Sur le potentiel de reduction des cellues

Protoplasma, Jul 1926

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Sur le potentiel de reduction des cellues

Rapkine, L. and Wurmser, R.: Sur le potentiel de r~duetion des eellules. The dyes Janus Green and Neutral Red were examined to see if they could be used as indicators of oxidation-reduction potential. The former was found to have a normal potential (i. e. at 50 per cent reduction and pH 7"0) of rH 5.0, the latter was found to have one of rH 3"7. Reduction of these indicators would therefore imply the presence of very electronegative and highly reducing substances. The reduction of neutral red by the cyt0tysing amoeba and the reduction of janus green by the mitochondria leads, therefore, to interesting conclusions. The authors also micro-injected glucose, sodimn succinate, and sodium pyruvate into the cytoplasm and the nucleus of the salivary cells of Chironomus larvae, but the rH maintained itself at a constant and normal level. - J. 5Teedham (Cambridge) Kolloide.

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Sur le potentiel de reduction des cellues, Protoplasma, 1926, 623-623, DOI: 10.1007/BF01603043