have had wonderful mentors and colleagues. J.K. Brimacombe Prize: Awarded every two years, this award recognizes outstanding achievements in materials process engineering. Jonathan A. Dantzig, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign DIVISION AWARDS Electronic, Magnetic & Photonic Materials Division (EMPMD) Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes an individual whose continuous service to the TMS Electronic, Magnetic & Photonic Materials Division has clearly facilitated the societys capability to serve its electronic, magnetic, and photonic materials-oriented members and their supporting organizations. Jeffrey J. Hoyt, Professor, McMaster University: For his continued and outstanding service to TMS. He sets an excellent example for all TMS volunteers by serving willingly, frequently, and with great humor and attitude. To be recognized by my colleagues as the recipient of the TMS-EMPMD Distinguished Service Award is truly an honor, said Jeffrey J. Hoyt Hoyt. TMS and EMPMD are recognized worldwide as the leaders in providing an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas and publicizing exciting new developments in able to contribute to its continuing success. EMPMD Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award: Recognizes an individual for research excellence in one or more areas related to electronic, magnetic, and photonic materials science. ADDITIONAL AWARDS been announced as speaker for the Light Metals Division Luncheon on March 6 at noon. Tickets are required for this event. For additional information, visit the Special Lectures section of the TMS2013 website at http://www.tms. org/tms2013. TMS2013 attendees will have an opportunity to learn about progress being made on the TMS ICME Implementation study during a scheduled presentation. The talk will touch on major themes emerging from the study group meetings, as well as some discussion on integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) within various industrial sectors. Visit the TMS2013 website New Young Professional Event TMS professional members age 40 and under are encouraged to attend the Young Professional Happy Hour Reception on Wednesday, March 6 at 6 p.m. The new event provides early career professionals with an opportunity to network with more seasoned colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. Materials Innovation Plenary Learn from success stories presented by industry leaders at this years Materials Innovation Plenary, Innovation in Materials & Manufacturing. The event will take place on Wednesday, March 6, at 2 p.m. Check the TMS2013 website for details on the presenters and their topics. The plenary is sponsored by the TMS Materials Innovation Committee. nologies: For outstanding service to the Extraction & Processing Division Mark D. Asta, Professor, University of California: For his pioneering use of atomistic simulation to understand thermodynamics, kinetics, and phase equilibria in materials. John Bardeen Award: Recognizes an individual who has King-Ning Tu, Distinguished Professor, University of California: tion of semiconductors and his noteworthy contribution in electronic packaging and the reliability of electronic devices. Said Tu, I am delighted to have been chosen for the 2013 John Bardeen award. I teach a course on diffusion at UCLA. On vacancy mechanism of diffusion, there is a correlation factor introduced by Bardeen to modify random walk due to reverse jumps. When Bardeen co-invented the transistor, he understood the importance of dopant diffusion in p-n junction formation and, in turn, the importance of materials science and engineering in microelectronics. Extraction & Processing (EPD) Distinguished Lecture Award: of the extraction and processing of nonferrous metals with an invitation to present a comprehensive lecture at the TMS Annual Meeting. Donald R. Sadoway, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: [Winning this award represents] validation of the work of my students and staff, gratitude to my sponsors, and honor to my institution, said Sadoway. TMS membership [provides a] forum for interaction with people who share EPD Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding long-term service to industries served by the TMS Extraction & Processing Division by consistently providing technical and/or operating knowledge that enhanced the industrys competitiveness. Adam C. Powell IV, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Ofhas been a pleasure to participate in the programming, publications, and most recently, visioning and goal-setting functions of TMS, and EPD in particular, said Powell. I was very pleasantly surprised Adam C. Powell IV when the Energy Committee chair, Cindy Belt, nominated me for this award. With so many people doing so much to advance the goals of TMS, it is even more pleasantly surprising to be selected for this award. I am truly honored. tion and processing of nonferrous metals. Peter Hayes, Professor, University of Queensland: Stability Criteria for Product Microstructures Formed on Gaseous Reduction of Solid Metal Oxides. I greatly value the recognition provided by the TMS-EPD Science Award since it value of my contribution to the fundamental science underpinning metallurgical Peter Hayes systems. This is the third time I have received this honor for publications appearing in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B, which I regard as the leading journal the test of time and will prove useful to those who follow with further investigations of these systems, Hayes said. EPD Technology Award: Recognizes a paper containing notable contributions to the advancement of technology related to the extraction and processing of nonferrous metals. Elizabeth Sterling, Ph.D. Candidate, University of British Columbia; Jonathan Stolk, Professor, Olin College of Engineering; Lauren Hafford, Materials Engineer, Vestas; Michael Gross, Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bucknell University: Sodium Borohydride Reduction of Aqueous Silver-Iron-Nickel Solutions: a Chemical Route to Synthesis of Federal Funding Workshop Sponsored by the TMS Public & Governmental Affairs Committee, the 2013 Federal Funding workshop supports on key funding opportunities focused on accelerating materials innovation processes. This year's session will take place on Wednesday, March 6, immediately following the Materials Innovation Plenary. New Twist on Annual Meeting of the Membership perience a totally new approach to the Annual Meeting of the Membership on Sunday, March 3, from 7 to 8 p.m. Designed to engage all levels of will host a special Networking Meeting of the Membership Reception that will offer light refreshments in an informal and relaxed setting to discuss TMS highlights. from the previous year, as well as future directions. Online Toolkit Helps Make the Case to Attend TMS2013 Join your TMS colleagues to exorganizations tighten their travel budgets, making the case for conference attendance is becomtists and engineers. Thats why TMS which assembles all of the resources youll need to convince your supervisor of the value of attending TMS2013, including a letter that you can personalize and submit to request travel and registration funding. visit the TMS2013 website at http :// . Low Thermal ExpansionHigh Conductivity Ag-Invar Alloys. Said Stolk, It is quite an honor to receive this TMS-EPD Technology Award. For me, the greatest value in this award lies in its impact on the next generation of materials engineers. Although I set the original research direction for the silver-invar project, the experimentation and analyses were conducted entirely by undergraduate engineering students at Bucknell University and Olin College. This, to me, demonstrates the potential for undergraduates to conduct high-level technical research when they are provided with a supportive environment. Light Metals Division (LMD) Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes an individual whose continuous service to the TMS Light Metals Division has clearly facilitated the societys capability to serve its light metals-oriented members and their supporting organizations. Jomar T. Thonstad, Professor Emeritus, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: For his distinguished service to the technical community and to aluminum reduction technolog.y LMD Technology Award: Recognizes an individual who has demonstrated outstanding long-term service to the light metals industry by consistently providing technical and/or operating knowledge that has enhanced the competitiveness of the industry. Dmitry G. Eskin, : It is a great honor for me to be a recipient of the TMS Light Metals Technology Award, said Eskin. TMS gives the unique opportunity to communicate the results of research to a large and dedicated community of scientists, engineers and industrialists. Dmitry G Eskin I have a very satisfying feeling, receiving this award, that my research is recognized and well received by the light metals community. Light Metals Award: Awarded to the author(s) of a paper presented in the preceding year in a Light Metals Division sponsored tion of a practical problem. Andrey V. Panov, Technology Center; Gennadiy Klimentenok, United ComGennady Podgorodetsky, Department Head, National University of Science & Technology; Vladislav Gorbunov, National University of Science & Technology: Directions for Large Scale Utilization of Bauxite Residue. Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division (MPMD) Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes an individual whose dedication and commitment to the Materials Processing & Manufacturing Division has made a demonstrable difference to the objectives and capabilities of the division and TMS. Thomas R. Bieler, Professor, Michigan State University: For distinguished services as evidenced by exceptional contributions to the MPMD Council and numerous TMS committees and the organization of many outstanding topical symposia. TMS membership has been a very important part of my professional life and success, said Bieler. I have Thomas R. Bieler greatly appreciated the chance to participate in programming and the opportunities to meet and get to know others doing related work. I believe that being active in programming is a win-win opportunity for younger scientists and TMS, as this brings young energy into a mentored setting that builds relationships of mutual respect, synergy, and leadership skill development. MPMD Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award: Recognizes an individual who has made a long-lasting contribution to the design, syntheses, processing, and perforprocessing and properties of engineering alloys. This award many others have a large part of the success that these awards Special Information Session Scheduled on Congressional Science and Engineering Program TMS, in partnership with the Materials Research Society (MRS), offers exciting opportunities to become icy by spending a year as a special legislative assistant in the United States Congress in Washington, D.C. through the TMS/MRS Congressional Science & Engineering Fellow program. Find out how you can apply and what you can expect as a TMS/MRS Congressional Fellow at a special information session scheduled for the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting and Exhibition (TMS2013) on Monday, March 4 at 8 p.m. Andrew (Drew) Steigerwald, the 20122013 TMS/ MRS Congressional Fellow, will talk ships and the importance of having scientists and engineers involved in policy development. Steigerwald's of Senator Sherrod Brown. He works directly with legislative staff on energy, m a n u f a c t u r i n g , and tax policy, and helps develop ideas and Andrew (Drew) strategies to im Steigerwald plement different policies in the upcoming Congress. There will be ample opportunity for questions and discussion during this session. The American Association for the Advancement of Science Congressional Science and Engineering Fellows Program is operated as a cooperative effort of approximately ing societies TMS/MRS Congressional Fellows serve at all stages of their careers and are chosen through a competitive selection process. For additional information, contact Mary Samsa, TMS Professional Development Specialist, at . Plan now to purchase one or more books in the Essential Readings in Light Metals collection during the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting & Exhibition at the John Wiley & Sons booth. Edited by leading authorities in the aluminum production and related light metals technologies, the four tial papers drawn from more than 40 years of scholarship presented in the TMS Light Metals conference proceedings. The volume topics and editors are: Alumina and Bauxite, Don Donaldson and Benny Raahauge; Aluminum Reduction Technology, Geoff Bearne, Marc Dupuis, and Gary Tarcy; Cast Shop for Aluminum Production, John Electrode Technology for Aluminum Production, Alan Tomsett and John Johnson. Essential Readings in Light Metals can also be purchased directly through the Wiley website at www. TMS members should log on to the TMS Members Only home page to access their 25 percent discount code for Wiley publications. represent. I am especially grateful to the dozen or so close collaborators and graduate students with skills different from mine, which we have been able to leverage together to discover many interesting physical metallurgy mechanisms and related phenomena, said Bieler. Structural Materials Division (SMD) Distinguished Service Award: Recognizes an individual whose dedication and commitment to the Structural Materials Division has made a demonstrable difference to the objectives and capabilities of the division and the society. David F. Bahr, Professor, Purdue University: I am honored to be recognized by my peers and colleagues within TMS, said Bahr. I appreciate the time and effort all the volunteers put into TMS, and to be noted for distinguished service by this group of dedicated individuals is very David F. Bahr humbling. TMS has provided a voice for ings, and support for the next generation of engineers and scientists through an extensive student program. I am glad to have been able to participate in programming and editorial activities highlighting the mechanical behavior of materials. SMD Distinguished Materials Scientist/Engineer Award: Recognizes an individual who has made a long-lasting contribution to the fundamental understanding of microstructure, properties, and performance of structural materials for industrial applications. Carlos N. Tom, Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory: On a personal basis, this award is an honor, considering the prestige and recognition of TMS and its Structural Materials Division. The favorable judgment of my peers is a reassurance of being on the right track as far as identifying and Carlos N. Tom pursuing research issues of relevance, dividual who has made long lasting contributions to the fundamental understanding of microstructure, properties and performance of structural materials. Here I would like to acknowledge that such contributions are not purely individual, and they would not have been possible without the synergy provided by a large and talented group of collaborators and post-docs, the the past nine years, and the unique mix of expertise and facilities provided by Los Alamos National Laboratory. TMS News and Information of Note Deadline Approaches for MS&T13 Abstract Submissions Don't miss the opportunity to present your scholarship at one of the leading forums in materials science and engineering. Abstracts are being accepted until March 15 for the 2013 Materials Science & Technology Conference and Exhibition (MS&T13). MS&T13 travels to to the Palais des congrs de Montral, Quebec, international meeting. Technical topics include biomaterials; ceramic and glass materials; electronic and magnetic materials; energy issues; fundamentals and characterization; iron and stele; materialsenvironment interactions; materials performance; nanomaterials; and processing and product manufacturing. MS&T13 will once more be organized by The American Ceramic Society, the Association for Iron and Steel Technology, ASM International, and TMS, with NACE International returning as a sponsor. The MS&T organizers are pleased to welcome the Metallurgy and Materials Society (MetSoc) of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy, and Petroleum as their newest programming partner. MetSocs strong focus on extractive and processing metallurgy will not only expand the conferences technical programming, but also enrich the intersociety sessions and activities that have become an MS&T standard. For additional information on MS&T13. as well as abstract submission instructions, visit the conference website at TMS Welcomes New Members At its October 2012 meeting, the TMS Board of Directors approved a slate of new members representing an array of materials science and engineering disciplines. Please join us in congratulating the following individuals as they begin to explore the many personal and professional growth opportunities available to them as full members of TMS: SHOW HOW BEAUTIFUL MSE CAN BE The TMS Micrograph Display Project Demonstrate the artistic side of science by submitting your most beautiful micrographs to TMS for possible inclusion in an artwork display at TMS headquarters. The competition is open to TMS members only. Final selections for the display will be chosen based on their artistic merit. All submissions will be featured in the September 2013 issue of JOM. Visit the TMS website at www.tms .org for details on micrograph submission. The deadline for entries is April 25, 2013.

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TMS2013 142nd Annual Meeting & Exihibition, JOM, 2012, 114-123, DOI: 10.1007/s11837-012-0532-9