Releases 2016 Technical Calendar

JOM, Jun 2015

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Releases 2016 Technical Calendar

JOM - Rarely has one letter stood for so much. JOM, back when it was launched in 1949, was the straightforward acronym for Journal of Metals. A closer JOM’s publication reveals that the M representing the Metals portion of the title actually cast a very wide net. In 1950 alone, technical contributions ranged from “Ammonia Leaching of Nickel and Cobalt Ores” (M.H. Caron), to “The Textures of Cold-Rolled and Annealed Titanium” (Howard T. Clark, Jr.), to “Modern Baghouse Practice in the Recovery of Metallurgical Fumes” (A.L. Lobbe and J. J. Donoso), to “Electrical Resistivity and Thermoelectric Power of Antimony-Seleni Alloy (B.D. Cullity and M. Telkes), to “Today’s Scrap: Availability, Condition, and Contamination” (Ralph W. Farley and Ray J. McCurdy). Even at this early stage, the journal also found room for news (“Cerro Bolivar: Saga of an Iron Ore Crisis Averted” [John T. Norton]) and the member voice (“Metallurgy Behind the Decimal Point” [Earle E. Schumacher]). This early proclivity to cover the range of metals at nearly every point of the lifecycle, while also giving members the opportunity to share news and ideas on the advancement of the profession, became more pronounced as the journal—and the TMS membership—evolved. Serving the expanding interests of TMS members meant that the journal expanded its technical coverage, as well, to include articles on other materials systems. In 1988, the journal adopted the JOM the M standing in for the array of materials—and all of their related technologies and topics—of interest to TMS members (the most important “M” in the equation.) Releases 2016 Technical Calendar This selection of recent JOM covers speaks to a few of the technical themes and topics planned for 2016 . With the release of its 2016 Technical Emphasis Calendar, JOM has remained true to that calling card, with technical themes that build on the foundational discussions presented in its earliest pages, as well as topics inviting exploration of emerging technologies. The 2016 JOM Technical Emphasis Calendar also serves as a means of examining the current state of the technical particular emphasis are topics that advance knowledge and practice in the industrial setting. Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Alloy Production and Corrosion, and Metallurgy and Processing are a few of the themes that engagement. Even themes tied to the TMS strategic goals related to energy and environmental challenges (Energy and Processing), as well as materials and manufacturing innovation (Additive Manufacturing), have been developed to examine their linkages to industrial application. The full 2016 Technical Emphasis Calendar is outlined on the next two pages, with an interactive version available at the JOM website at All of the topics represent hours of work by JOM’s team of volunteer advisors to ensure that the journal’s content is of the highest value and relevance to its diverse readership. For further insights into how JOM’s advisors are building their topics, turn to the article, “Meet the JOM Advisors for 2016” also published in the July 2015 JOM topic match for your particular interest, visit the Author Tools section of the JOM website to access resources that can assist with your important contribution to the M in JOM. . .your manuscript. Robinson 2016 JOM Technical Emphasis Calendar January 2016 Theme: Applying Materials Science and Engineering Manuscripts Due: August 15, 2015 Topics: Futuristic Nanomaterials and Composites: Part II ICME: Bridging Interfaces In-Situ Mechanical Testing in Electron Microscopes: Part II Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution: Part II February 2016 Theme: Energy and Processing Manuscripts Due: September 15, 2015 Topics: Extractive Metallurgy: Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness The Canadian Generation IV Supercritical Water-Cooled Nuclear Reactor Conceptual Design Functional Nanomaterials: Energy and Sensing Aluminum: Bauxite-Alumina-Carbon-Reduction Topics: Progress in Additive Manufacturing Advances in Sintering Rapid Solidification and Phase Transformation in Additive Manufactured Materials March 2016 Theme: Additive Manufacturing Manuscripts Due: October 15, 2015 April 2016 Theme: Biomaterials and Thin Films Manuscripts Due: November 15, 2015 Topics: Biomaterials for Healthcare Recent Developments in Functional Thin Films Topic: Aluminum: Shaping and Forming Phase Transformations of Materials May 2016 Theme: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Manuscripts Due: December 15, 2015 June 2016 Theme: Metallurgy and Processing Manuscripts Due: January 15, 2016 Topics: Metal Smelting and Furnace Tapping Applied Magnetism: A Supply-Driven Materials Challenge Interface-Driven Phenomena in Solids: Thermodynamics, Kinetics, and Chemistry Topics: Surface Engineering via Additive Manufacturing Towards Materials Resource Sustainability Shaping, Forming, and Modeling of Advanced High Strength Steels July 2016 Theme: Manufacturing Manuscripts Due: February 15 , 2016 August 2016 Theme: Big Data and Modeling Manuscripts Due: March 15 , 2016 Topics: September 2016 Theme: Environment and Recycling Manuscripts Due: April 15 , 2016 Topics: October 2016 Theme: Energy Manuscripts Due: May 15 , 2016 Topics: November 2016 Theme: High Temperature and Refractory Materials Manuscripts Due : June 15, 2016 Topics: Refractory Metals that Melt Above 1850 °C December 2016 Theme: Alloy Production and Corrosion Manuscripts Due: July 15 , 2016 Topics:

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Releases 2016 Technical Calendar, JOM, 2015, 1417-1419, DOI: 10.1007/s11837-015-1504-7