April 22, 2013 Conference Call

NASIG Newsletter, Jun 2013

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April 22, 2013 Conference Call

Executive Board Minutes Ex Officio: Angela Dresselhaus 0 1 0 Executive Board: Bob Boissy, President Steve Shadle, Past-President Joyce Tenney, Vice President/President-Elect Shana McDanold , Secretary Jennifer Arnold, Treasurer 1 NASIG Board Conference Call January Board meeting VOTE: Clark moves to accept March minutes with amendments made. Joyce seconded. All voted in favor. March conference call Hagan: 4.0 VOTE: ECC is not requesting a quote, but rather requesting that ArcStone makes changes. ECC has previously had contingency funds, but did not budget for them this year. ECC has sent a list of changes for ArcStone to make, but have they have not yet made the changes. Arnold explains that ArcStone has had difficulty in the past giving us a quote. Attending Allyson Zellner – out on maternity leave Boissy called the meeting to order at 2:01pm 1.0 Minutes Approval December conference call VOTE: Lamoureux moves to accept March minutes with amendments made. Clark seconded. All voted in favor. 1 Amend minutes to indicate ECC is working with ArcStone to make the noted changes to the website. VOTE: Boissy moves to accept March minutes with amendments made. Shadle seconded. All voted in favor. ACTION ITEM: October minutes and April conference call minutes will be submitted to Board for review. Approval will be via email. (McDanold) 2.0 Site Selection 2015 Discussion and Vote 3.0 CPC and PPC Conference Update (Carr/Tenney) 3.1 Registration Update Pre-conferences: RDA and Serials has 35 current registrations. Library as Publisher has one registrant. And Copyright in Practice has 11 people registered. Tenney reminded us that early-bird registration ends May 3, 2013. Tenney reported that we are about 50 registrations behind in comparison historically. The CPC is sending out the early bird deadline reminder this week and that usually bumps up registrations. The Board was reminded to make an effort to encourage registration via social media, etc. 3.2 Update from PPC (Carr) Question from PPC: Does the Board want to have first choice on who they want to introduce? Last year Michael solicited the Board first and the year before the committee chose first and then the Board picked up what was left. Note: the Board normally does the vision speakers. Vision speakers are introduced by the post, current, incoming chairs; Boissy would like to introduce Brian Alexander; Tenney will introduce Megan; Shadle will introduce Siva. General program introductions are usually done by the room monitor, PPC, or Board. The PPC will assign to committee members first, and then send list of what is still needed to Board and we will divide it up among current members and incoming members. General update (from document submitted by PPC to the Board): • 3 programs cancelled (Demystifying Chinese/Japanese/Korean Serials Cataloging with RDA, Weed ‘em or Keep ‘em? Digging Deeper Into Weeding Projects and The Challenges of Sustaining a Community Managed Open Source ERMS) • Replaced "The Challenges of Sustaining a Community Managed Open Source ERMS" program with Open Access Electronic Journals at the National Autonomous University of Mexico 7 program time slots have 4 programs, 1 program time slot has 5 programs. We are okay unless there are other programs that cancel. We have 18 Great Ideas Showcase proposals that will be set up in the Bistro/Atrium area using their tables so people can mill around and talk to the presenters. We have 16 Discussion Groups • PPC will send a survey out to the membership via NASIG-L asking attendees to mark which discussion group they are interested in attending in order to make room assignments – email sent 4/22/13 Plane tickets have been purchased by NASIG for Siva and Les Hawkins/Hien Nyugen We are concerned about the pre-conference Library as Publisher. We only had one person registered. PPC has advertised through the publicist and NASIG membership. Contacted vision and pre-conference speakers to market through their social media sites. PPC will be contacting speakers with handout instructions, confirmation of bios, and information on the speaker’s breakfast. Volunteers will be solicited to introduce sessions. Kelli will be going to Buffalo for the site visit on May 9th. Program on the website is up to date and going well. Anna Creech has done a great job! 3.3 Update from CPC (Tenney) The CPC reports there are some issues with the Statler regarding their contract for the dessert reception. McKee and Tenney are negotiating. Tenney updated the Board on the status of the A/V bids. Bids have been requested from five A/V companies. The three received so far are higher than anticipated. Boissy spoke with Hepfer and Bartl regarding other CPC issues. They reported few concerns if any to Boissy. 4.0 NASIG Vendor Expo tables (Shadle/Clark) Shadle reports that the Vendor Expo list on the website is current (20 participants) and an additional six are still in process. Arnold reports we have received just over $15,000 in payments so far, and six are still not yet received. Clark reports that the Student Outreach Committee has asked to share the NASIG table at the Vendor Expo again this year. Shadle indicated having the extra people at the table is helpful during busy times of the Expo. VOTE: Boissy made a motion to approve sharing the table with SOC. Shadle seconded. All voted in favor. 5.0 Website File Clean Up Update (Hagan) The ECC proposes the following: For any documents that are not linked from the Board's web space, ECC will move the files into folders by years, i.e., the year within the file name itself. IF there is no year in the file name, ECC will use the last modified date as shown in the file manager. ECC won't delete anything ECC will not open or review the documents themselves ECC will not rename those files but, as the Board reviews them, ECC encourages renaming any that have generic names that mean nothing or that lack dates within the file name if the Board plans to keep them ECC would start with the files linked from the Board's private space. Once that is complete, ECC will begin moving the unlinked files. VOTE: McDanold made a motion to approve the ECC proposal for cleaning up the Board webspace. Seconded by Tenney. All voted in favor. • • • ACTION ITEM: Boissy suggests a sub-group to review the documents. Tenney volunteered to review the documents and get an idea of the scope and scale of the documents to be reviewed and will propose a plan. 6.0 Committee Appointments (Tenney) Tenney reports she is still in process with committee assignments. Tenney is looking for CPC co-chairs for Ft. Worth 2014 Conference (Note: Clint Chamberlain can't serve as he will be a member of the Executive Board). Tenney has plenty of people willing to serve as CPC members, but no one is willing to serve as co-chair. Tenney requests that the Board send suggestions for CPC co-chairs. 6.0 CEC Update (Clark) 6.1 May Webinar Lynn Conaway (past Vision Speaker) will be doing a webinar titled: "Working outside the library: With Google you are not limited, you have as much as you can pull up". This will be a follow-up to her vision session from the 2012 Conference. Clark reports they are waiting for the ArcStone registration to be live; Arnold reports it's ready and just needs to be activated. Lori Duggan has worked up a description and bio for Conaway for advertising and the ArcStone registration page. 6.2 CEC/PPR Proposal (Appendix A of the CEC Annual Report) Clark reminded the Board about the CEC/PPR proposal. Clark requests the Board reviews the proposal and discuss it via email on the Board list. The proposal was started in 2010 and has been worked on since then. Boissy asks about a timeline; Clark doesn't know of any deadline. ACTION ITEM: Clark will start a discussion on the Board list for the CPC/PubPR proposal; including a summary of the proposal. The Board will provide feedback on the proposal. 7.0 Student Outreach (Clark) Clark followed up on a discussion earlier on the Board list about current and past student NASIG conference attendees surveying about how they learned about NASIG and how it's been beneficial to their careers. Could Student Outreach do a survey of current and former student members using the NASIG SurveyMonkey account? Boissy suggested directly asking the past Student Award winners; Clark suggested the SOC talk to Carr regarding past conference evaluation forms. The other side, non-member students and why they are not members, will be much more difficult to survey. ECC has the username and password for the NASIG SurveyMonkey account. ACTION ITEM: The SOC will compile the survey questions and send them to the Board for approval. The survey will target past student attendees and past student award winners. The survey of non-member students will be handled separately. (Clark) 8.0 UKSG Experience (Boissy) Hottest presentation at UKSG was the medical student that has transitioned to iPad only and uses no paper at all. He described how he annotates articles, discussed the applications he uses, how he makes notes, etc. Tablets are starting to replace laptops as the primary option for students. Other presentations from NASIG members included: Regina Reynolds presented on NISO identification of ejournals, a presentation updating on the NISO discovery initiative, and Jill Emery presented on hybrid publication items. At the end of each day there were mini-sessions (7 minute sessions) to update attendees on various topics/committees/etc. These lightning talks at the end of each day were given by 4 or 5 people. The presentations must be pre-loaded by A/V committee for presentations in the main hall. Boissy reported the trivia night and fun night were good times. Boissy reminded us we can't compare ourselves directly as they are much larger (twice our size in attendees) conference and organization and one of the largest conferences in the UK. Boissy will share his notes. Lamoureux reported that Boissy's presentation on YouTube was a big hit with the Core Competencies group. 9.0 May Conference Call ACTION ITEM: McDanold will schedule a tentative conference call for the week of May 13. The conference call will be held if needed after the May 9 hotel walkthrough. Minutes submitted by: Shana McDanold Secretary, NASIG Executive Board 4

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