Electronic Communications Committee Annual Report

NASIG Newsletter, Aug 2010

Published on 05/01/10

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Electronic Communications Committee Annual Report

Other NASIG News Committee Annual Reports 0 1 2 Electronic Communications 0 1 2 0 Board liaison: Bob Boissy 1 Members: Jennifer Edwards (MIT), Tonia Graves (Old Dominion University), Tim Hagan (Northwestern University), Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa), Marsha Seamans (University of Kentucky), Char Simser, Kansas State University , USA 2 Nancy Beals, co-chair (Wayne State University) Beth Ashmore, co-chair, Samford University Continuing/New Activities Listserv: The committee continues to maintain listservs and forwarding addresses for NASIG committees. To address some concerns that were expressed on the NASIG discussion forum regarding the effectiveness of both NASIG official communication as well as forums for discussion among NASIG members and the general serials community, the committee has created a communication preferences survey that has been sent to the active membership to determine which communications channels would be most effective in meeting the needs of NASIG members. The survey deadline is April 30, 2010, and the results will be reviewed by the committee and the board in May 2010 and shared with the rest of the membership via the website and possibly at the 2010 conference in June if there is an appropriate venue. Website Activities: Tim H. and Tonia G. continue to maintain the NASIG jobs blog at (http://jobs.nasig.org) and Wendy R. and Char S. continue to maintain the NASIG blog at (http://nasig.wordpress.com/). During the past year we have instituted the policy of posting all blast messages sent to the membership on the NASIG blog as well as on the What’s New column of the homepage in the attempt to make sure that everyone is receiving the necessary information regardless of which location/format they prefer (e.g. visiting the homepage, visiting or RSS feeding the blog or receiving the membership emails). Char S. and Beth A. have also worked with the 25th anniversary task force to determine the best way to assist them in their planning for 25th anniversary activities and documentation of those activities on the website. We have slightly reorganized the history section of the NASIG website to hopefully accommodate a model of on-going online record keeping for information such as past board and committee rosters and the NASIG chronology. We also passed on to the task force the committee’s proposal regarding a policy and procedures for archiving conference photos, using both Flickr and the ArcStone photo galleries. The committee also assisted the Nominations & Elections Committee in preparing for and conducting the board elections which, unfortunately, had to be conducted twice due to a malfunction with original ArcStone survey. The official election was conducted using NASIG’s SurveyMonkey account with extra measures taken to increase the security of the voting. The committee has also continued to respond for requests for assistances from other committees, board members and the membership in whatever way necessary including updating websites and forms. We continue to revise the ECC manual wiki at http://nasigeccmanual.pbworks.com/. Any issues that could not be resolved by the committee have been forwarded to Buddy Pennington, our ArcStone liaison, and have been addressed with their help. ECC continues to develop the training modules that were initially started. The module for training the chairs that will be given at the June 2010 conference is complete. Modules for ongoing training for members via the wiki and for ECC Committee members are still in development. Completed Activities Many completed activities are included in the above section. Activities That Support the NASIG Strategic Plan The committee’s activities this year have addressed two of the objective/action items from the most recent strategic planning document update. Item 1: Expand 3 existing venues for member networking opportunities / Create training on use of forums The new ECC wiki includes information on the discussion forums in the “Members Guide to NASIG 2 Communication” (http://nasigeccmanual.pbworks.com/ A-Member%27s-Guide-to-NASIG-Communication), but due to the fact that new forums must be created through ArcStone and that discussion forum response has not been overwhelming, the committee is hoping that the communication survey will provide some guidance on how members would prefer to have an electronic networking venue be created. Item 2: Implement Technology RFP / ECC should survey committees regarding communication needs The aforementioned communication technologies survey should hopefully give us an idea of what committees and the membership at large would find useful and what they would like to see changed in regards to the new Arcstone website, the committee and board listservs and the retiring of NASIG-L. The Program Planning Committee in particular has already provided feedback on the kind of project management solution that they would like to see implemented and while we have not been able to implement this solution are hope is to do so in the near future. Statistical Information Website Statistics (May 1, 2009 – April 29, 2010): • Average hits on the site per month: 141,955 • Average page views per month: 33,401 • Average number of visits per month: 7,362 • Average unique visitors per month: 3,231 List Statistics as of 4/29/10: • 26 committee, board and taskforce listservs • 36 NASIG.org forwarded email addresses The Jobs blog contains 606 posts and 129 of those were posted from May 2009 to April 2010. Action(S) Required by Board None at this time. Questions for Board None at this time. Recommendations to Board None at this time. Submitted by Nancy Beals and Beth Ashmore

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