Volume 26, Spring 1981, Number 2

The Catholic Lawyer, Sep 2017

Published on 09/06/17

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Volume 26, Spring 1981, Number 2

Volume 26, Spring 1981, Number 2 0 Thi s Editorial Board is brought to you for free and open access by the Journals at St. John's Law Scholarship Repository. It has been accepted for inclusion in The C atholic Lawyer by an authorized editor of St. John's Law Scholarship Repository. For more information , please contact 1 William B. Ball, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania John V. Connorton , New York , New York Lawrence X. Cusack, New York , New York S. Oley Cutler, S.J., Syracuse, New York George P. Doyle, Indianapolis, Indiana Robert F. Drinan, S.J., Boston, Massachusetts Jeremiah J. Driscoll , New York , New York Arthur C. Dwyer, Paterson, New Jersey Alfred W. Ecks, Milwaukee, Wisconsin William L. Ferdon, San Francisco, California Walter B. Gibbons, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania John C. Hayes, Chicago, Illinois 2 Members: Neil Abrams , Mary R. Alexander, Howard D. Avrutine, Ray T. Blank, Jr., Lyn Batzar Boland, Richard J. Bowler , Eileen A. Carty, Donald H. Chase, Kathy Connelly, Kerry B. Conners, Peter N. Cubita, Joseph J. Dawson, Daniel F. De Vita , David Don, Ellen R. Dunkin, John F. Finnegan, Anthony M. Fischetti, Michael B. Gluck, Mark Goldstein, Ziporah Janowski, G. Clifford Korn, Henry John Kupperman, Carl J. Laurino, Jr., Carl Lawrence, Jeffrey S. Lichtman, John C. McBride, Alan Maguire, Kathryn A. Marinello, Dorothy Murphy, Thomas O'Malley, Eugene G. Reynolds , Peter C. Roth, Daniel D. Rubino, William K. Sanders , Michael G. Santangelo, Nancy Scappaticci, Bruce G. Sheffler, Caroline Landau Spilberg, Robert C. Wilkie 3 Senior Members: Carole F. Barrett, Gene A. Capello , Robert W. Corcoran, Jr., Thomas D. Giordano, Maureen A. Glass, Annette L. Guarino, Wayne Keeley, Peter McNamara, Caroline Marks, Bruce J. Pearl, Frances Ferrito Regan, Joseph J. Tesoriero, Martin J. Thompson, Maureen F. Thompson, Paul R. Williams 4 Published quarterly (Winter , Spring, Summer , and Autumn) by 0 The St. Thomas More Institute for Legal Research of St. John's University School of Law , 1981, Fromkes Hall, Grand Central and Utopia Parkways , Jamaica , New York 11439. Foreign and domestic subscription rate: $5.00 a year; single copy $1.50. Second class postage paid at Jamaica, New York, and additional mailing offices (ISSN 0008-8137, USPS 094-040). Write to Business Manager, The Catholic Lawyer, Fromkes Hall, Grand Central and Utopia Parkways , Jamaica , New York 11439. The views expressed in the articles of this periodical are to be attributed to their authors and not to The Catholic Lawyer, its Editors, St. John's University , or the Catholic Church 5 Rodman C. Herman , Newark, New Jersey John H. Kearney, Brooklyn, New York Henry M. Leen, Boston, Massachusetts Rev. Anthony LoGatto, Brooklyn , New York George E. Reed , Washington, D.C. Rt. Rev. Msgr. Marion J. Reinhardt, Brooklyn, New York Rev. John B. Sheerin, C.S.P., New York, New York Robert E. Sullivan, Missoula, Montana Joseph T. Tinnelly, C.M., Albany, New York Charles J. Tobin, Jr., Albany, New York James F. Twohy, Brooklyn , New York Recommended Citation - Article 1 Follow this and additional works at: http://scholarship.law.stjohns.edu/tcl THE ST. THOMAS MORE INSTITUTE FOR LEGAL RESEARCH EDITOR EDWARD T. FAGAN* STEPHEN H. PERRY Managing Editor CLARA S. LICATA THOMAS C. RICE Senior Notes and Comments Editors JAMES M. EBETINO Research Editor RICHARD V. SILVER Publications Editor PATRICIA A. O'MALLEYt JOSEPH TROVATO PATRICIA C. TUOHY Associate Editors THOMAS M. CERABINO ROSE F. DIMARTINO MICHAEL G. GLASS Notes and Comments Editors ROBIN E. EICHEN Lois PEEL EISENSTEIN NEAL I. KORVAL Articles Editors ELAINE T. RYAN Publications Editor MICHELE GAPINSKI THOMAS A. LEGHORN RICHARD L. O'TOOLE Associate Editors THE BOARD OF ADVISORS

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