Fordham International Law Journal, Jun 2017

Kimmelman, Louis B., Sussman, Edna

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Fordham International Law Journal Copyright c 2017 by the authors. Fordham International Law Journal is produced by The Berkeley Electronic Press (bepress). - 2017 Article 1 Introduction y Louis B. Kimmelman & Edna Sussman Co-Chairs Fordham International Arbitration and Mediation Conference On October 14, 2016 the eleventh annual Fordham International Arbitration and Mediation Conference was held at Fordham Law School in New York City. The theme for this year’s conference was “New Developments, New Challenges and New Ideas in International Dispute Resolution.” True to this theme, the participants addressed some of the “hot” issues in the world of international dispute resolution from the perspectives of practitioners and scholars who live and work around the world. One panel explored the availability of interim measures from an emergency arbitrator under various international arbitration rules and the issues that parties face in choosing between national courts and an emergency arbitrator. Another panel looked at developments in international arbitration in Latin America. A third panel addressed the question of whether and when awards that have been set aside at the seat of arbitration can be enforced in other jurisdictions. Turning to the question of what role arbitrators may have in facilitating the settlement of commercial disputes, a panel explored the relationship between arbitration, mediation and the settlement process. And the last panel discussed the issue of cybersecurity in a world where almost everything, including arbitration and mediation submissions, is transmitted electronically. The breadth and depth of the issues discussed during the conference are reflected in the following articles that expand upon the topics addressed by the various panels. In addition, one of our sponsors submitted an article discussing new developments in third party funding in Singapore and Hong Kong. We are grateful for the FORDHAM INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL

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Kimmelman, Louis B., Sussman, Edna. Introduction, Fordham International Law Journal, 2017,