2014 Committee Annual Reports/Updates

NASIG Newsletter, Jun 2014

Published on 05/01/14

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2014 Committee Annual Reports/Updates

Submitted on: April 2014 Committee Annual Reports/Updates Bylaws Committee 0 1 0 Members Leigh Ann DePope, chair (Salisbury University) Dana Whitmire, vice-chair (UT Health Science Center at San Antonio) Ann Ercelawn, member (Vanderbilt University) Rene Erlandson, member (University of Nebraska Omaha) Sandy Folsom, member (Central Michigan University) Mary Grenci, member (University of Oregon) [Withdrew from committee in , USA 1 Members Paula Sullenger, archivist/chair (Auburn University) Deberah England, photo archivist (Wright State University) Shana McDanold, board liaison (Georgetown University) Peter Whiting ex-offico archivist, University of Southern Indiana , USA Completed Activities - Archivist I have been accumulating materials from board members for the archives at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). I am currently gathering requests for materials to be digitized from the NASIG archives at UIUC. The Executive Board and the 30th Anniversary Committee have both expressed interest in some of this material. The archivist has collected the Memoranda of Understanding for the 2014 Conference. The photo archivist sent selected photos to the Newsletter editor at the editor’s request. There were no expenditures for this year. I will submit a budget request for digitization costs when I receive a quote from the UIUC archives. Submitted on: April 7, 2014 Awards & Recognition Committee Submitted by: Leigh Ann DePope Leigh Ann DePope is working with CPC for conference arrangements. Dana Whitmire is working with the 2014 awards winners to confirm their arrangements for the conference. She is also working with Membership to start the awards winners’ one-year membership. Sandy Folsom is continuing to work on a manual for the committee. She has created an outline and rough drafts of a few sections. The committee has been tasked with reviewing and updating the awards to reflect the Core Competencies and to create a new award honoring Birdie MacLennan. Given the nature of the committee’s work structure, this work would be best undertaken at the beginning of the 2015 cycle before the awards process has begun. Leigh Ann DePope will pass along the information that has already been gathered to the 2015 incoming chair. Completed Activities The 2014 award cycle has been completed. The committee received 23 applicants for six awards. No applications were submitted for the Marcia Tuttle International Award. No winner has been announced for the Mexican Student Grant Award. Budget No expenditures at this time. Recommendations to Board The Mexican Student Grant has had problems over the years ranging from trouble recruiting applicants to travel problems. The committee recommends the Board create a group to review the Mexican Student Grant and its relevancy. Submitted on: March 31, 2014 Submitted by: Sharon Scott Members Sharon Scott, chair (University of California, Riverside) Leigh Ann DePope, member (Salisbury University) Randall Lowe, member (Frostburg State University) Tessa Minchew, member (North Carolina State University) Elizabeth McDonald, past chair (University of Memphis) Marsha Seamans, member (University of Kentucky) Susan Wishnetsky, member (Northwestern University. Feinberg School of Medicine) Chris Brady, board liaison (U.S. Dept. of Justice Libraries) Continuing Activities This was an uneventful year for the Bylaws Committee. We received no questions or suggestions regarding updates to the bylaws. Completed Activities No action was required on any matter. Budget No financial support was required. Submitted on: Apr. 1, 2014 Conference Proceedings Editors Submitted by: Sara Bahnmaier Members Sara Bahnmaier, editor, (University of Michigan) Kay G. Johnson, editor (Radford University) Angela Dresselhaus, incoming editor (University of Montana) Selden Lamoureux, board liaison (SDLinforms) Recorders for the 2014 Conference:  The editors sent out a call for Recorders for the 2014 conference in late March via the NASIG list and blog (http://nasig.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/open -call-for-nasig-conference-proceeedingsrecorders/).  Applications will be due in mid-April and will be reviewed by the editors. Recorders will be contacted shortly after with their assignments and information on paper requirements.  Presenters who will be writing up their own sessions will also be contacted in early April with information on paper requirements. Editor Kay Johnson will work closely with the publisher to request that Taylor & Francis restore some missing front matter from previously digitized back volumes of the Proceedings (1986-2012). The 2013 Proceedings are an example of the complete volume including all front matter, as required by the Presentation and Identification of E-journals (PIE-J) standard. Outgoing editor Sara Bahnmaier will submit a report requested by the Board about LIS authors’ rights under Taylor & Francis license to publish and comparing them with other publishers and Open Access or Creative Commons. The Editors will complete a revision of the Proceedings Editors’ Manual. We will also review our portions of the NASIG working calendar. The Proceedings will be published online and in print by Taylor & Francis in April, 2014 as volume 66 of The Serials Librarian. The PDF version of the Proceedings will be sent to the Electronic Communications Committee and posted on the NASIG website. Taylor & Francis will mail complimentary copies of the Proceedings according to the names and addresses compiled by the editors and submitted in March, 2014. The Editors used two hand-held digital recorders for recording the vision sessions. We were happy to be able to quickly and easily send the files to the recorders who needed to consult the recordings while preparing their reports. Although we offered at the Speakers’ Breakfast to make an audio-recording for any of the other sessions, no one took advantage of the opportunity. Editors will continue to record Vision Sessions, and continue to offer to make an audio-recording for other speakers who may want this benefit, especially to capture questions and discussion. The 28th conference was the first time that editors received travel reimbursement for attendance, which was funded by Taylor & Francis. The editors are grateful to the Board and T&F for the perquisite. Natasha Cahill was appointed as new production editor by Taylor & Francis, replacing Elizabeth Kerr, who received a promotion and was assigned to other duties. We have established the new working relationship and are confident that Ms. Cahill will ably fill the role. The 2013 Proceedings are comprised of 35 individual papers covering all preconference, vision, and regular sessions presented at the 28th Annual conference. A brief schedule regarding the editing of the 2013 papers is provided below:   Most of the papers were submitted by the deadline of July 15, 2013, or shortly thereafter. One paper was not submitted within a reasonable timeframe and came in late and incomplete. It was not deemed appropriate for publishing. This noncompliance placed extra burdens on the Editors. One of the paper authors published a similar report elsewhere and borrowed some text, tables and figures in the Proceedings. The editors consulted the publisher and reported back to the author that attribution was sufficient under the license to publish.  One of the vision speakers asked to be removed as an author. The request was made during preparations for the 2013 conference but had not reached the editors until the paper had been submitted and was in proof. The editors consulted with the board liaison, and were able to meet the vision speaker’s request. This placed extra demands on the Editors during the proof phase.  As usual, the editors requested primary authors of papers to sign either the license to publish or copyright transfer form. This is a requirement for publication of the Proceedings. A handful of authors questioned the authors’ rights available under Taylor & Francis’ terms and conditions and/or expressed reluctance about some aspect of the copyright forms. Again, this placed extra burdens on the editors, who called on the board liaison and publisher for advice. The board liaison ably assisted and also brought back a charge from the Board for the outgoing editor to investigate further into authors’ rights issues.  The Editors prepared the Introduction and front and back matter for the Proceedings in December, 2013.  The Editors continue to use Google Drive to edit the papers.  The edited papers were uploaded to Taylor & Francis’ CATS online production system in December, 2013.  The proofs were reviewed by the editors, board liaison and paper authors in early March, 2014.  The Editors compiled a list for complimentary copy distribution and submitted it to Taylor & Francis in March, 2014.  The Editors thanked every author and speaker for their valued contributions to the Proceedings. To better fill the need to publicize essential information about the paper requirement and questions of authorship and copyright, the editors and board liaison collaborated with the Program Planning Committee to write up Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) that were signed by vision speakers and presenters, and a FAQs for vision speakers and presenters. The FAQs were also reviewed by the publisher, who helped make the language consistent with the language authors will find on the Taylor & Francis website. The FAQs will be made available on the NASIG website. Angela Dresselhaus, University of Montana, was selected as the new Proceedings editor for the 2014-15 term. She is replacing Sara Bahnmaier, who rotates off prior to the 2014 conference. Budget The Editors’ budget request should retain the travel reimbursement for two editors at the next Conference and a note on whatever funding might be required for conference calls, should any of the participants not be able to use conference calling facilities at their institutions and need to be reimbursed for the conference calls on their own lines. Submitted on: April 1, 2014 Continuing Education Committee Submitted by: Todd Enoch Members Todd Enoch, chair (University of North Texas) Melissa Johnson, vice-chair (Georgia Regents University) Janet Arcand (Iowa State University) Jennifer Bazeley, member (Miami University) Evelyn Brass, member (University of Houston [Retired]) Melissa Cardenas-Dow, member (University of Redlands) Jeannie Castro, member (University of Houston) Eleanor Cook, member (East Carolina University) Lori Duggan, member (Indiana University) Sharon Dyas-Correia, member (Indiana University) Mark Henley, member (University of North Texas) Steve Oberg, member (University of Illinois) Jane Skoric, member (Santa Clara University) Paula Sullenger, member (Auburn University) Esta Tovstiadi, member (University of Colorado) Theron Westervelt, member (Library of Congress) Clint Chamberlin, board liaison (Reading and Radio Resource) Continuing Activities Upcoming NASIG webinars:  April 10 , 2014: “Model Licenses & Licensing Templates: Present and Future” by Lianne Taylor, Texas State University  September 11, 2014: “From Record-Bound to Boundless : FRBR, Linked Data and New Possibilities for Serials Cataloging“ by Juliya Borie and Marlene Van Ballegooie, University of Toronto  November 13, 2014: “DIY ERM (Do-It-Yourself Electronic Resources Management) for the Small Library“ by Sarah Hartman-Caverly, Delaware County Community College. We will have our first joint webinar with NISO on May 21, 2014: “Playing the Numbers: Best Practices in Acquiring, Interpreting and Applying Usage Statistics.” Speakers will be Peter Shepherd, Project Director of COUNTER; Oliver Pesch, Chief Product Strategist at EBSCO Information Services; and Jill Emery, Portland State University. Steve Oberg is exploring partnering with UKSG to update their ERM Handbook. Jennifer Beazley is working on creating a Wikipedia page for NASIG. Her initial attempt was deleted because a Wikipedia editor deemed that her inclusion of NASIG’s vision and mission statements verbatim constituted copyright violation. Completed Activities Completed November webinar: “Scholar Commons @ USF: Sharing Knowledge Worldwide” presented by Carol Ann Borchert and Julie Fielding. Recorded webinar distributed to registrants. Co-sponsored open access webinar: “Protecting your Patrons from Predatory Publishers” on October 22, 2013 with University of South Florida Libraries. The USF Libraries handled all aspects of the webinar registration and hosting, with NASIG members getting a chance at early registration. The webinar had 90 registrants, out of which 35 were NASIG members. Following a trial period, the decision was made to fully absorb the Publications Subcommittee into the Continuing Education Committee. The Committee has proposed a general schedule for quarterly webinars moving forward, with webinars to be scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of February, April, September, and November each year. The committee will use the evaluations of the current year’s conference presentations to suggest presenters and topics for the following year. Budget With the removal of sponsorship decisions from the CEC duties, the budget has been reduced to $1,500 to cover the cost of WebEx. Submitted on: March 31, 2014 Core Competencies Task Force Submitted by: Sanjeet Mann Members Sanjeet Mann, chair (University of Redlands) Eugenia Beh, member (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Steve Black, member (College of Saint Rose) Susan Davis, member (SUNY Buffalo) Taryn Resnick, member (University of Wisconsin Madison) Sarah Sutton, board liaison (Emporia State University) The CCTF received over 40 responses to our emails sent to various library listservs, and we spent February and March analyzing the position descriptions in depth. We are satisfied with the volume of responses from libraries of different sizes and organizational missions, and we are currently working to write up a rough draft of the addendum document to be submitted to NASIG membership by mid-April. We will accept feedback electronically and in person at an informal discussion group and full session at the upcoming conference. We are also planning to issue recommendations to the NASIG board immediately after the conference on how best to review and maintain the core competencies. Completed Activities With the assistance of the Program Planning Committee, we secured two appropriate venues for gathering feedback on the print serials competencies at the upcoming conference. Other presenters have contributed numerous sessions discussing various aspects and implications of the electronic resource competencies. It is great to see NASIG membership taking collective ownership of the core competencies and making it a living document! Budget The CCTF may need to conduct additional conference calls in April while we are synthesizing competencies and preparing a document for review by the NASIG membership. Submitted on: March 26, 2014 Database and Directory Committee Submitted by: Alice Rhoades Members Alice Rhoades, chair (Rice University) Jessica Ireland, vice-chair (Radford University) Mary Bailey, member (Kansas State University) Julie Fielding, member (University of South Florida) Christine Radcliffe, member (Texas A&M University) Jennifer Arnold, board liaison (Central Piedmont Community College) Continuing Activities We have kept current with the business of invoicing members for their dues payments and updating member records. We have also set up several new organizational memberships and fielded many questions and problems related to the upcoming annual conference. Completed Activities We have continued updating procedures in our manual to accommodate changes in the new database and have mostly completed this project. We completed the annual database cleanup project. Budget No expenses anticipated for the coming period. Statistical Information Current active membership as of April 7, 2014 is 603 members. Questions for Board None Submitted on: April 7, 2014 Electronic Communications Committee Submitted by: Kathryn Wesley and Carol Ann Borchert Members Carol Ann Borchert, co-chair, listmanager (University of South Florida) Kathryn Wesley, co-chair, web management (Clemson University) Chris Bulock, vice co-chair, web management (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville) Smita Joshipura, vice co-chair, listmanager (Arizona State University) Chris Burris, member, September- (Wake Forest University) Julia Proctor, member (University of Wyoming) Paoshan Yue, member (University of Nevada, Reno) Sandy Srivastava, member, June-August (College of New Rochelle) Char Simser, publicist (Kansas State University) Tim Hagan, board liaison (Northwestern University) Continuing Activities NASIG website migration began over the summer; most essential content has been moved, but a lot of secondary and tertiary level work remains ongoing. Many documents remain to be moved also. Document management on the new site is complex, so the latter task will take some time. Non-member registrants for the NASIG Annual Conference are being added to NASIG-L weekly. About a month after the conference, ECC will check these lists against the Member Directory and remove folks who are still nonmembers. New committee members Julia, Paoshan, and Chris Burris (September-) are rotating on regular monthly tasks of jobs blog maintenance, NASIG blog and social media maintenance, and spam filter monitoring.  ECC is working on adding an option to do online donations to NASIG via credit card, now that the new website has this capability.  ECC is investigating possibilities for ad placement on the website.  UKSG eNews is sent by broadcast email as issues become available.  On April 2, our CMS provider ArcStone announced an upgrade to the AMO platform which will optimize content for mobile devices. A number of pages, notably the homepage, will need to be reformatted to work with the upgrade, which goes live on May 12.  Publicist activities that are ongoing: o Post items to NASIG News, Other News, and Events on the NASIG homepage in collaboration with committee members o Work with NASIG committees and the Board to distribute messages to external lists o Schedule tweets to repeat announcements and deadlines previously posted to the blog o Revising the NASIG Publicity Manual Completed Activities Publicist  The committee is excited to report that the NASIG Publicist has become a permanent position on the ECC.  The Publicist updated the Publicity Guidelines for NASIG Committees and posted the document to the Member Center for NASIG's internal use.  The Publicist submitted two items to Against the Grain for publication on their website and in the November 2013 issue.  The Publicist consulted with the CPC marketing representative to discuss distribution of mail to regional associations and library schools. Email  All committee listservs and forwarding email addresses were updated for 2013/14 in June.  Non-member conference attendees were removed from NASIG-L by July 26.  Two new listservs have been set up--one for the 30th Anniversary Task Force and one for the Vision & Mission Task Force.  Secondary contacts have been added to NASIG email addresses that were previously going to just a single person. Due to the volume of email that is sent to the email address, ECC has added the NASIG gmail address as the backup for the publicist, rather than a secondary individual. If the publicist is not available, now that the Publicist is part of ECC, a member of ECC will know to check the gmail account for any items that need to be addressed. Website  In July, committee and board rosters were updated on the old site by volunteer Wendy Robertson (former ECC co-chair), while current ECC members familiar with the old interface were involved in migration work.  Essential website content has been moved to the new platform; final data migration took place September 9 (included member database, broadcast email records, surveys, etc.); the public website went live September 10.  During the migration process, we noted AMO2’s restricted approach to document management and set up Chris Bulock as the ECC member able to move or delete documents on the resource browser through an ftp client.  Other committees (Database & Directory, Nominations & Elections) and individuals (treasurer, treasurer-elect, conference and webinar registrars) who needed early access to the new site were made association administrators with appropriate permissions assigned; training sessions were arranged with ArcStone for D&D.  Credit card functionality was tested prior to going live.  The Call for Nominations 2013/14 survey was transferred to the new site; results from the survey on the old site were downloaded and sent to N&E.  Worked with Todd Enoch of Continuing Education to ensure the fall webinar site was working, and that registrants from the old site transferred. Assisted in setting up the spring webinar page and registration.  Assisted with setup for Jeffrey Beall webinar cosponsored by NASIG             Set up annual conference pages for the Conference Planning Committee to provide content. New URLs for the call for nominations and fall webinar registration were sent in a broadcast email. Following the new site going live, ECC responded to a request to link the NASIGuide on license negotiation by Rick Anderson to the main NASIGuide page. In the process, we noticed some outdated links and facilitated communication between Rick and the Publications/Public Relations Committee to get those updated. Created groupspace for all committees and the Executive Board, with committee chairs set as group admins (secretary is group admin for the Executive Board). Groupspace is analogous to private committee space on the old site. It does not allow for multiple levels of webpages, but does have document storage, calendar, messaging, and other functionalities. Broadcast email issues were resolved. A significant amount of website-related documentation has been updated in the ECC manual (http://nasigeccmanual.pbworks.com/w/page/1 0221189/FrontPage); all pages with instructions on the new site have been tagged AMO2 (http://nasigeccmanual.pbworks.com/w/tags/s how?tag=AMO2) Asked ArcStone to add our Google Analytics ID to the new site (Sept. 26). Conference archives migration completed. NASIGuides migration completed, including conversion of the MARC Serial Holdings document from HTML to PDF (HTML formatting for this one was not manageable on the new site). Assisted Nominations & Elections Committee in loading updated nomination forms and in extracting and cleaning up nomination data from the admin module; created candidate information page, assisted with ballot, sent email blast announcements. Provided admin module access and guidance to various committees and conference registrar. Updated Evaluation & Assessment committee page to reflect calendar year appointments and change in personnel; uploaded updated E&A manual.  Loaded 2014 sponsorship documents for CPC.  New public page and groupspace set up for 30th Anniversary Celebration Task Force.  Worked with FDC chair Rob Van Rennes and D&D chair Alice Rhoades to set up the new lifetime membership category; added lifetime member information to Membership Benefits page.  Following an inquiry from a member concerned about webpage source code titles that read “North American Serials Interest Group – powered by AMO,” contacted ArcStone to find out whether the “powered by AMO” part could be removed. (It was, very promptly.)  Worked with Conference Proceedings editors and Taylor & Francis contact to get member access to Proceedings working. Loaded new copyright form for editors.  Changed the address on membership renewal invoices from the official New York address to the treasurer’s Charlotte, North Carolina, address at her request.  Assisted Mentoring Group with setting up and testing the Mentoring Program Application, uploading the new guidelines document, and editing the Mentoring webpage. Miscellaneous All 2013 conference presentations that were submitted were loaded to SlideShare. After the Board notified ECC that we are moving towards logos without the “North American Serials Interest Group” wording on them, Chris Bulock designed new logos for the NASIG Blog and NASIG Jobs Blog based on the NASIG Newsletter logo. At the request of the board, Kathryn contacted and facilitated communication with the designer of the suite of logos adopted in 2008, Jessica Broom, and arranged for her to update the main logo. Chris Bulock worked with ArcStone to place the updated logo on the website. Updated letter for conference presenters with instructions on submitting presentation materials for SlideShare. Conference calls Contracted services Bee.Net ($500 per month – email and listservs) ArcStone (NASIG website and association management - $300 per month + contingency amount of $1450 for 10 hours of programming if needed) Survey Monkey (online surveys) SlideShare Pro (conference presentations) UKSG Newsletter Contingency TOTAL Statistical Information NASIG-L NASIG has 28 listservs. NASIG has 26 active @nasig.org email addresses. As of April 1, there are 581 subscribed members to NASIG-L and 25 unsubscribed members. This includes non-members who are registered for the 2014 Annual Conference. SlideShare 54 presentations/posters were uploaded from the 2013 conference Views April 2013-March 2014 - 25,216 Total (since April 2012) - 47,142 Top Content April 2013-March 2014 (views) 1. From Record-Bound to Boundless: FRBR, Linked Data, and New Possibilities for Serials Cataloging (2,393) 2. Why the Internet is More Attractive Than the Library (1,710) 3. Scholarly Video Journals to Increase Productivity in Research and Education (1,098) 4. RDA and Serials: Theoretical and Practical Applications. Preconference (866) 5. Discovering Music: Small-Scale, Web-Scale, Facets, and Beyond - Belford (841) Total *ECC annual report for 2012-2013 covered through March 2013 **Not an error. Visits for both May and June were 3244. Top Ten Landing Pages (Google Analytics) April 2013March 2014* (To view pages on old site, use domain old_nasig.associationsonline.com/) Blog stats (April 2013-March, 2014) NASIG Blog visits - 9,913 Jobs Blog visits - 24,855 Website Website visits (Google Analytics) April 2013-March, 2014* April 2013 May 2013 June 2013 July 2013 August 2013 September 2013 October 2013 November 2013 December 2013 January 2014 February 2014 March 2014 http://www.nasig.org/ /conference_registration.cfm [2013 main conference page] /committee-core-competencies-taskforce.cfm [on old site] /site_signin.cfm [new site] /site_page.cfm?pk_association_webpa ge_menu=700&pk_association_webpa ge=1228 [2014 conference main page] /site_page.cfm?pk_association_webpa ge_menu=700&pk_association_webpa ge=1260 [2014 registration page] /index.cfm [old home page] /site_member_home.cfm [old site] /about_history.cfm [old site] /registrationcontent.cfm [2013 registration page] 19587 6980 4756 3988 3907 3605 2986 2156 2068 2043 *ECC annual report covered through March 2013 Recommendations to Board In light of the addition of the publicist to the committee, and the fact that the fundamental purposes of the electronic communication media ECC manages are communication and publicity, the committee recommends a change of name to the Communications and Marketing Committee. Submitted on: April 3, 2014 There are no funding requests at this time. Financial Development Committee Membership Development Committee Submitted by: Rob Van Rennes Submitted by: Patricia Adams Members Rob Van Rennes, chair (University of Iowa) Virginia Bacon, member (East Carolina University) Joe Badics, member (Eastern Michigan University) Lisa Blackwell, member (Chamberlain College of Nursing) Catherine Nelson, member (University of California, Santa Barbara) Elizabeth Parang, member (Pepperdine University) Peter Whiting, board liaison (University of Southern Indiana) Continuing Activities The Committee continues to investigate advertising rates and ad placement options on the NASIG website and in the Newsletter. Completed Activities The Committee worked with the NASIG Publicist, Treasurer, and the ECC to develop and post publicity for the new lifetime membership fee. The Committee contacted all NASIG organizational members to offer them free advertising in the March 2014 Newsletter. Members worked closely with the individual publishers and the Newsletter Editor-in-Chief to meet the submission deadline. Members Pat Adams, chair (YBP Library Services) Denise Novak, vice-chair (Carnegie Mellon University) Steve Fallon, member (De Gruyter) Trina Holloway, member (Georgia State University) Alejandra Nann, member (University of San Diego) Chris Brady, board liaison (US Dept. of Justice) Continuing Activities The committee sends renewal reminders to lapsed members the second month after their membership lapses and sends a welcome message to new members, based on contact lists supplied by Database and Development. MDC is coordinating with Student Outreach to contact the four LIS programs in Oklahoma and Texas (UT Austin, North Texas, TWU, and OU) to encourage 2014 NASIG Conference attendance in Fort Worth, Texas. MDC is coordinating with Student Outreach to develop full-time student conference rate requirements, vetting, and processing for Board consideration. Brainstorm: Creative ways to enhance membership. The main idea is that in order to maintain relevance for their members, membership driven organizations (like NASIG) should consider creating customizable memberships which allow members to pick and choose from among a number of membership benefits. Targeted membership campaign: webinar attendees (for consideration later in 2014) Completed Activities MDC developed a brief survey and emailed the link to all members not attending the 2013 NASIG Conference in Buffalo requesting input to improve NASIG conference attendance. The results will be tallied and sent to the Board. No budget expenditures this year and no anticipated budget needs next year. Statistical Information The committee sent 69 renewal reminders to lapsed members and 37 welcome messages to new members. Action(s) Required by Board Four out of five committee members are retiring from the committee this year and will need replacement or renewal. Recommendations to Board Several recommendations re: Creative Ways to Enhance Membership 1. Lifetime membership, while appealing to new librarians, is not affordable at $1000. 2. Reach out with NASIG benefit information to Library Directors and Deans who often recommend professional development to their new staff. 3. Provide testimonials regarding the long-time benefits of NASIG. 4. Communicate information to library schools – membership and conference information. 5. Make NASIG membership information more prominent on the NASIG website. 6. Encourage corporate members to promote NASIG conference on their social media pages and their website especially if they are attending. Provide flyers for distribution in vendor exhibits during conferences. Mentoring Group Submitted by: Danielle Williams The Mentoring Committee has been busy the past four months. When registration for the annual NASIG conference opened, the chair began sending out requests for mentors and mentees. NASIG registrar, Katy Ginanni, has been sending weekly reports of firsttimers. Weekly invitations are sent to the first-timers to participate in the mentee program. As of April 1st, 25 people have signed up to be mentors and 14 first-timers have signed up to be mentees. I expect more firsttimers to request mentors at the conference and will continue to solicit NASIG members to volunteer to serve as a mentor. As has been done the past two years, a request was sent to the chair of the Continuing Education Committee to ask for volunteers to assist with the firsttimers reception, specifically to assist with coordinating meet-ups at the conference and to ensure that all mentors and mentees are transported to the firsttimers reception together. Several members of the committee have agreed to help and we will be working closely with them in the weeks leading up to the conference. For the first time, the first-timers reception will not be held in the conference hotel, but will be held at Billy Bob’s Texas Club. There was some concern regarding the meeting and transportation of mentors and mentees to Bill Bob’s. Michael Hanson has assured me that suitable transportation will be provided for mentors and mentees prior to the reception. With the assistance of volunteers from the Continuing Education committee, the reception should be a success. The chair and co-chair have begun bi-weekly phone calls to discuss the procedure of matching mentees with mentors, contacting match-ups, and the logistics of the first-timers reception. There has been some question about committee procedures, specifically a lack of guidelines or manual for the committee to follow in the months leading up to the conference. Information seems to be passed from chair to co-chair from year to year, but a clear set of guidelines is lacking. Working with Gaele Gillespie over the next few weeks, I hope to construct a set of guidelines that will help her chair the committee next year. There was some question about the make-up of the committee. In the past, the committee has been made up of a chair and co-chair, with the co-chair serving as chair the next year. This year, a third member was listed on the committee website, but I was not aware that an additional member had been added to the committee. At my request, our board liaison contacted Steve Kelly; together, we determined that the third member of the committee had been listed with incorrect dates regarding her term of service. The matter has been cleared up, but the board might consider expanding the size of the committee. A third member asked to serve as co-chair during their second year and chair during their third would add continuity to the committee, and would be a valuable asset when coordinating the first-timers reception. Newsletter Submitted by: Angela Dresselhaus Members Angela Dresselhaus, editor-in-chief (The University of Montana) Kate Moore, incoming editor-in-chief (Indiana University Southeast) Wm. Joseph Thomas, profiles editor (East Carolina University) Sharon Dyas-Correia, profiles editor (University of Toronto Libraries) Kurt Blythe, columns editor (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill) Rachel A. Erb, conference/submissions editor (Colorado State University) Angie Rathmel, copy editor (University of Kansas) Stephanie Rosenblatt, copy editor (Cerritos College) Betsy Gardiner, calendar editor (EBSCO Information Services) Kate Moore, PDF production editor (Indiana University Southeast) Tim Hagan, board liaison (Northwestern University) Continuing Activities     Newsletter position descriptions are under review Training the incoming EiC Migrating Newsletter backfiles to the Clemson University bepress site Soliciting Newsletter Conference Reporters Completed Activities Published issues  March 2014 o Advertisements were run in Newsletter for the first time Personnel updates  Appointments: o Stephanie Rosenblatt, Copy Editor o Rachel Erb, Conference Editor Newsletter Platform Updates  March 2014 issue was published on the new bepress platform hosted by Clemson University. Budget A $500 request for Newsletter platform migration was requested and approved by the board. 62,109 Full text downloads since the Newsletter was hosted on the bepress platform. 6,137 Full text downloads January to March 2014. Nominations & Elections Committee Submitted by: Kevin Furniss Members Kevin Furniss, chair (Tulane University) Danielle Williams, vice-chair (University of Evansville) Karen Davidson, member (Mississippi State University) Christie Degener, member (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Health Sciences Library) Steve Shadle, member (University of Washington) Jeff Slagell, member (Delta State University) Jenni Wilson, member (Alexander Street Press) Robert Boissy, board liaison (Springer Verlag) Continuing Activities Election in full swing. Voting to conclude Monday, April 7th, 2014, with results announced Monday, April 14th, 2014. I plan to count the ballots on Tuesday, April 8th, and contact the candidates as soon as I have the results. I conferred with Committee members and we decided not to have write-in candidates on the ballot, as it appeared to me to subvert the entire nomination process. This could be revisited in the event of a dearth of candidates for a particular position, and I saw nothing in either the NASIG bylaws or Roberts Rules of Order to require write-in candidates. Also, once the election is concluded I have several recommendations for updating election documentation and placing it in a more accessible location. Submitted on: April 2, 2014 Members: Steve Kelley, Wake Forest University, Anne McKee, Greater Western Alliance Joyce Tenney, UMBC Completed Activities Bids were solicited for the 2016 conference and evaluated by the committee. The committee recommended to the board that the 2016 conference site should be Albuquerque, New Mexico. The board approved the recommendation, and asked that a contract be pursued to finalize that location. Anne McKee negotiated the contract and it was signed in early 2014. Submitted on: March 27, 2014 Submitted by: Kate Seago Members Kate Seago, chair (University of Kentucky) Katy DiVittorio, vice-chair (University of Colorado, Denver) Eugenia Beh, member (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Jamie Carlstone, member (University of Chicago) Shannon Regan (Mercer University) Sarah Sutton, board liaison (Emporia State University) Continuing Activities The survey of library students was live from February 6 to March 14, 2014 and we had 239 completed surveys out of 260 in total. The data from the survey will need to be reviewed and a report generated. The committee is currently working with the treasurer to get the Amazon gift card to the winner. The Student Outreach Committee is starting to organize its participation in the vendor expo at the annual conference to raise awareness about the group and recruit more ambassadors. Completed Activities The survey was completed and Sanjeet Mann entered it into Survey Monkey. Various committee members and test subjects tested the survey. Sanjeet made some revisions based on recommendations. NASIG ambassadors and committee members sent the announcement of the survey to various listservs as appropriate. The NASIG student outreach committee and ambassadors also reached out to the various library and information schools to make sure they knew about the NASIG conference and scholarship opportunities. Budget The budget for the SOC is $150 covering the Amazon gift card and printing of the SOC handout. The SOC handout is used at the NASIG annual meeting and other events to recruit ambassadors. Action Required by Board The Board has requested the Student Outreach Committee work with the nearby library science schools to encourage attendance at the 2014 conference in Fort Worth. The Student Outreach Committee is starting work on this request. Question for the Board The Student Outreach Chair asked if the NASIG board was going to offer a student rate or some enticement for students from nearby schools to attend the conference.

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