TMS Leaders Discuss Materials Education in the U.K.; Oral History Project on Mining and Materials

JOM, Sep 2016

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TMS Leaders Discuss Materials Education in the U.K.; Oral History Project on Mining and Materials

JOM TMS Leaders Discuss Materials Education in the U.K.; Oral History Project on Mining and Materials 0 TMS's involvement in the Material Advantage program that offers a single low-cost student membership to four professional societies-TMS, ASM International, The American Ceramic Society, and the Association for Iron & Steel Technology. Howard then went on to highlight a 1 Professional Category 1st Place: “3D Grain Reconstruction Using Laboratory-based Diffraction Contrast Tomography” Yubin Zhang, Technical University of Denmark; A. Lyckegaard, Xnovo Technology ApS; P. Reischig, Xnovo Technology ApS; C. Holzner, Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy, Inc.; and E. Lauridsen, Xnovo Technology ApS 2 Kwong, Kyei-Sing; National Energy Technology Laboratory , United States 3 Takacs, Laszlo; University of Maryland Baltimore County , United States 4 Kobayashi, Yoshinao; Tokyo Institute of Technology , Japan 5 Stewart, Bridget H.; Materials Processing Institute , United Kingdom 6 Zhang, Yanling; University of Science & Technology Beijing , China 7 Karbowniczek, Miroslaw; AGH University of Science and Technology , Poland 8 Zhang, Chen; Baoshan Iron and Steel Company, Ltd. , China 9 Peterson, Elizabeth I.; Missouri University of Science & Technology , United States 10 Park, Youngjoo; Yonsei University , Korea, South 11 Park, Min-seok; Pohang University of Science and Technology , Korea, South 12 Park, Kwangsuk; Korea Institute of Industrial Technology , Korea, South 13 OMalley, Ronald J.; Missouri University Science and Technology , United States 14 Nakano, Junichiro; National Energy Technology Laboratory , United States 15 Monaghan, Brian J.; University of Wollongong , Australia - Stanley M. Howard, 2016 TMS President, gave an overview of student engagement initiatives offered by TMS at the 8th International Materials Education Symposium. Stanley M. Howard and Michael F. Ashby, Emeritus Professor of Materials, Cambridge University, continue conversations started in the Materials Education Symposium sessions over dinner. Ashby is chair of the symposia series’s academic advising committee. These included the Materials Bowl, a question-and-answer competition on science and engineering topics held at every TMS annual meeting; the student run symposium supported by the TMS Education Committee; and the popular Bladesmithing Competition that challenges student teams to produce a knife or sword blade by hand hammering or trip hammer forging. He concluded his presentation with a brief overview of the TMS Young Leaders program and the resources it offers to smooth the transition from school to the professional world. “Our younger members are infusing our community with new ideas, abilities, and interests,” Howard said. “It is critical, both to the future of TMS and the profession that we serve, that we nurture this trend by helping students appreciate the value of professional engagement to their careers after they graduate.” Robinson also participated in the symposium program by presenting a poster on the outcomes of Comic-taniumTM, TMS’s recent outreach effort that uses the mythologies of comic characters to attract young people to STEM (science, engineering, mathematics and technology) careers. Other symposium speakers gave presentations on open on-line teaching techniques, project-based learning, and effective deployment of new information and learning technologies. A report of the symposium can be downloaded at http :// Prior to participating in the Materials Education Symposium, Howard and Robinson visited TMS members at the Department of Materials’ outreach efforts to both high school educators and students. The program offers a suite of professional development courses for teachers that provide guidance and resources on using (Left to right) Chris Grovenor, professor, Department of Materials, Oxford University, led Stanley Howard and James Robinson on a tour of Oxford’s Begbroke Science Park. George Smith, Emeritus Professor of Materials at Oxford, hosted Howard and Robinson on the daylong visit to the university that included a briefing on its student outreach initiatives. concepts of materials science as a means of satisfying curriculum requirements. Studentfocused activities range from classroom visits, to open days at the materials science laboratories and facilities at Oxford, to more in-depth residential programs. George Smith, Emeritus Professor of Materials, Oxford, shared the history of the program, having led the development of it when he was department chair in the year 2000. He noted that a critical factor in the program’s success was actively listening to the needs and concerns of teachers in managing their requirements. “They requested that we not ask them to do anything new, but instead help them do what was expected of them,” he said. For additional information on Oxford Materials Outreach, visit http://outreach Congratulations to the following individuals who received top honors for their posters at the 3rd International Congress on 3D Materials Science (3DMS), held in St. Charles, Illinois, July 10–13, 2016: 2nd Place “3D Predictions of Additive Manufactured Kinetic Monte Carlo Approach” Theron Rodgers, Jonathan Madison, and V. Tikare, Sandia National Laboratories Posters Recognized for Excellence at 3DMS 2016 Student Category 1st Place “A Framework for Modeling Microstructural Characterization Errors and Their Effect on the Accuracy of Grain Ensemble Statistics” Gregory Loughnane, Mound Laser & Photonics Center, Inc.; Michael Uchic and Michael Groeber, Air Force Research Laboratory 2nd Place “A New In-Situ Far-Field High Energy Diffraction Microscopy Planar Biaxial Experiment” Garrison Hommer, Colorado School of Mines; Jun-Sang Park, Argonne National Laboratory; Peter Collins, Iowa State University; Adam Pilchak, Air Force Research Laboratory; Aaron Stebner, Colorado School of Mines Engineering Competency Model Receives Top Honors The American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES) has received a 2016 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Power of A Gold Award for its Engineering Competency Model. The model was created as a guideline for the development of professionals in the engineering workforce. The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME), of which TMS is a member society, is a member of AAES. Jeffrey W. Fergus, Director, Professional Development on the TMS Board of Directors and professor and associate dean at Auburn University, was one of ten subject matter experts who worked collaboratively to identify and review competencies that would contribute to success in engineering careers. “The model has a tiered structure that begins with competencies common among many disciplines and builds to competencies specific to engineering,” said Fergus. “Grouping of competencies that are common among different disciplines is useful to identify opportunities for career transitions and to guide training and education.” An interactive version of the model is available online at Oral Histories Explore Mining and Materials Industry sharing insights about the evolution of the mining and materials industry over the past 40 years as participants in the Global Mining and Materials Research Project. The initiative entailed recording and posting interviews with eleven experts and leaders in an oral history resource center housed by the Bancroft Library of the University of California, Berkeley. The interviews are now available for free download and viewing at http://www.lib /oral-history-center/global-mining. TMS interviewees include: Diran Apelian, 2008 TMS President, Alcoa-Howmet Professor of Engineering, and Founding Director of the Metal Processing Institute, Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Alex King, Director, Critical Materials Institute, Ames Laboratory Thaddeus Massalski, Professor Emeritus of Materials Science, Engineering and Physics, Carnegie Mellon University Alexander Scott, retired TMS Executive Director AIME is a collaborator on the project, which is part of the Engineering and Technology History Wiki (ETHW), accessed at Diran Apelian Alex King Thaddeus Massalski Alexander Scott TMS Welcomes New Members Please join TMS in congratulating the following new members, approved by the TMS Board of Directors at its July 2016 meeting: Banyash, Dan; BASF Corporation, United States Behera, Narottam; SABIC, Saudi Arabia Bennett, James P.; National Energy Technology Laboratory, United States Bhagat, Rohit; WMG University of Warwick, United Kingdom Bielefeldt, Wagner Viana; Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Billet, Beau A.; Ohio State University, United States Brown, Yasmin R.; Jacobs Consultancy Incorporated, United States Chen, Jeff (Jiang); University of Queensland, Australia Chung, Tae In; POSCO, Korea, South Chun, Yongsug; Korea Polytechnic University, Korea, South Clayton, Christopher K.; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; United States Cline, John K.; Vectren Corporation, United States Collins, Sunniva R.; Case Western Reserve University, United States Coulon, Antoine; France Crivits, Tijl; Umicore, Belgium De Wilde, Evelien; Umicore, Belgium Desai, Bhavin; Aditya Birla Science and Technology, India Dubberstein, Tobias; TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany Duchesne, Marc; Natural Resources Canada, Canada Erwee, Markus W.; Mintek, South Africa Essack, Saskia; Tenova Minerals (Pty) Ltd., South Africa Fan, Yong; Japan Fan, Youqi; Anhui University of Technology, China Fujii, Yusuke; JFE Steel Corporation, Japan Gaal, Sean G.; Dow Corning, United States Garbers-Craig, Andrie M.; University of Pretoria, South Africa Glaser, Bjoern; Royal Institute of Technology (KTH); Sweden Goldman, Rachel S.; University of Michigan, United States Goso, Xolisa; Mintek, South Africa Govindaraju, Madhavrao; SAI Global Technologies Incorporate, United States Greene, Michael; Imerys, United States Gu, Yuping; China Guo, Muxing; MTM KU Leuven, Belgium Guoxing, Ren; China Haccuria, Elien; Umicore, Belgium Han, Yong-Uk; Yonsei University, Korea, South Hayashi, Miyuki; Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Heller, Hans-Peter; TU Bergakademie Institute Iron and Steel, Germany Henao, Hector Mario; Technical University Federico Santa Maria, Chile Henderson, Brooks; United States Herling, Darrell R.; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States Hidayat, Taufiq; Pyrosearch Group, Australia Holappa, Lauri Elias K.; Aalto University, Finland Hu, Meilong; Chongqing University, China Hu, Xiaohua; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, United States ljawhari, Hala; Saudi Arabia Inoue, Ryo; Akita University, Japan Jang, Eunhack; Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea, South Jiang, Tao; Northeastern University, China Kaplan, Valery; Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Kim, Wan-Yi; Korea, South Kondratiev, Alex; National University of Science and Technology, Russian Federation Lee, Joonho; Korea University, Korea, South Leuchtenmueller, Manuel; Austria Li, Xiuyan; Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Lindberg, Daniel K.; Åbo Akademi University, Finland Lu, Zhaoping P.; University of Science and Technology, China Luo, Xuetao; Xiamen University, China Lv, Xuewei; Materials Science, China Maheshwari, Prateek; Punjab Engineering College, India Marotta, Michael; United States Marschall, Irmtraud; K1-MET GmbH, Austria Min, Dong Joon; Yonsei University, Korea, South Nakashima, Kunihiko; Japan Natsui, Shungo; Hokkaido University, Japan Nishi, Tsuyoshi; Japan Nohira, Toshiyuki; Kyoto University, Japan Odei, Henry; Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa Park, Jeong Hyouk; Samil Stollberg Company, LTD. Korea, South Pelletier, Colin M.; RSR Technologies, United States Pletcher, Ben A.; United States Qiu, Guibao; Chongqing University, China Rahnama, Alireza; University of Warwick, United Kingdom Raj, Baldev; National Institute of Advanced Studies, India Raman, R.K. Singh; Monash University, Australia Ringdalen, Eli; SINTEF, Norway Saito, Noritaka; Kyushu University, Japan Salgado, Janette; Alcoa, United States Scheunis, Lennart; Umicore N.V., Belgium Shevchenko, Maksym; University of Queensland, Australia Shi, Zengmin; Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Snyder Timothy M.; Aleris, United States Somerville, Michael; Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Australia Son, Sanghan; POSCO, Korea, South Song, Shengqiang; University of Pretoria, South Africa Songwen, Xiao; Changsha Research Institute of Mining Metallurgy Company, LTD, China Sturgill, Darrell E.; Imerys Steelcasting, United States Valkenburg, Michael J.; McMaster University, Canada Van Gestel, Ron; Netherlands Van Rensburg, Christelle; BASF, United States Vermetten, Maxime; Metallo-Chimique, Belgium Vincke, Joris S.; Metallo Chimique, Belgium Wang, Lijun; University of Science and Technology, China Wang, Min; China Weitz, Heine; OptiProc, South Africa White, Christina V.; Alcoa Norway AS, Norway Wittgens, Bernd; SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway Yao, Lu; University of British Columbia, United States Zavatti, Jorge R.; Aluar Aluminio Argentino, Argentina Zhang, Mei; University of Science and Technology, China Zietsman, Johan H.; University of Pretoria, South Africa

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TMS Leaders Discuss Materials Education in the U.K.; Oral History Project on Mining and Materials, JOM, 2016, 2552-2555, DOI: 10.1007/s11837-016-2087-7