Pekka Saukko, Bernard Knight: Knight’s forensic pathology 4th ed.

Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, Aug 2017

Roger W. Byard

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Pekka Saukko, Bernard Knight: Knight’s forensic pathology 4th ed.

Pekka Saukko, Bernard Knight: Knight's forensic pathology 4th ed. Roger W. Byard 0 0 School of Medicine, The University of Adelaide, Level 3 Medical School North Building , Frome Road, Adelaide 5005 , Australia - It is indeed a great pleasure to be asked to review the fourth edition of this substantial text. Originally written by Bernard Knight alone, and now co-authored by his colleague Pekka Saukko, the text has always exemplified a very logical and clear approach to general issues in forensic pathology. While there may be disagreements on specific points, as is the nature of forensic debate, the authors have produced a book which invariably has a sound approach to many situations and problems in forensic practice – ranging from the common place to the arcane. The book has always been an excellent and easily digested introduction to the subject for students and residents, as well as a good source to turn to for more experienced practitioners who may want to refresh their memories, or develop their thoughts on a particular case. The format of the text has remained unchanged with chapters on the pathophysiology and time of death followed by more specific discussions of particular types of wounds and injuries. Chapters are to be found on deaths from a range of situations including burns, electrocution and immersion. Child deaths and deaths associated with pregnancy and sexual assault are also described in detail. The final chapters relate to toxicological issues. A pleasing trend has been the use of more color in diagrams and figures, all of which are of high quality. If I could make a couple of suggestions for improvements to the next edition I would suggest expanding and updating the reference list at the end of the chapters –although I do concede that this may be

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Roger W. Byard. Pekka Saukko, Bernard Knight: Knight’s forensic pathology 4th ed., Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology, 2017, 1-1, DOI: 10.1007/s12024-017-9908-z