Ian Freckelton QC, Scholarly misconduct – law, regulation, and practice

Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, May 2017

Roger W. Byard

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Ian Freckelton QC, Scholarly misconduct – law, regulation, and practice

Ian Freckelton QC, Scholarly misconduct - law, regulation, and practice Roger W. Byard 0 0 School of Medicine, The University of Adelaide , Frome Road, Level 3 Medical School North Building, Adelaide, SA 5005 , Australia - In addition to very carefully classifying dishonest academic activity, the author has embellished the book with detailed examples of many cases from all over the world to breathe life into the facts of his discussion. This on occasion involves the use of fascinating historical material and anecdotes, which only serve to further enhance the interest of the text. Sadly it appears that bad academic behavior goes back at least as far as the Greeks, and I am now sure, having read this book, that many Neolithic petroglyphs were also probably plagiarized. Although the author has done a superb job in weaving together the sometimes sad and sordid tales of academic misbehavior, towards the end of the text this reader was left with a slight feeling of despair that such activity is so widespread and often so poorly handled by authorities. However, we are not left in the lurch as one of the most important chapters is left to the last. Here the author very methodically goes through the previous examples of areas of misconduct and provide guidelines and possible solutions for dealing with them. The text is very reasonably priced and is really essential reading for anyone connected to academic activities, institutions and research. This book is certainly a must for all university and academic libraries, and for all of us in academia who may have to deal with such occurrences. Perhaps it should be made required reading for all enrolling PhD and higher degree students, and their supervisors. There are very few authors who could produce a book of this caliber.

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Roger W. Byard. Ian Freckelton QC, Scholarly misconduct – law, regulation, and practice, Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, 2017, 1-1, DOI: 10.1007/s12024-017-9875-4