Thank you to Carolyn Schwartz

Quality of Life Research, Jun 2017

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Thank you to Carolyn Schwartz

we believe to have found a great successor with Dr. Jan Bo¨hnke. We want to welcome Jan to the editorial board and look forward to working with him on the successful continuation our journal. On behalf of all members of the Quality of Life Research editorial board Thank you to Carolyn Schwartz Fig. 1 Numbers of manuscripts under consideration by Quality of Life Research, 2004-2016 - After more than eight years of service as Co-Editor-inChief, Dr. Carolyn Schwartz is rotating off the editorial board of Quality of Life Research. During her extended term, the journal has seen a tremendous growth in popularity. Since 2009, when she began as Co-Editor-in-Chief, together with Dennis Revicki (who rotated off in 2015), the number of manuscripts submitted for publication has doubled, from 663 in 2009 to 1340 in 2016. Figure 1 shows the numbers of submitted, rejected, and accepted manuscripts, from 2004 through 2016. We notice that the numbers of submitted and rejected manuscripts increased, whereas the numbers of manuscripts that are accepted for publication remained more stable. Under Carolyn’s editorship, we have become more selective; acceptance rates have decreased from 36 to 20%. Growing popularity and increased selectivity bear witness of Carolyn’s diligence to the journal. With all her experience and expertise, she shifts a lot of work, very quickly, very decisively. As a result, the Quality of Life Research journal bears the stamp of her personality.

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Thank you to Carolyn Schwartz, Quality of Life Research, 2017, 1647, DOI: 10.1007/s11136-017-1609-2