Members’ Forum Minutes

NASIG Newsletter, Aug 2017

Kelli Getz

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Members’ Forum Minutes

Post Conference Wrap-Up 0 Recognition of Outgoing Board Members and Committee Chairs, Presented by Mary Bailey and Alice Rhoades, Awards & Recognition Committee Co-Chairs 1 New members: Angela Dresselhaus (Vice- President/President-Elect), Jessica Ireland (Treasurer-Elect), Karen Davidson (Member-at- Large), Maria Hatfield (Member-at-Large), Ted Westervelt (Member-at-Large) Continuing members: Anna Creech (Past President), Steve Oberg (President), Angela Dresselhaus (Vice- President/President-Elect) , Kelli Getz (Secretary), Michael Hanson (Treasurer) , Betsy Appleton (Member-at-Large), Chris Bulock (Member-at- Large) , Adolfo Tarango, Member-at-Large 2 Treasurer's Report , Presented by Michael Hanson Conference financials will not be available until after the conference. Total equity and deposit accounts are down. There were 120 fewer registrants for this conference than expected. Additional items affecting the budget include a strategic planning session and extra NPH help. - BUSINESS MEETING Call to Order The meeting was called to order at 4:30pm Central. Highlights from the Past Year, Presented by Anna Creech The Financial Planning Task Force is wrapping up their final report. The Strategic Planning Task Force came up with a strategic plan and a list of outcomes and action items. The Scholarly Communications Core Competencies Task Force finished their report. NASIG continues to work with Non-Profit Help (NPH). NPH helped the Board come up with a marketing plan, and both groups will be working together to implement the plan. This was the second year of free student memberships. SOC and Mentoring are working together to create a Student Mentoring Program. Please contact either group if you are interested in becoming a student mentor. There were two successful site visits by the Site Selection Committee. Atlanta was selected for the 2018 conference, and Pittsburgh was selected for the 2019 conference. NASIG continues to support other groups. This year NASIG was a sponsor for the Library Publishing Coalition, OVGTSL, and the North Carolina Serials Conference. • Board members: Carol Ann Davis (Past President), Chris Burris (Member-at-Large), Angela Dresselhaus (Member-at-Large), and Laurie Kaplan (Member-at Large) Archivist and Archives Task Force: Sara Bahnmaier Bylaws: Kate Seago Communications & Marketing: Jessica Ireland and David Macaulay Conference Planning: Danielle Williams and Sue Wiegand Continuing Education: Kevin Balster and Adele Fitzgerald Database & Directory: Kathryn Wesley Evaluation & Assessment: Derek Marshall Membership Development: Rachel Erb Mentoring: Sandy Folsom Nominations & Elections: Patrick Carr Program Planning: Steve Kelley Student Outreach: Katy DiVittorio Proceedings Editors: Angie Ohler and Angela Dresselhaus Scholarly Communications Core Competencies: Andy Wesolek Financial Planning: Peter Whiting and Susan Davis Strategic Planning: Joyce Tenney Digital Preservation: Wendy Robertson Scholarly Communications Core Competencies Task Force Report and Discussion, Presented by Andy Wesolek The Scholarly Communications Core Competencies is now up on the NASIG website. • • • • It was difficult to tease out what a scholarly communications librarian does because it touches every aspect of librarianship. To come up with the core competencies, the task force talked with scholarly communication librarians, pulled job advertisements, and reviewed continuing education opportunities. The task force came up with four themes: background knowledge, technical skills, outreach and instruction, and team building. They also developed five areas of interest that could be determined by institutional needs. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Discussion of Old business, Presented by Christie Degener There was no old business to discuss. Call for New Business, Presented by Christie Degener • There was no new business to discuss. The meeting was adjourned at 5:03pm Central. Minutes submitted by: Kelli Getz Secretary, NASIG Executive Board

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