April 25, 2016 Conference Call

NASIG Newsletter, Dec 2017

Kelli Getz

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April 25, 2016 Conference Call

NASIG Board Conference Call April 0 Regrets: Maria Collins, Member-at-Large Kate Moore , Newsletter Editor 1 Guests: Betsy Appleton, Incoming Member-at-Large Chris Bulock, Incoming Member-at-Large Angela Dresselhaus, Incoming Member-at-Large Adolfo Tarango , Incoming Member-at-Large 2 Executive Board: Carol Ann Borchert, President Steve Kelley, Past-President Anna Creech, Vice President/President-Elect Kelli Getz, Secretary Beverly Geckle , Treasurer Michael Hanson, Treasurer-Elect Attendees 1.0 Welcome (Borchert) The meeting was called to order at 10:02 am. 2.0 Treasurer’s Report (Geckle) 3.0 Secretary’s Report (Getz) The new physical banners with the new NASIG logo and tagline has been ordered. The banners should be printed before the end of April. 4.0 NISO Membership (Borchert) There was a discussion on NISO membership regarding our NISO representatives. Oberg and Creech are temporarily serving as NASIG’s NISO representatives. Borchert already announced NASIG’s NISO membership in the President’s Corner of the NASIG Newsletter, but a more formal announcement will be made after the Board develops a permanent plan for NASIG NISO representatives. CEC needed the Board to vote on whether NISO members would be allowed to get the NASIG member rate for NASIG webinars since NASIG members pay the NISO member rate for NISO webinars. VOTE: Robertson moved to allow NISO members to get a NASIG member rate for NASIG webinars. The motion was seconded by Hanson, and the motion passed unanimously. 5.0 Fundraiser Position Update (Borchert) Borchert provided an update on the new Fundraiser Position. 1 NASIG Newsletter September 2016 Borchert hasn’t heard back from Tenney. Borchert will follow up with her to see if Tenney has contacted Non Profit Help yet. Collins had reported earlier in the day that an agreement with Taylor & Francis had been reached regarding their open access policy. ACTION ITEM: Borchert and Collins will draft a statement of the outcome of the negotiations with Taylor & Francis. They will run the statement by the rest of the Board for wordsmithing, and then they will send the statement to the Publicist to broadcast to the membership. 7.0 Committee Reports (All) PPC: Nothing to report. CPC: The Board discussed several of the conference logistics. Archives: Nothing to report. Archives Task Force: Nothing to report. A&R: Nothing to report. Bylaws: Voting on the proposed changes has begun. NASIG members can vote when they log into the NASIG website. CMC: Nothing to report. Proceedings Editors: Nothing to report. CEC: o The Board has approved a new CEC structure that will be in place after the conference. o There was discussion about the committee chair training webinar and where the link should go.          ACTION ITEM: CEC should send the link to the committee chair training webinar to CMC to put on the website. D&D: Nothing to report. E&A: Nothing to report.           FPTF: A report and recommendation will be ready soon, although not prior to the conference. MDC: Nothing to report. Mentoring: Mentoring sent out a call for mentors. They encourage members of the Board to participate as mentors. ACTION ITEM: Beh will send out the link to the Board list where Board members can sign up to be mentors. Newsletter: The banner for the Newsletter has been updated. N&E: Nothing to report. SCCTF: They hope to have a report ready for the Fall Board Meeting. Site Selection: They will be meeting soon to discuss the recommendation regarding rotating sites. SOC: SOC will be sending out a survey soon to the new student members. ACTION ITEM Committee annual reports will be due Monday, May 2, 2016. 8.0 Adjourn (Borchert) The meeting adjourned at 10:48 am. Minutes submitted by: Kelli Getz Secretary, NASIG Executive Board 6.0 Rebranding/Marketing Update (Borchert)

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