August 27, 2015 Conference Call

NASIG Newsletter, Oct 2015

Published on 12/01/15

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August 27, 2015 Conference Call

Executive Board Minutes Ex Officio: Kate Moore 0 1 0 Executive Board: Carol Ann Borchert, President Steve Kelley, Past-President Anna Creech, Vice President/President-Elect Kelli Getz, Secretary Beverly Geckle , Treasurer Michael Hanson, Treasurer-Elect 1 NASIG Board Conference Call Attendees 1.0 Welcome (Borchert) The meeting was called to order at 3:03 pm Central. 2.0 Secretary’s Report (Getz) VOTE: The motion for complimentary NASIG membership to be awarded to conference vision speakers for 2 years beginning with the year in which they present at the conference has passed. This will take effect retroactively with the 2015 vision speakers. VOTE: The motion to allow for free NASIG membership to library school students for the 2015/2016 year has passed. Getz reported that annual reports from all committees/task forces have been completed except for the Program Planning Committee (PPC) report. ACTION ITEM: Creech will work with the PPC to create the PPC’s 2015 annual report. ACTION ITEM: There was a reminder to fill out the Google doc by Sept. 30 for the Fall Board Meeting regarding hotel room preferences and cell phone numbers. ACTION ITEM: Getz will move the Action Items to Google docs at the request of Oberg. We will try the process for a month to evaluate updating the Action Items in real time. 3.0 Treasurer’s Report (Geckle) Geckle reported that she is crunching the numbers from the conference. At this point, she believes that we have at least broken even from the conference, but more detailed information will be available soon. 4.0 Logo Design (Kelley/Geckle) Geckle spoke to Jim Geckle, her brother, regarding the logo designs that he created. She said that he may need more clarity from the Board about our expectations. Several members of the Board chimed in saying that the logo didn’t necessarily need to incorporate a globe, and that the logo could be more abstract than the current logo. It was decided that the Board would like to see 3-4 very different styles from which to choose. ACTION ITEM: Geckle will convey the Board’s feedback to Jim Geckle to create 3-4 very different logo designs for further discussion. 5.0 Membership Next Steps – Vision Speakers / Students (Borchert) Kaplan met with the chairs of the Membership Development Committee (MDC) to discuss the Board’s action item to identify universities where a NASIG member has recently retired as well as institutions in the region of the conference to target membership. Kaplan reported that the MDC chairs needed the Board to clarify “recent” retirees. Borchert felt that “recent” should be defined as those individuals who have retired within the last 3-5 years. Also, it is possible for the Database & Directory Committee (D&D) to search the database by those members who identify as retirees, although there is no way to tell if someone has retired if they stop their NASIG membership. Moore reported that MDC could also keep track of recent retirees by those that report their retirements in the NASIG Newsletter. Kaplan and MDC also discussed the Board’s request for MDC to poll administrators and middle management on topics that would make NASIG more attractive to them, as well as what NASIG might do to have them encourage their staff to become more active. Kaplan reported that MDC felt that this request was too broad to handle effectively. MDC recommends putting information about membership benefits on a website instead of sending out a survey. ACTION ITEM: Kaplan will report this information back to MDC and work with MDC to formalize their idea for adding membership benefits to the website. The passing of the motion to allow for free NASIG membership for library school students for 2015/2016 was discussed in depth. The Board recognizes that there will be no way to verify that someone is a student. ACTION ITEM: Kaplan in conjunction with MDC will draft a publicity statement. Kaplan will then run the publicity statement by the NASIG Publicist for approval. ACTION ITEM: Burris will work with the Communications & Marketing Committee (CMC) to update the NASIG website with this information as well as to update the membership form. The Board also discussed the motion that was passed to give complimentary NASIG membership to NASIG conference vision speakers for two (2) years starting with the 2015 vision speakers. ACTION ITEM: Geckle will work with D&D to setup membership records for the three vision speakers from the 2015 conference. ACTION ITEM: Creech and PPC will contact the 2015 vision speakers to let them know of their complimentary membership for 2 years. ACTION ITEM: Creech and PPC will update the Vision Speaker MOU to include the complimentary membership for 2 years. 6.0 Committee Updates (All) Geckle reported that she would be the contact to setup conference calls for committees that need to meet. Per Creech, A&R had one member step down from the committee. They are currently looking for a new member to fill the vacant position. Additionally, A&R will be reviewing and revising the existing awards. CMC (Burris) is busy with committee and external requests. Kelley reported that CPC will be designing the conference logo soon. Jim Geckle has been asked to design the conference logo in the past. He is currently busy designing the NASIG logo, so CPC will be recruiting someone else to design the conference logo. Robertson has not heard from the CEC recently, so she will follow up with them to see if they have any questions for the Board. ACTION ITEM: Robertson will follow up with the CEC to see if they have been in communication since the conference. Oberg sent E&A’s report to the Board that had pulled out the incorrect data. Members of E&A contacted the workshop presenters with the corrected information. Creech reported that a member of the Financial Planning Task Force (FPTF) stepped down. Creech is seeking a replacement member for FPTF. Creech also reported that the Student Outreach Committee (SOC) had approached the PPC about holding a snapshot session exclusively for students. Additionally, SOC suggested offering student rates for the snapshot sessions. The Board discussed having sponsors cover travel and registration for student snapshot presenters, although it seemed unlikely since students already receive a discounted registration rate for the conference and it would be unlikely that sponsors would be interested in this. Creech proposed offering student award winners the option to present at the snapshot sessions. ACTION ITEM: Creech will work with PPC to see if they would be willing to reserve slots at the snapshot sessions for student award winners. ACTION ITEM: Beh will work with SOC to see if they are willing to have the student award winners present at the snapshot sessions without having sponsors to cover travel and registration. Robertson said that she had not heard from the Scholarly Communications Task Force (SCTF) recently. The Board is hoping to have the report in time for the conference. ACTION ITEM: Robertson will check in with the SCTF to see what their timeline is for submitting a final report. Borchert reported that Site Selection put information on site selection on the NASIG website to provide more transparency around the site selection process. 7.0 Petition Process (All) The need for a formalized petition process was originally brought up at the Business Meeting at the 2015 NASIG Conference. The Board recognizes that there needs to be a petition process in place so that NASIG members have a mechanism to approach the Board with their concerns. Currently, NASIG members can approach the Board with a concern by emailing the Board at . Additionally, discussions can occur on NASIG-L, through email blasts, on webpages, social media, and in the President’s Column of the NASIG Newsletter. However, there is no formal way to approach the Board or for the Board to respond at this time. Kaplan, Kelley, and Oberg agreed to work on drafting a formal process, which may later involve a change in the NASIG Bylaws. ACTION ITEM: Kaplan, Kelley, and Oberg will draft a formal process for NASIG members to petition the Board and for the Board to respond to the petition. 8.0 Midwinter Board Meeting Dates (Borchert) This will be finalized at a future conference call. 9.0 Adjourn (Borchert) The call was adjourned at 4:05 pm. Minutes submitted by: Kelli Getz, NASIG Secretary September 11, 2015 3

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