September 7, 2011 Call

NASIG Newsletter, Dec 2011

Published on 12/01/11

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September 7, 2011 Call

Conference Call: September Executive Board Minutes Attending: Steve Shadle President Katy Ginanni Past-President Carol Ann Borchert Secretary Lisa Blackwell Treasurer Jennifer Arnold Treasurer-Elect Regrets: Bob Boissy Clint Chamberlain Angela Dresselhaus, ex officio 1.0 Welcome (Shadle) The meeting was called to order at 2:03 p.m. EDT. 2.0 Secretary's Report (Borchert) 2.1 Outstanding action items The action items were reviewed and updated as follows: Not done/in progress: Action Item: All Board members will discuss how to turn the contingency planning documentation into a public document for distribution and discussion among the NASIG membership. - Action Item: Boissy will ask MDC for ideas for increasing membership by fall Board meeting. Action Item: Boissy will take the idea of thank you letters to new members back to MDC for consideration. IN PROCESS Action Item: Boissy will ask MDC to work with D&D to create a document outlining the idea of offering a conference prize to first-time members. Action Item: Boissy will ask MDC to work with the Mentoring Committee to explore implementation of a year-long mentoring program in addition to the conference mentoring program. Action Item: Borchert, Pennington, and Dresselhaus will draft a version of the contingency planning document for the membership in bullet list form. IN PROCESS Action Item: Carr, Arnold, Shadle, and Ginanni will work on providing mutual access to manuals for CPC, PPC, PPR, and the Past President. Action Item: Chamberlain will ask E&A to poll vendors via email to see how NASIG could be more valuable to them/how the conference could be a more valuable experience. IN PROCESS Action Item: Clark will ask CEC to investigate online learning tools for webinars. Asking other library organizations already using this might be a good place to start. IN PROCESS Action Item: Clark will ask CEC to put out a call for volunteers to help set up webinars over the next year and to work with this year’s PPC to get names and proposals. IN PROCESS Action Item: Clark will ask CEC to work with PPC to identify content and use survey results to potential locations and organizers. IN PROCESS Action Item: Clark will ask CEC to work with PPC to create something such as a podcast and/or website that explains the conference program proposal process. IN PROCESS Action Item: Ginanni will investigate obtaining an Outsell report to see if there is an environmental scan already done. Action Item: Ginanni will clarify the item regarding a training program sponsorship with FDC next year to determine if they meant our current grants and awards, which are already opportunities for sponsorship. Action Item: Ginanni and Wilson will select members for a task force to write a proposal to poll vendors for information about what information they need in order to make an informed decision regarding sponsorship, the vendor expo, or other forms of participation. The proposal will include cost estimates and will be sent to the Board. Action Item: Pennington and Clark will talk to ECC & CEC about working together on the Archiving Information section of the CEC-PPR proposal. IN PROCESS Action Item: Pennington will ask ECC and the Website Liaison to explore where we could add advertisements into the NASIG website without ArcStone intervention. ON HOLD Action Item: Shadle will appoint or select members on FDC to work with advertisements. IN PROCESS Action Item: Stamison will draft new language in conjunction with Wilson for the sections of the NASIG website that refer to personal memberships, and will send this to Board for revision by end of December. WILSON CHECKING WITH STAMISON REGARDING STATUS Action Item: Wilson will ask A&R to submit suggested rewording for 2012 student grant awards over the summer to better define the term “student”. IN PROCESS Completed: • Anderson will continue work with N & E over the course of this year to insure that the manual is complete and posted on the website. • Blackwell will add information to the Treasurer’s manual indicating that the Board may approve additional funding for the Merriman Award winner and the NASIG President to account for emergency situations. • Blackwell will ask website liaison to request a status update from ArcStone pertaining to development of their new platform. • Blackwell will have Abigail ask ARcStone about plug-ins and widgets on the webpage. (not possible) • Carr will work with the Student Outreach Committee to create a formal proposal for the internship program. • Ginanni will draft a charge and job description for the NASIG Historian, run it by the Board, and then appoint a Historian. • Ginanni reminds N&E that it is critical for Abigail to ask ArcStone to test online voting before making it public. • Ginanni will follow up with Tina Feick regarding renaming the student awards. Feick was asked to contact John Riddick. • Ginanni will remind PPC for Nashville to make sure task force presentation on competencies is on the 2012 program. • Ginanni will send a message to NASIG-L asking if there are any major objections to eliminating the poster sessions from the annual conference. • Ginanni will check with EBSCO to see if we can piggyback on their WebEx license for webinars and involve them as a cosponsor in that fashion. • Stamison will check with Swets to see if we can piggyback on their GoTo meeting license for webinars and involve them as a cosponsor in that fashion. • Wilson will ask A&R to investigate the cost of travel insurance for flight, hotel, etc. in traveling to UKSG for Merriman Award. 2.2 Approval of Board Activity Report VOTE: Shadle made a motion to approve the following Board Activity Report for addition to the minutes, seconded by Clark. All voted in favor. 6/11 The Board discussed the issue of conference handouts and agreed that speakers may post the handouts as and where they see fit, but that NASIG would like to load an actual file on the NASIG site, rather than linking to the content elsewhere. Speakers may also post a video-recording of their session if they wish. 6/11 The Board agreed that the Publicist will be responsible for posting conference related tweets to the NASIG Twitter feed. 6/11 The Board agreed that the Registrar should have a manual to facilitate training new registrars in future. 6/11 The NASIG President announced the tragic death of Maureen Grant, a NASIG member and librarian at the University of Wisconsin. 6/11 The Board provided input on the questionnaire for Awards recipients. 7/11 The Board discussed the idea of an unconference and whether this should replace or augment the informal discussion groups. 7/11 The Board discussed and approved with a 9-2 vote, with one abstention, in favor of the 2012 Nashvile conference theme of “Creating Harmony from Dis-chord.” 7/11 The Board discussed possible ideas for 2014 conference locations. 7/11 The Board discussed the preliminary PPC conference schedule and provided input. 7/11 VOTE: Shadle made a motion to change outgoing chair recognition by preparing an insert to include in the program, reading names and having people stand at the business meeting and determining an alternative distribution for the physical award, seconded by Clark. All voted in favor. 8/11 The Board continued to discuss the preliminary PPC conference schedule and provide input. 8/11 The Board discussed awards—in terms of the type of memento given for such and the most effective manner of introducing awardees to the membership—and made recommendations. 8/11 VOTE: Shadle made a motion for NASIG to sponsor the Great Lakes Region E-Resources Summit, seconded by Clark. 8 voted in favor, with 4 abstentions. 8/11 VOTE: Clark made a motion to accept the NASIG internship proposal document, seconded by Shadle. 10 voted in favor, with 2 abstentions. 8/11 VOTE: Shadle moved to provide a 50% registration waiver for all non-vision sessions up to 3 presenters per session, seconded by Clark. 9 voted in favor, with 3 abstentions. 8/11 The Board also discussed how removing the distinction between strategy and tactics sessions would affect the Proceedings Editors and supports having all presenters prepare their own papers unless a recorder is specifically requested. 8/11 The Board approved the call for proposals from PPC. 8/11 The Board approved the conference logo from CPC. 8/11 The Board was saddened to learn of the passing of Liz Burnette. For the past ten years, Liz was Head of the Content Licensing and Acquisitions Department at North Carolina State University Libraries. Prior to that, Liz worked for the Third Circuit United States Court of Appeals Library in Philadelphia. Liz will be missed by her family, friends, and colleagues. 8/11 The Board moved deadlines for CPC, PPC, and Mentoring annual reports to July 15. E&A will continue to have a deadline of September 5. 8/11 The Board discussed timing of the request for proposals and the need to start that process early. 3.0 Treasurer’s Report (Blackwell) There was no new update on Treasurer business. Everything has been running fairly smoothly. 4.0 Consent agenda (all) VOTE: Shadle made a motion to accept the annual reports from the Mentoring Group and Program Planning Committee, seconded by Clark. All voted in favor. Committee updates (all) Conference Proceedings—No new update Contingency Planning Document TF—The task force is setting up a framework and will forward stuff to the Board soon. Continuing Education—No update beyond agenda item Core Competencies TF—No report Database & Directory—No new update Electronic Communications—No major updates Evaluation & Assessment—No report Financial Development—No new update Membership Development—No report Mentoring Group—No new update Newsletter—September newsletter should be up by Friday, September 9. Nominations & Elections—The first call for nominations has gone out, and some nominations have come in. Program Planning—PPC has been very busy. The first call for proposals has gone out, and they are working on updating the program schedule. Publications & Public Relations—No new update Site Selection—Site Selection has made trips to potential locations for 2014. Two sites look promising so far. They will put together a recommendation with pros and cons of each site. There have been five applications for Joyce’s position and that process will move forward soon. Student Outreach—No new update 6.0 2-word follow-up (Shadle) Shadle was going to forward the word cloud graphic to ECC for them to add to web site and have it distributed through a FB announcement and NASIG-L. That should be up and ready soon. Action Item: Shadle will forward graphic of 2-word exercise to ECC to load on website and distribute for discussion. Questions from CEC (Clark) The CEC members are currently looking at different types of webinar software for NASIG to use. What kind of timeline are we looking at for CEC's presentation of findings, and a possible implementation? The Board would love for one or two to happen before the next conference. EBSCO and Swets each said it would be okay to use their Web conferencing software with the limits of six meetings annually and no more than 30 total attendees in any given meeting. Regarding webinars that may be put on or sponsored by NASIG: Will there be a charge for the webinars? CEC is the one who will be working with the software, so they are free to select what works best for them unless there is a financial issue the Board needs to be aware of. NASIG will probably need to charge a minimal amount in order to recover costs of webinar software. Free options have not proven to be very robust. Zellner has a spreadsheet of an analysis of webinar software that she did previously that she will forward to CEC. CEC’s criteria may vary, but it provides a start. Action Item: Zellner will forward information to CEC regarding a previous analysis that she did for various webinar software options. What kind of incentives will there be for webinar presenters (other than the fact that they can use it as a professional activity)? No financial incentive at this time. CEC recently conducted a survey of NASIG members. Should the results be shared with all of the NASIG membership? With some editing to make it more usable, yes, we should share results with membership. 8.0 Membership Rate Discussion (Blackwell) Organizations typically set rates in U.S. dollars, and members pay in U.S. currency. When non-U.S. members make payment in another currency, that causes complications for the Treasurer and additional bank fees for NASIG. The Membership Benefits page only lists general membership dues, but nothing different for Canada or Mexico. We need to update the Membership Benefits page to reflect the lower membership rate for Mexico, and we may ultimately want to expand category to include developing countries and link to World Bank list. No changes on the website will be made until January 1. Action Item: Ginanni will contact Oscar Saavedra in Mexico regarding how to generate more Mexican members. Action Item: Blackwell will follow up and make sure that rates on Membership Benefits page are listed in U.S. dollars and that it includes the separate rate for Mexican members. 9.0 Travel Insurance (Wilson) Wilson had sent information to the Board regarding travel insurance for Merriman Award winners. Insurance rates look reasonable considering cost of covering additional expenses in 2010 during the Icelandic volcanic eruption. VOTE: Clark made a motion to approve the purchase of travel insurance as a matter of routine for Merriman Award winners and the NASIG President attending UKSG, and to add this to the reimbursement policy. Motion seconded by Ginanni and all voted in favor. When the NASIG President makes travel arrangements, he/she will determine best policy and purchase travel insurance for both people. A&R will add to their manual that travel insurance will be purchased. Arcstone is updating their system and providing additional functionality. Action Item: Shadle will put together a group (Blackwell, Arnold, ECC folks, Pennington, Beth Ashmore, possibly Boissy) to determine what new features and cost thereof will be to make a recommendation to Board whether to upgrade or not, or to search for a different company. 11.0 Vision Speaker (Carr) The Board had started a discussion of potential speaker recommendations on the Board list. The Board discussed additional suggestions. Meeting adjourned at 3:29 p.m. EDT. Minutes submitted by: Carol Ann Borchert NASIG Secretary September 9, 2011 Revised September 30, 2011 Minutes approved by the NASIG Executive Board on October 17, 2011. 10.0 Arcstone Developments (Blackwell)

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